Dr. Fauci Says to Take Vitamin D

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  1. YES I totally relate and found myself in a very similar situation. I was involved with someone with bpd and possibly npd, he’s highly manipulative, gaslights and has a sense of entitlement, but his ability to feel remorseful after he does wrong still has me unsure about the npd part, but anywho... I was involved with him for about 2 years, and I endured a lot!!! But although I’m no longer involved with him in an intimate relationship, I still can’t seem to shake him. He’s sort of become a close friend almost like a family member at this point. He’s the good friend from a distance, but I now know better than to get too close because I get screwed over every time lol. But I can say my relationship with him helped me create stronger boundaries. So when I entered my most recent relationship with another toxic—possibly narcissistic guy, I had stronger boundaries and was able to see straight through his bs fairly quickly and got out before too much damage was done. I was with him for about 6 months as well. I just officially ended it about a month ago.

  2. I always thought it was more because other people aren't as driven to experience conversations and other interactions. They might think of initiating every so often, rather than ten times a day, purely because they don't want to get involved in conversations ten times a day. And then the conversation they might have initiated gets pushed back, and back, and back... and they never accumulate enough of a gap of non-conversation to feel the need to start talking.

  3. I'm like this which is why I prefer phone calls to texts because I can have a deeper and quicker conversation that way.

  4. my best friend (i dont think were even friends now) used to intitiate just as much and recently shes just withdrawn. i have to initiate almost all the time and half the time she barely replies and its just soul crushing.

  5. Do you think the friendship is over, or is she going through a difficult time or seasonal affective disorder?

  6. Dude, she sounds like a burden in your life and you deserve better than that.

  7. If you need a snack it's time for some more bacon 🥓🥓🥓😉

  8. It varies from place to place. Its already hit in plenty of locations and is still pending in others. Its only a matter of time before where you are transitions from before to after.

  9. One question is who will be the next Detroit - Minneapolis? NYC?

  10. Its hard to say. I have been a prepper for around 2 decades now. I feel like I have heard and seen enough “the world is falling down, right now!” But this feels a bit different. It feels like we are going down the last big slide. Things seem to be accelerating. But you never know. Dont underestimate the masses desire for football and pizza on demand. They will do almost anything to keep that.

  11. The thing is the last big slide could take 6 months or five more generations, we just can't tell.

  12. I’ll chime in- the technical term is ‘delaminate’

  13. No. It doesn't get decomposed, it doesn't rot. The water delaminates the different layers of the keel

  14. Looks like what Batman would drive when he's going incognito.

  15. I can relate to that. My friends and GF's were always amazed on how I turned out vs my family. In that case, being the black sheep paid off in the long run. It tool a lot of introspection to get there. My son is the only one alive that can have children with my last name in my family and i'm glad it's him.

  16. Well done, I'm leaning more towards "THIS BLOODLINE ENDS WITH ME!" but I'm open minded.

  17. I'm an INTJ and my closest friends are male and female INFJs.

  18. KPMF Matte Black vinyl wrap with three layers of nano ceramic coating to protect it and deepen the color.

  19. I think the intro graphics are based on the outro graphics from the Oblivion movie.

  20. Always remember there is no such thing as too much wind. Only too much sail.

  21. Submissive is best because I'm fricking lazy to do stuff during sex.

  22. Apparently JFK would tell his women he had a bad back to make them do all the work 🤓

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