My dad said he would make dinner today and grilled the expensive bullet steak I bought. This is the result

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  1. No. You can use your discount toward any purchase for your household. It doesn’t matter who is paying

  2. Several celebrities used to have homes near my store. I’ve helped Usher, T-Pain, one of the Backstreet Boys (no idea which one but my hr lady was flippin), there’s been a few pro basket ball players (once again no clue but some guys at work tried to talk to me about them afterwards)… Tipper Jones, oh one Christmas season I helped Jermaine Jackson.

  3. I’ve only gotten him once so he must of been visiting the area

  4. Ha reminds me of when we first started carrying funko pops and other collectibles near tech and two sections called for 5 shelves but had 15 shelves worth of labels for “future flex products”

  5. Just bring it back next time you work. Unless your management team are all assholes then it shouldn’t be a big deal. You’ll probably just get a “be more aware next time and don’t do it again”

  6. Idk why Target allows this shit, someone else can do the math but I know anecdotally my store wastes far more in payroll dealing with the reshop than we could ever hope to make back in sales on that crap. I have to assume the only reason MJ Holdings makes money is because Target is ignorant of the payroll expenses their deal causes. We’re talking at least an hour a week wasted just on handling those stupid toys, per TM it’s mere minutes but that adds up especially in Toys where they need every second to deal with their own shit, then consider we only sell maybe one or two of those piece of shit toys a week. Math doesn’t add up, between us, the vendor, the shipping costs, and the manufacturing costs idk how anyone is making money on that crap no matter how overpriced it is.

  7. Plus all the loss from those crappy toys being damaged. The whole of it is waste

  8. Even worse is that they already tried all in one app and it didn’t work before either

  9. The one where they said their canceling their cc too lol


  11. Sorry meant lose but I suppose “loose sanity” sounds pretty bad too

  12. oh, dont worry I didn't even notice, the concern was about the word "more", are your players ok?

  13. Oh that lol only one of them has permanent loss and it’s by the players choice.

  14. I mean chiropractics is basically a sham so what do you expect

  15. Well as someone who sees a chiropractor regularly for my fucked up back I have to disagree. Before I started seeing my chiro my back would go out and leave me hobbling barely able to walk and in intense pain, since starting getting adjustments a few times a year it hasn’t gone out once. So saving me urgent care expenses as well as loss of wages from having to call out… so not a complete sham

  16. Just because something works for you, doesn't mean it is actual medicine or science. There are zero peer reviewed studies that can claim that chiropractic manipulation improves outcomes for spinal patients. There are, however, dozens of studies and case reports on how chiro can cause very serious injuries, including vertebral artery dissection and stroke. I am a stroke program manager and at my 350 bed community hospital, we see chiro related strokes about once a month. Chiro is literal quack medicine.

  17. My quality of life has improved. That’s all I’m saying. The big issue here isn’t the chiro. It’s the fucking literal nazis propaganda.

  18. "hey team it's time for the hourly loyalty update. We at 3 for our goal of 25 redacards so there's still aways to go..."

  19. what makes it worse is I've been there forever and so back when I was hired they trained us that good walkie etiquette meant switching to channel 2 if what you needed took more than one sentence. Gods I miss that

  20. There’s also some amount of genre control at the store director level. I remember when we first got the music he was talkin about the different playlists available of the Christmas music so it could’ve just been seasonal

  21. Meanwhile I have to listen to the store music and the same damn looped commercials on the TVs in electronics. They were all muted at some point but we were told that they ALL had to be playing.

  22. Yeah we mute everything at our stores electronics, luckily they don’t care much. Those in tech, if u have the oculus endcap just get any Samsung remote and press mute while pointing at it — you’re welcome

  23. They let us mute the occulous after it malfunctioned for a week and guests started complaining on the surveys.

  24. Yeah and then the occulous display at my store got stuck always on (because the motion sensor was left facing the TVs) and full volume and now the switch display is starting too

  25. It is hell, I walk around with a neck fan AND a portable 8" camp fan in my cart, and I bought another one for us to keep in the opu room. We've complained for years, corporate controls the A/C. A lot of our fixtures (softlines spotlights and cosmetic displays) generate a shitload of heat, and you can just feel it beating down on you before the store opens. I'm sweating all day, even with the fans.

  26. The TV wall in tech is like a wall of space heaters, I have to wear short sleeves even in winter I can’t strip down any further in the warmer months. Then the hr ladies that get to stay in their cool offices in the front are always complaining of being cold and I’m like get up and walk the sales floor, you’ll sweat

  27. Yeah I’m in Georgia and the heat is still kicking on in the back room in the mornings and then no cool air in the afternoons. I’m like yeah I get it, some mornings still will randomly be in the 40s but then by 10am it’s 70-80. I dread the summers back there

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