Supreme Court rules on EPA's authority to regulate power plants' greenhouse gas emissions

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  1. Madison Bumgarner’s bbref page is also sponsored by

  2. The problem is that they never reconciled the House and Senate versions of the CAA. So no, they didn't legislate properly.

  3. Congress seems to think it did but if the Senate or the House of Representatives would like to complain I’d be happy to listen.

  4. The Supreme Court interprets statutes. It's not a "parliamentary rule of order," it's basic statutory interpretation.

  5. The comment I replied to most certainly implied a procedural issue.

  6. It would also mess with the symmetry of the game a bit. It isn't a good argument but 9 3 out innings with 9 hitters just feels right.

  7. It also just felt right that batters had to play defense and vice versa but it’s whatever some vibes just slap harder I guess 😔

  8. I’m 30 years old and idk how to do long hand division. Never learned, but I don’t tell people that unless it’s strangers on the internet. It’s embarrassing and I know people that would brag about it if they themselves couldn’t do it.

  9. To be honest even kids who got straight As in math would struggle to do it if you dropped it on them years later.

  10. Anybody who wants tomorrow to be like today, and today to be like yesterday but recognizes that isn’t actually possible and is willing to make adjustments as circumstances require it.

  11. My understanding is that this guts existing EPA regulations and now requires Congress to pass laws with specific limits on specific chemicals in order to regulate emissions.

  12. Well if it’s too complicated to regulate Congress should just make coal plants illegal 🤷‍♂️

  13. You don’t see people dying to get into Switzerland because they enforce their rules.

  14. Imagine comparing a tiny, landlocked Mountain country’s immigration laws to a Immigration laws covering half of a continent.

  15. Makes sense why the right has been arming right wing cops with military gear for years.

  16. Has anyone in this thread actually read the decision?

  17. Everyday that Congress doesn’t repeal the clean air act, the clean air act exists, and clearly states that the EPA shall regulate the emissions of power generating plants in the United States.

  18. Came here to say that. How the FUCK did he get 30 years and CHILD TRAFFICKING GISLHAINE GOT 20

  19. I mean R. Kelly is also a child trafficker… he literally married and impregnated a 15 year old and has been a known criminal fuckbag for 30 years. The fact it took this long to convict and sentence him is a disgrace, and is itself racist, as part of why he got away with it is a genera disregard for black victims in the American justice system.

  20. Failure to retouch is always done on appeal. When Adrianza tagged Park, he was making an appeal on Park's failure to retouch 2nd. That appeal was granted, thus making 3 outs. He then touched 3rd to appeal Suwinski's failure to retouch 3rd. This should have been an apparent fourth out, which would have taken precedence, and the Nationals could have elected to take the out that gave them the advantage. But the umpire never acknowledged that a second appeal had been made, and since the Nats left the field, they could not then continue to pursue the second appeal.

  21. That second appeal isn’t guaranteed and it’s up to the umpires judgement whether or not the appeal was intentional.

  22. Are they in a bike lane because the cyclists hate when cars park in bike lanes.

  23. Well that’s their law and their choice.

  24. Bold of a Giants fan to criticize anybodys hair hygiene.

  25. Well this sounds like a great way for a teacher to sue the state of Florida over equal protections and then get the court to overturn that Amendment due to its lack of historical precedent before 1850.

  26. Huntington Beach has a couple of fantastic games.

  27. I won’t be there as I’ve got family in town but I’ll be there next week, I usually go once or twice a week. I’m a big goofball with a ponytail, say hi if you see me!

  28. Do you express those same empathies when a Republican holds the office? 🤔. Rhetorical question I already know the answer

  29. Yes absolutely. The Presidency is a difficult job and everybody should have more sympathy for the poor sap in that office than they tend to have.

  30. I think people are blinded by party politics and see what they want to see. The left especially included.

  31. The Republican Party of the last 40 years has been actively trying to tear this party asunder so I wouldn’t say the left is wrong to dislike Republican Presidents.

  32. I wonder what it’s like to be Trump.

  33. Headline should just read that driving will black is more illegal than it used to be.

  34. Since the 90's, there is more and more woman in higher education classes than man. It's not a surprise from where I sit. That being said, man are still dominating all of the technicals and trades type of jobs. Those jobs getting paid better and better.

  35. I’m just imagining one gigantic woman growing larger and larger like Alice in Wonderland, the desk blowing to bits, her arms and legs cascading out windows, etc…

  36. I have always hypothesized that with the rise of 2nd wave feminism in the 70s roughly corresponding to when wages became decoupled from productivity corporations have been using women working more as an excuse to pay families less by never adjusting wages to match inflation. Doubling the incomes per household gave families a short-term standard of living increase, but that means that they have farther to fall before they reach unsustainable levels of poverty. So companies have boiled the frog and slowly reduced us to the point that two incomes per family are now virtually required to keep a middle-class family of four afloat.

  37. It’s simple supply and demand, I don’t know that I’d be willing to assign malice to firms in this situation.

  38. That's not how it's supposed to work though, not at all. Plenty of criminal procedure cases involve defendants that committed horrible crimes.

  39. My understanding (not a lawyer) is that the body is found and the murder discovered. For the DA to build a case however they cannot present as evidence how the body was found, they’d have to seek new evidence to charge the driver/owner, if it was in fact their murder.

  40. What would probably happen? Genuinely curious if there are previous events in history that happened and what happend afterwards.

  41. Successions throughout history are fraught with confusion, chaos and can lead to war.

  42. As long as you have the Americans bullying the world peace will not exist.

  43. I’m so happy I have a bread winning girlfriend miss me with this delusional helplessness.

  44. Yup, one must not consider the freedoms of the Muslim to do their own thing but the social ostracism, bullying and torment they will receive should they refuse to participate in these events.

  45. Dodgers going to be reeeeeeal tired in Colorado tomorrow.

  46. Dodgers are exhausted going into Colorado and I’m going to the game on Thursday where we are exhausted and recuperating back at home.

  47. How many of them will actually be affordable though?

  48. As long as it’s high/mid density it will be good for regional housing affordability.

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