1. "Class traitor" "Tory shill" "Chicken coup" "Vladmir puppet"

  2. Anti-semitism is never far away with you guys is it?

  3. He'll assure us he's an "anti-zionist" instead...

  4. Also, anecdotally...everyone I know who definitely for realsies has "long COVID" was a raging, pro lockdown, antisocial loser who FUCKING LOVED COVID because it pissed off normal people with social lives...

  5. Don't worry everyone I'm sure the cuckservatives and lolberts will be here any second now to explain that the people who want you dead and your kids brainwashed and mutilated just have "policy disagreements" and you existing "provokes them" so really "both sides" are at fault

  6. The “trans movement” has absolutely nothing to do with a drag show. I’m not sure why you’re bringing that up, unless it’s to show you don’t have much of a grasp on the community you are criticizing.

  7. Batman was a vigilante, therefore any evidence secured by him would be inadmissible before a criminal court...

  8. No one did care until they started wagging their dicks in the face of children.

  9. The worst part for me is that it proved the "NPC" insult 100% correct.

  10. Me (the lad) will text her when I arrive at the first meet spot (usually a local restaurant), if something silly or noteworthy that she's going to end up in the know on I'll shoot a quick line or snapchat, if we leave local area for a quick adventure I'll inform her we're out of town, generally when the nights tailing off I'll text her that I'm coming home...give her a chance to get ready for her drunk moron of a boyfriend who is uncontrollably horny...

  11. There's no greater act of self-determination than choosing to end one's own existence. Learning about that option is bad why?

  12. I always, always think back to the quote I heard when I was much younger

  13. better comparison would be her carrying a gun and walking through bad parts of town hoping someone attacks her so she can shoot them.

  14. Unfortunately Piers Morgan exists so Corden can't even be the best in a category he excels at.

  15. Piers is, according to many, kinda like Gordon Ramsay - it's a persona, and he's nothing like that In real life apparently...

  16. No I don’t think that but I definitely find French and Italian women more elegant and to not be behaving like degenerates as they look and behave a lot more in the U.K.

  17. Better analogy would be the Coinstar machine is broken; you tell the manager it’s broken. You are assured that the machine works. You load $100 in quarters and get credit for $68. Manager tells you, “yup, machine is broken” but too late, nothing can be done.

  18. Also out of the 100 coinstar machines in your area nearly every single one of the 32 broken ones happens to be in republican majority areas...just pure coincidence that a 50/50 coin flip on where the broken ones were (republican/democrat) happened to end up as a 99/1 coin flip...

  19. The 2nd and 3rd i know are shit, ain't no way the middle east and all of africa voted unanimously on "the rights of a child" whatever that means lmao.

  20. Remember that article where they wanted a "COVID amnesty" - you know where they were like "well...we got EVERYTHING wrong, destroyed your lives, careers, economies etc...but you guys called us mean I guess we're even? Truce?"

  21. If it’s not cooked by someone at least mid 50s who chain smokes sovereigns, why bother?

  22. Also the bloke needs to just be perpetually sweaty...even if it's 2am in the freezing fields of a gig/festival he needs to be sweating like a whore in church otherwise I don't want it...

  23. Im amazed at how socially inept the read on her original tweet is. She is telling an embarrassing but relatable story that it kind of hurts when someone you weren't into turns out not to have been that into you either. She's actually being self aware and trying to tell the story in an entertaining way by saying she's devastated. It's a joke.

  24. Why block? You're not wrong, but why block if that's all they're doing?

  25. If you read OP's comments he pretends to be a Barney Stinson style womaniser...

  26. My man the pandemic didn't teach you anything ?

  27. How the nazis won power in the german republic then ?

  28. Ah yes the nazis simply did some ebic trolling on 4chan...

  29. Also guarantee she has a kid from another man

  30. Oh there's probably quite a few out there, but I doubt they'd ever give a shit about her existence.

  31. There'd be more if she dropped "contradictory requirements"

  32. What, exactly, is the difference between "land back" and "blood and soil"?

  33. "Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience."

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