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  1. tbh tho i'm not sure about the difference between US MD and DO so perhaps disregard that

  2. I'm pretty sure DOs have a harder time matching into residency in the US at least. Less DOs are in competitive programs as well.

  3. This is definitely not article worthy. Get a goddamn life.

  4. When the script runs successfully. Select the outcome of the dictionary formula. Then right click -> paste special -> values only. Now the values are pasted hardcoded and does not need to regenerate every time. Then if you have 10 new words, use the dictionary formula -> wait for the result -> copy -> paste values only. This will keep you from hitting the google apps script qoutas

  5. Thank you so much! That's very helpful. So is there no way to get the script running again? Do I just have to wait?

  6. Yes, you have hit the qoutas. You have to wait.

  7. It's been 4 days and it still doesn't work. Online I saw that quotas reset every 24 hours but I've abstained from using it for over 24 hours, I even deleted the trigger code of =dictionary(1:1) completely to make sure there was nothing being run at all. Do I still have to wait? Is there really nothing else I can do?

  8. It's not what homophobia does to you it's what homophobia can do for you.

  9. I’m sorry but when you visit someone in the hospital and stay overnight that’s what you get. I don’t know why they think they deserve more than a rackety love seat. When I was in the hospital, my father slept on a love seat. When my family was in the hospital before my mom passed away we all slept on those couches. I literally “slept” in a wooden chair. Why does this asshole deserve more?

  10. Sometimes I forget to eat when I’m caught up on things, because I’m either desensitized to hunger or simply don’t have an appetite. I really don’t think it makes you more of an anorexic though. However this happens fairly rarely to me now as everything has gotten a ton better after recovery, but sometimes it still happens. If I’m caught up in a project I might miss lunch by a few hours, but I still eat at the end, even if it’s at 4:30. Lol

  11. As someone who had it when they were 12-14 I’m very short, a lot more than my parents. I’m under 5 feet tall.

  12. why can't we just make an original joke? it always devolves into pandering to a group of people. it's dumb

  13. Kid named snowflake that gets irritated by trans people

  14. Why is their whole personality about them being part of that community?

  15. I understand use are attracted to the same gender, but why has that got to become ur entire personality? Like cool that ur gay or whatever but why does that change the way u dress talk etc. never made sense to me.

  16. I know that this was posted months ago, but I wanted to defend people who "make it their entire personality" because I think they deserve compassion and empathy. I don't think we should look down upon it at all.

  17. Christians when we don’t entertain their sky people delusions:🤬🤬🤬

  18. Right? I wholeheartedly think that this should be in a gallery.

  19. I'm so obsessed with your art and I'm also beyond fascinated by the story of this character. If there was a book written about them I would totally read it.

  20. All I can say is that English is literal hell as well, I got a 4 page essay assigned today due tomorrow. Summer school in general was a bad mistake.

  21. I don’t know but this is my second all-nighter and it’s barely been a week.

  22. This is what we get for thinking critically about invisible sky people

  23. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid, perhaps? A Hollywood actress from the 50s tries to hide her sexuality from the public to protect her career, before coming out in the 80s.

  24. I just pulled an all nighter and I’m still not done

  25. Logically, one can approach writing abuse this way - where the victim is questioning their reality, many moments when the 'abuse' felt like passion for them. Logically I wanted to cut some slack considering this point, but the book never got better.

  26. Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate getting to know the point of view of others. And I completely agree with you on how the stream of consciousness literary device should have been more utilized, this is definitely the type of book that was missing it desperately because it was written vaguely. To add, I don't know much about the author, but I can definitely see how she was riding the metoo movement for monetary gain and how it might have been done for the shock factor. (I'll check out that reference.)

  27. Restrict, feel disgusted with food and have no appetite, body image issues get a lot worse.

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