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  1. Oh yes. She and her husband moved to Vermont to retire. I got word he passed away (2 years ago). I flew my wife, 3 children and myself to Vermont from California as a show of respect for them, some 32 years later. When we paid our respects to her in church. Her jaw dropped. Because she recognized me. She hugged and cried on my shoulder for a very long time. When the church session was over I introduced my wife and kids to her. As her daughter told me - she came back to life and found her joy again.

  2. I’m one stubborn MoFo. Runners high & post WO pump have substituted enough to keep me clean. My kids keep me clean too, I’d feel I failed them, that’s a bad feeling. Fight the good fight my brother.

  3. I like slide 5 best on you. I find the jewel tones a bit overpowering on you and the autumn colors (like the mustard yellow snd olive green) are straight up unflattering

  4. I feel like you are summer BUT I think you are one of those weird lucky ppl who can pull off most colors as I honestly thought almost all of the drapes looked flattering on you

  5. Interesting, so you thought I look cool toned? Aw thank you! There are definitely colours I don't suit. Very bright or jewel tones, as well as most greys look horrible on me I think! May I ask which ones you the thought were less flattering just so I know?

  6. It looks ok but it’s not really your colour- have your done season colour analysis

  7. You have lovely eyes…maybe instead focus more on the lips because like you I have hooded eyes and it’s just hard to do much w them- your eyes already pop due to the colour and lovely upturned shape

  8. I think Sephora sells Erborian in Sweden, at least on their website. For other BB creams, I love the Purito Cica Clearing BB and the Missha Perfect Cover BB. Both are available online here in Norway, so I hope they're easy to find in Sweden too.

  9. That's too bad. I think Feel Unique stocks Erborian. It might be worth a look. Maybe have a look on Amazon as well?

  10. I feel like the colours work but it’s all a bit busy- I dunno maybe the same colors but a bit less of everything so your natural freshness shines

  11. Those colours are way too light. You are cool and dark = winter. I feel I see some muteness, especially in your eyes, so I would suggest you to explore soft winter.

  12. Agree like the pink checker top washes her out a bit…the blue abs purple cardigan is v cute on her however and she can pull it off but darker brighter colours will really make her shine ✨

  13. Bright winter but you can pull off bright summer- it still looks nice but bright winter will give you that WOW factor

  14. Oh interesting. I’ll look into the better quality kind. Thank you!

  15. You probably didn’t have potent cordyceps…. I took hanah o cordyceps which are authentic wild grown and uhhh big difference between that and farmed cordyceps

  16. Here share with you a tea recipe for women who have delayed menstruation and experience irritability:

  17. The red sbd black don’t harmonise well with your coloring and the white is too bright but the others are irk perfectly

  18. Ok I think I’ve decided…you look better in the purple but salmon harmonizes better - I don’t know if it’s just better lighting tho or what

  19. Thankyou! I actually had light pink hair once and it was really flattering, I think just because I have pink undertones?

  20. This is true, I just broke up with my girlfriend of 2 years. She did nothing wrong, was always there for me, and was a great girlfriend. I just lost the spark, I got to the point where I felt annoyed by her, I knew it needed to end, I just wish she did something to give me a better reason. It was really unfair to her.

  21. Did it ever truly have the spark though or do you think she just made your life super easy and was accommodating snd at one point that was enough for you but now you need more? Just a question

  22. I can vouch for this one. Me and my ex had a beautiful relationship. The kind most people spend their entire lives looking for. After 4 years, she left. Turns out she was very codependent on her adult twins and could not stand up to them out of fear of them pushing her out of their lives. But to be fair, that’s how her kids handled things. Funny thing is, they all think they have a great relationship and can’t see the dysfunction.

  23. Deep autumn (that pine is AMAZING on you! Also the purple.)

  24. Agree but I feel so sorry for this lady as she is getting like 12 different answers 😳

  25. Thanks for the reply! Can you elaborate a bit more on what you’re seeing and why you like the orange/autumn colors?

  26. Yah I have similar coloring to you and the orange really makes you glow imo though actually the fuschia isn’t bad

  27. They canceled the plans not you. If they can cancel plans, you can make new ones

  28. Summer!!!! I can see neutrals draining you but a muted pink or soft peach would look amazing

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