1. They check your call of duty stats to determine your placement. If you have above 5.0 K/D you get hired as DM. If you have below 1.0 K/D you exclusively clean the poop from the walls of public bathroom. If you can 360 no scope the GM you get their job on the spot

  2. See, I would say always take your lunch because fuck the system you deserve a lunch

  3. Definitely take it if you want the break. But if you want to squeeze out every penny you can and feel like it than even better

  4. Yeah I can get that for sure. Just daydream about all those mcdoubles your break money will pay for as you're starving through your shifts lol

  5. Why does it seem like most Menards managers seem to go out of their way to make work miserable for their team members. I was stuck with a toxic manager for 2 years before I got some new ones about 4 months ago. I actually don’t dread going to work anymore

  6. Because a lot of people can't handle having a little bit of control or authority. You can work hard and be proud of achieving management without being a uptight cunt. Most managers I've met here understand that but there will always be a few that think they are God's gift to your life

  7. Use the break. Always. At any job. As long as it's a paid break. Un paid breaks at your discretion. Though maybe mention to the dm that you tried to not have the 15 be in the last hour, and will keep an eye on it in the future. Just a little courtesy thing to say. But it is not required

  8. Tell you the truth, Ive never really been to VA Beach before. As a kid my parents usualy took me to the Outer Banks or the beaches around Charleston SC. Ill look into that

  9. How did you like VA compared to outer banks and Charleston? I'm about to leave VA and don't plan on coming back in favor of outerbanks or probably somewhere in SC

  10. I like The Pulse by Vuber, 510 thread that reduces voltage as you hit, no burnt carts.

  11. You're the only other person I've ever seen mention the Vuber. It's fantastic, I love it, and prefer carts over pods because of it

  12. Their website, vuber vaporizers I believe. If you just Google Vuber their website will show up as well

  13. Everyone leavea together. There is ALWAYS work to do. You maybe do not want to do it .... but .... it is the job. Suck it up

  14. Lol I'm sure you're a hoot. Everyone is not leaving together, part timers are being left alone for 30min to an hour, then being degraded for not doing what only dms have the ability to do. Eventually being allowed to leave, alone.

  15. Search for the terpene Terpinolene. Its the heaviest terp in Orange 43. So if they don't have O43, you can find products that have Terpinolene

  16. You got it. Though I wasn't a big fan of whip it, it would definitely do if you're thirstin for that terpinolene. Black Jack and Sour Blue Diesel are some others. The sour blue diesel diamonds and sauce is the best tasting thing I've ever had 😍 just expensive beyond belief

  17. At the start of your next shift the GM will perform your execution at the front desk, best of luck🙏

  18. GM gets 5 chances to 360 no scope you randomly throughout the day

  19. Can you keep a handheld on you? Then you can just type in anything they'd need and get the isle number for them. I know there are only so many handhelds though so idk if they have you guys carry one or not

  20. Nope it was for some carts/pods. That's funny though I was considering buying those minis as well. Dude I went to the botanist after this and had a great experience. It's literally never worth going to Herbology again regardless of what sale is going on. I'd rather drive to Cleveland even lol

  21. This place is a fucking scam. I called to make 100% that my online order is bagged and secured before I waited 2 hours in line and then these brain dead morons tell me they're bagging them as people come in. It's not just this biased situation, countless people can't stand this places bullshit

  22. Right? Does chipotle start making your online order after you wait in line and tell them your here for an online pickup? No they pre make it and its ready so they can take your money as fast as possible and get you in and get you out. Win win.

  23. I'm sorry I should have clarified more. By bagging only once people come in, they sold what I had reserved. So you wait over 2 hours and then get told they sold what they told you on text and on the phone was reserved for you. When I re read my other comment it's like I'm just upset that it's there but not already in a bag lol which would still be a little weird but not as upsetting

  24. The line is wrapped around the building, at least 25 patients waiting outside 😭

  25. They will lie to you saying your order is bagged and ready, have you wait over 2 hours and when you get in the backroom to get your stuff they tell you they bag everything as people come in. Never give these fucking morons your money and encourage others to never give them money. Is over 2 hours and common sense worth saving 20-50 bucks??

  26. If you have absolutely nothing to do and are down to save money it's like ok whatever we all know what were getting into at that place. But the problem is they straight up LIE to you on the phone, saying your stuff is set aside, bagged, ready to go. What's the point in waiting to not get what you need to get. It shouldn't be allowed at all

  27. You've already given him the greatest gift a tarnished could have, a maiden.

  28. Herbology in Cuyahoga Falls has 25% off the entire menu this week

  29. They will lie to you, your online order is not made. They only bag as people come in the door. So you will waste over 2 hours and then be told the product you wanted is sold out. Never give these idiots your money

  30. Hmm, pulse touch? It sounds like ABS but for vaping?

  31. Nah, not the touch, just the Vuber Pulse. The pulse touch is $35, the pulse is $60. It has temp settings, will auto put the voltage to the suggested setting for every cart but you can easily switch it to something else. It lowers the temperature as you're hitting it to avoid burning your cart, and allows for longer/larger hits than the pods by a mile. I only get pods because they're live resin, otherwise I'd always get carts because of my vuber

  32. I was considering one, you’re the second person that’s recommended one. I just saw someone post on here that BR is making luster pods too I’m not sure what to do, it’s nice that it’s only $30 though for the uni pro.

  33. You should 100% look into the Vuber pen. I researched so much trying to find the best vape to get the most out of my carts, and this is my favorite purchase I've made as an adult. I'll avoid rambling about it for an entire paragraph, I'll just tell ya if you look into it, it does everything it says it does and I'm so happy with it I'd buy another just to have around.

  34. I got this strain in 2.8 and it was really green still. Smelled like grass almost

  35. Same here! That's exactly what I said. The effects were ok, nothing worth while

  36. I recently got tenths of their lazer sword space monk, Biker kush, and gorilla nut, and while I am a fan of Galenas, I would definitely say to stick to their artifact line. Everytime I go from their tenths to their artifact jars, the experience becomes 10x better. The blueberry tastes so good to

  37. I just got the battery solo for like 12-20 bucks because I didn't want the butterfly effect pod. It's a "better deal" if you actually want the pod it comes with but you can just buy it separately and not have to spend like 40-50 bucks on a pod you didn't want

  38. Thanks for posting this I was considering trying this one and you convinced me to with the sour apple comment. And yeah the pods 100% go by faster. You may be interested in the Vuber pen, it makes the experience with carts a million times better. I still love pods though and get both

  39. I got a motorbreath luster today and it says Josh D on it and I was like who the fuck is that so thank y’all for this

  40. I didn't know Josh D could come as a luster pod so thank you! Definitely keeping my eye out for them. Do you like it better than the normal klutch luster or live resins?

  41. Not much different than the normal lusters maaaaybe a bit better taste??? I’ve been having issues with oxidation and half of mine tasted not great. Effects are pretty standard. If you enjoy live resin this is not that lol

  42. Gotcha. Thanks a lot for the reply. I'm still going to try the josh lusters but I won't get overly hyped about it lol. Maybe they'll end up making live resins out of them as well, that'd be pretty awesome. Have a great day btw!

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