1. My Zippo goes there. It's always exactly the right size for a zippo.

  2. Can we go outside for a naked smoke? It was -16c. I said yes, thinking it was some kind of kink. We got back to bed, and she asked me to lie as still as possible. It was great until I came upon the realization that she was a necrophiliac. I didn't finish.

  3. Imagine someone's on top of you while thinking that you're a corpse😭

  4. I was laying there, letting her do her thing, and thinking, "Okay, the cold cigarette thing was weird." Because i was freezing, my hands and feet were so cold. Then, every time I made any sounds or movement, she would shush me. Then I started thinking, "This is really weird. Why does she want me cold and still?" Then bam, realization. "OMG, She pretending I'm dead."

  5. The thing about alcohol is that it is literally a chemical reaction inside of you. When I'm sober I can easily say no. I can go weeks or a month without having a drop. However, every now and again a cocktail or a beer just sounds good randomly. I can never have just one, and wake up the next day feeling shitty regretting it.

  6. No shit. It's the worst part of town. Sometimes you just can't have nice things.

  7. Being bit really hard. Only on certain places though. Like really hard in the right place and I'm good to go.

  8. You should use moisturizer. Stop treating the pad as the problem and fix the actual problem.

  9. I've only been there as Moose's. What changed?

  10. The menu. Riverstone had excellent food. Moose's is good, I go there quite often but it's just not the same. Also no live music anymore.

  11. I did one while I was there with a concussion in 1998. I think I drew a dinosaur? I don't know I was concussed.

  12. You can't figure it out on your own? Great. Another future architect in the making. It's to save on material and weight.

  13. This is one of a dozen cds that live permanently in my car. I listen to it couple times a month at least.

  14. Seniore's. I'm going to die early, but I'm gonna love it the whole time.

  15. Yeah. The Kids Cancer Care want money not hair, or if they want hair they want literal piles of it. Thank you for your response though.

  16. I'll be damned if I stop sending the new guy for the pipe/wire stretcher and the left handed screwdriver.

  17. When I was new to the trade I was asked to get duct stretchers and I laughed and told my Jman to fuck off. Duct stretchers are real. He was cool about it but that's the closest I've come to getting pranked on site.

  18. Not much you can do. CPA sucks. I went downtown to pay a ticket once, I parked and went inside to get change for the meter. I came out 5 mins later with change in hand but there was a ticket on my car already. They made me pay both tickets after a failed appeal on the second ticket.

  19. I cry at the beginning of Saving Private Ryan when the general reads the letter he keeps in his desk.

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