1. You should always spend your aim tokens one at a time, I can't think of a time when I would ever suggest otherwise. and you should always re-roll your strongest dice first as well. Don't forget to add in any modifiers like surge tokens as well... if possible, always apply surge tokens to the WORST dice first and reroll the better ones (ie: surge whites always so you can re-roll red/black)

  2. If I’ve got 4 blank black dice I’ll spend two aims at once. That’s about it.

  3. I definitely like the Han running into 100 stormtroopers one, it’s funny and so in character.

  4. It was chimpanzee eyes. Chimpanzees are apes, not monkeys.

  5. It definitely needs Immune: Melee, Range 1 Weapons, since it is very similar to the airspeeder and laat

  6. Came here to say just that. Should be on there because of the speeder 2 designation. Idk anyone who can throw a grenade higher than far.

  7. If they did, sign them up for spaceball... I'll see myself out lol

  8. It’s Huttball dude. I loved that pvp mode in the old republic.

  9. My wife and I took my mom to a newer place called Grist in downtown Dayton. It was absolutely amazing. They bake all their bread fresh in house and sell make and sell pasta and sauces to go. They even teach classes on pasta making. Was thinking of trying to convince my work of booking a private class.

  10. I don’t like ranking things like that. But I got their pulled pork sandwich and it was fantastic. Well worth the price and was very filling. The lemonade they had, I wish they sold in gallons. I’ll definitely be going back and potentially doing a class with my wife soon.

  11. Kinda surprising they didn’t give the Dark Saber, but I suppose it makes sense why they don’t want 3 units using the Dark Saber.

  12. They’ve said Din for legion is based off of the end of season 1. Beskar spear was added into development later I would imagine with how the development cycle is for this game.

  13. Doesn’t always work the first or first couple of times. Essentially you have an entire system designed to process cannabinoids called the endo-cannabinoid system, that has never been used before. For some people you body needs time to experience and recognize that it needs to wake that system up.

  14. I thought they made a deal with the referendum people to not run it in this mid-cycle year so dems won't show up in November?

  15. The AG gave a date that was 4 days passed when they could legally submit. They accepted everything at that date. Then when Matt Huffman said “we’ll never vote on marijuana reform while I’m head of the state senate” they started proceedings to sue the state for a vote on it. Then the Ohio Republican Party negotiated that deal for next year. They essentially sued us out of Rec weed this year because republicans squirm their way out of everything that the people want.

  16. What is even the point of living in this state anymore.

  17. Family. And cheap cost of living in Dayton.

  18. That's a great idea, thank you! I'll try to base it on MDF or something 😁

  19. You could also have a base of area terrain connecting the front feet together and back feet together. Maybe throw a squished rebel in for some fun.

  20. Damn it! Wish I had seen this earlier. Did they start stacking again?

  21. The deal is. 40% off for vets. After that discount if you’re total after tax is over $150, get an extra 10% off that total. If over $250, 15% off that total. So after it all shakes out, over $150 orders are 46% off and $250 orders 51% off.

  22. It’s definitely the same. It’s a sexual preference. It’s also way more common than you’d think.

  23. You’d be surprised how oblivious some of these drs are in our system.

  24. "Amanda Ensing, one of the organizers of the Jamestown Conservatives group, emerged from the library Tuesday wearing an “I voted” sticker. “They are trying to groom our children to believe that it’s OK to have these sinful desires,” Ensing said of library officials. “It’s not a political issue, it’s a Biblical issue.”"

  25. The real answer is no time on homosexuality. A translation from the 60s turned pedophilia into homosexuality. That’s the section they always reference.

  26. Thank you! I am new to the game and there are a lot of rules I still have to figure out, this helps a lot!

  27. Luckily all the rules pertaining to what you’re using are listed on the cards with reminder text. is a godsend as well.

  28. So, if something tests at 25% THC, it's actually -5% THC? Lmfao.

  29. no, it would be 19.23%. If the actual THC is 19.23%, a 30% increase would be 25%.

  30. It was pretty telling that Wileys needed new blood when Donnell Rawlings show came through and what they had to do to get him there. Literally anyone that cares will revive that place.

  31. Was so glad I got to see Tom Segura there right before Mostly Stories came out. Haven’t seen a single other comedian come through there I’ve wanted to see since. Hoping they can get some good ones to come through. Maybe actually have an open mic and try to have a young comedy scene. We all know funny bone won’t

  32. We have Clash of the Comics tonight. They are all local comedians and most are young.

  33. Gonna be at Barrel House for a coworker’s open mic he runs.

  34. Disposable vape pen. There’s also AIO. Which is all in one.

  35. Now I'm a little confused, is it like a cart or a full unit like the AIO?

  36. AIO and dvp are interchangeable terms. Depends on the company which one they use.

  37. It’s about prohibiting equal treatment from the government and government benefits. Has nothing to do with love. Just denying people benefits for who they love.

  38. Well fuck. That’s how I’ve been finding legion tournaments.

  39. Does that mean you can sue the guy at Walgreens that refused to sell the condoms? I realize this was in a different state. But Walgreens is here too.

  40. Can we sue our politicians for aiding and abetting unwanted pregnancies by writing laws prohibiting certain types of contraception and healthcare?

  41. Yeah their QC has been extra shit lately. Having swapped the descriptions of dinn’s weapon keywords. Crit to block. The typo in the 501st battleforce command card. The list goes on.

  42. Wait, what was the incorrect keyword on Dinn's weapon keywords? (was using Dinn proxies last night, wondering if I got it wrong XD)

  43. The back of his unit card. Lethal has the description for long shot. Long shot has the description for lethal.

  44. Yeah I use a .6mm nozzle for terrain usually. And printing at .4mm layer height. Change your extrusion multiplier to 1.1 if you do. Helps keep it from under extruding with the larger nozzle.

  45. Not really. Could use filler primer and a light sand. Terrain isn’t necessarily the focal point on my tables. And I play Star Wars legion so if stuffs ugly and beat up it’s thematic.

  46. Obama was publicly against it till public sentiment turned. Don't judge Portman more harshly than him on this issue.

  47. The difference was he didn’t change his sentiment with popular opinion. It wasn’t until it directly affected his family that he changed his tune. Very different situation.

  48. Don’t lose sight of the fact that anyone changing their mind on this is a GOOD thing. Further chastising people for not changing their mind fast enough creates further division and alienation. As a gay man, if I constantly held over my families head that they didn’t change their mind fast enough, I wouldn’t have a family. That’s not how progress is made.

  49. Fully agree with you. Just pointing out they’re different situations.

  50. But where’s the link to the files? I wanna print and put it on my table.

  51. Legion of skanks is good. Dr drew was just on it. Segura and Bert were in Are You Garbage. That show is great and has crossover with skanks and New York comedy.

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