1. You mean republic trooper I think ;). I'm a bit confused though, should I look at the "phase 1 upgrade pack" or the "Clone specialists" pack?

  2. Sorry. Phase 1 clone trooper upgrade.

  3. Sorry. I don’t have the clone one and just recently got back into the game since clones came out. I have both the imperial and rebel versions and they both have astromechs for that role.

  4. I would like for him to go ahead and elaborate on what "negative effects" he has seen in other states that have it legalized, what a crock of shit.

  5. And admits his decisions on the matter are based on fear.

  6. He admits his viewpoint is based on fear and not science and data.

  7. Understandable. You don't have to believe me. Doesn't hurt me none if you don't. But I'm not going to name names. Not throwing anyone under the bus. Im sure a public record request will be published soon enough.

  8. Your use of double negatives make my brain hurt. Two cancel out so “doesn’t hurt me none if you don’t” becomes “does hurt me if you don’t?” I’m confused on your messaging.

  9. Hey what do you know, verified sources instead of anonymous people spreading unsubstantiated rumor.

  10. Yes! They also showed up in Season 3 of Star Wars Rebels!

  11. Fuck those things. They’re terrifying.

  12. Make sure the legs aren’t backwards.

  13. But it's the shoulders. And the legs are all good.

  14. One of those most common mistakes putting b1’s together is the legs being backwards.

  15. If you’re looking for paints to gift, I would look for Citadel Contrast paints. They’re generally about $7usd per pot, I’m not sure how that converts out. But I put the hobby down for two years and came back and this new type of paint had come out in the mean time and they’ve blown me away at how well they work and how much better they look. Could probably get 3 or 4 colors in your budget.

  16. Thanks so much! I'll have a look into this

  17. Army painter is about to release new line line of paints that are similar called Speed Paints. They’re supposed to be around half the price. Might be able to preorder a small set.

  18. Ctrl c and ctrl v for copy and paste. So many people wasting time right clicking on things.

  19. I’m all for crazy colors but man I try to keep them the same for each unit. Still looks good though and hopefully this is your only Wookiee unit or the others aren’t of a similar design.

  20. I’ll stripe the bases if I need to. I have the old wookies too and they have the rebel color bases. So that’ll be easy to keep them separate.

  21. Nice like I said they look really what are you gonna do for the bases on these

  22. I haven’t done anything with any of my bases. Lol. I actually kind of like the colors of all the bases except for the neutral grey actually. Lol. So maybe I’ll do something with these ones.

  23. You know. The guy who wants to play the game properly. Those are no fun. /s

  24. I can’t find it now but there was a post with a link to a google doc that had all the updated card text. Points weren’t updated. My suggestion is buy a label maker and put new points stickers over the old. Have the card in a sleeve though.

  25. Although some newer models are getting more and more complicated to build, specially droids and the newer waves.

  26. That leaping Yoda took me a half an hour to figure out. And it’s only 6 or 7 pieces.

  27. That rock by any chance? I resorted to scouring the internet for random angles then I had a eureka moment and voila.. damn thing came together. Bloody awsome looking model though.

  28. That fucking rock. And getting the cloak to sit right.

  29. I was using .6 to do layers at .2. The .3 layer for my .8 nozzles doesn’t lose much resolution though.

  30. There’s two different sets of sprues for the wookies. A larger and a smaller one. You get two of each to make a possible of 10 configurations.

  31. We are giving Florida a run for their money.

  32. People are calling us the Alabama of the North now.

  33. “Fall short” if not the Supreme Court will nullify it like is Mississippi and Missouri.

  34. Im in the US and the hospital wanted $24k for a minor outpatient surgery that requires no special tools. The kicker is the surgeon said I’d be in and out in under 10 minutes.

  35. Straight up. My doctor told me my heart surgery would be $24k but it’s the easiest and least complicated heart surgery and less than 1% of 1% see any kind of complication after surgery. I have a friend that is a nurse and has done these surgeries multiple times and he said they’re the quickest and easiest thing to do. But it was still too risky to recommend me to get so he told my 23 year old self to “get used to being on medication the rest of your life”

  36. Yep, all FFG sleeves got discontinued and replaced with GameGenic (another Asmodee brand). Note that they are not identical though, you can feel a difference between the old FFG ones and the new GameGenic ones.

  37. The new ones have an almost screen door effect to it. More opaque than the original and don’t feel as smooth to the touch.

  38. I mean I understand your point but "mommy" is also a thing.

  39. Mommy is definitely a thing as well. Lmao

  40. I do a color scheme per unit so I can tell them apart. The rebel trooper upgrade pack and rebel specialist and individualized those miniatures more than each unit.

  41. This, its also vastly easier to paint then all one color scheme so you can move through them quickly.

  42. I’ve been batching out. Working on rebel veterans now. Starting with the boots. Doing them in pairs and working my way up the models.

  43. Tons of discussion. The people want it. The state won’t address it.

  44. Thank you, my friend and I got confused between the trooper unit key word and trooper unit choice.

  45. There isn’t a “trooper” unit. There’s the “corps” classification of unit which a lot of people mislabel as “trooper” units.

  46. Said fuck it and just did the dark saber. Gonna magnetize the rebel veteran emplacement trooper instead so the gun and gunner swivel about.

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