1. It’s funny. I’ve flirted with Christianity my whole adult life (Jesus is why I want to be Christian, Paul is why I probably never will be). It was my attraction to Christianity that led me to want to be my sisters’ keeper and become a lifelong proponent of reproductive rights.

  2. Are you interested in Jesus because you believe he was the son of god, or because you believe he taught good moral lessons?

  3. Crochet gifts aren't right for everyone. It can be especially dangerous making something for someone without their input on the color, style, stitch choice, etc. If someone has a wardrobe of mostly monochrome, modern, sleek clothes and you gave them a chunky crochet hat with earflaps and pompoms, they're probably not going to love it or wear it very often. Gifts should be something the person wants, not something you want to make them. I think that's a lesson a lot of crafters have to learn the hard way.

  4. Its not just style it care. You give a new parent something that requires delicate washing thats straight to the back of the closest. Honestly, lots of people don't have time for that even with out trying to get biological fluids out of it.

  5. Practicality is certainly a concern. Shawls, for example, are imho pretty impractical gifts. Most people don't actually wear shawls in public, and if I'm cold at home I just get a blanket. Who really needs a decorative triangle of fingering weight yarn? Shawls can certainly be beautiful, but they're not practical gifts unless the receiver has specifically asked for one. A lot of crafters, especially beginners, seem to think the value of their gifts come solely from the amount of time spent on them or how expensive the yarn was. But any gift is completely worthless if the receiver doesn't want it or can't use it.

  6. It truly boggles the mind that this garbage will end up with dozens of upvotes and comments about how scary and cool it is.

  7. This is what kills me, that grown adults who go around constantly fellating their imaginary friend are seen as normal, and well-adjusted, rational people have to worry about being seen as freaks for not doing that.

  8. The GOP probably has at least 2-3 ways they'll blame this on liberals, immigrants, or and Black people.

  9. I mean, Mississippi is roughly 40% black, and about 20% of all Mississippians live in poverty. So that's a lot of poor people having unwanted babies, a lot of black people having unwanted babies, and a lot of poor black people having unwanted babies. The state's republican lawmakers are getting exactly what they want: more cannon fodder for their religions and wars and more scapegoats to take the blame of why Mississippi is stuck in the stone age.

  10. He might have found it briefly amusing to rule a kingdom, but I don't think Yoko really had those kind of ambitions. He's a thief and a fox to boot, stealing shiny stuff is all that really matters.

  11. Assuming you haven't had a traumatic brain injury that's completely changed your personality, you're still the same person she met in high school. Nothing fundamental about your personality or who you are has changed, you just don't want to go to church any more. If she's saying the two of you wouldn't get together as you are now, she's saying what she's attracted to is Christianity, not your personality, not your looks, not you. Do you think she really means that? Do you think she'd really get with any random grey, shapeless lump of Play-Doh as long as it was carrying a Bible? Maybe she really does mean that, maybe being a Christian is the only thing that matters and she'd marry a literal frog if it could croak out Bible verses. Or maybe she's in pain and struggling as much as you are, and clinging to her faith even harder in self-defense.

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  13. Since when does "love" mean "financial support"? You can love someone without supporting their choices or enabling them.

  14. I mean let's be real, nobody who would believe this can even pronounce Samhain.

  15. This has nothing to do with the actual ask/answer here, but Moose aka “Eddie” from the sitcom Frasier is by far the best dog actor of the 90s/00s, and possibly of all time. I will die on this hill.

  16. I'm sorry but that honor has to go to Jed, the wolfdog who starred in The Thing and White Fang. He didn't just stand on his marks and bark on cue, he acted.

  17. Collecting serial killer memorabilia is a step too far, in my humble opinion. What would you even do with it, put it on a shelf next to your Columbine shell casings?

  18. That’s make me feel better… one time I said “I got spooked last night by the neighborhood possum” because it scared the living daylights out of me late one night going to the trash, and someone overheard me telling a friend to which they told me I was racist for saying “spooked”. The term did then register with me because of the derogatory term, “spook”, and I really personally felt bad.

  19. I would argue that "spook" as a slur is archaic to the point that only older people in certain places, and chronically online people looking for things to be offended about, would still even register it as such. Obviously if you called a black person "spook" to their face you'd be a shit head, but using the word in any other context isn't a slur.

  20. I've tried this but she doesn't let me leave. Every time I've tried to cut her out cause of the mental burden she was putting on me she would text me nonstop or call me crying about some issue that would be impossible for me to ignore or walk away from.

  21. Does she keep you locked in the basement? You are, presumably, a sentient adult human being. You, hopefully, have thumbs to find the block button on your phone. Tell her you're done and walk away. If you keep letting her drag you back into this cycle that's on you. There's no sense complaining about how she treats you if you're going to keep letting it happen. What do you actually get out of this friendship that makes you want to stay?

  22. She's attempted to take her life in the past. We live in a country where mental health care isn't easily available. Mental health is also a huge stigma here and parents usually deny that anything could be wrong with their kids. I'm afraid that if I walk away she might try to take her own life again.

  23. I understand your concern, but what she does is not your responsibility. Her mental health doesn't give her an excuse to mistreat others. She has family, she has other friends, you are not the lynchpin holding her life together. You can't keep setting yourself on fire to keep someone else warm. Do you want to keep doing this forever?

  24. NTA. Either your friend's boyfriend is abusive and controlling and won't let her out of his sight, or else she's just too emotionally fragile to leave the house without him. Neither of those are your fault or your responsibility. If your friend was so scared of the outside world she decided to move into a bunker in Antarctica to avoid other people, you wouldn't be a bad friend for not visiting every weekend. You're not a bad friend for not being able to accommodate your friend's unreasonable demands.

  25. This is petty, childish, high school mean girl nonsense. NTA, and don't give it another thought.

  26. I find it very hard to believe your girlfriend just happens to have all these wigs on hand, not to mention high heels that would fit you.

  27. Right? This is either a creative writing exercise OP is using to explore his secret fetishes, or it's just a creative writing exercise.

  28. I'm not a stoner, but the first and only time I tried an edible I spent the evening clinging to the couch (and reality) by my fingernails to keep myself from spinning out into space, and failing to follow a movie that I've seen a dozen times.

  29. Male attention is so cheap that it's free and also a nuisance to most grown women

  30. Men either ignore this or simply can't comprehend it, and it boggles my mind. They really act as if every catcall or casual grope on the subway is some once in a lifetime compliment we're lucky to receive, and not something we endure a dozen times a day.

  31. As others have said, this is a fantasy costume that's not really based on any one specific thing that actually existed. If you like those sleeves google "bliaut", a gown worn roughly between the 11-13th centuries in Europe. There's another type of gown called a "cotehardie" or "kirtle" that has some of the features you're looking for, specifically the lacing detail and general fit.

  32. Other than getting told I have an eating disorder because I only had one burger when everyone else was having three or four, the worst part is probably being cold all the time.

  33. Perhaps instead of focusing on the pain, focus on how it affects you. Instead of "My back really hurts", try "I'm can't stand being on my feet longer than a few minutes". Talk about how your dodgy knee is interfering with your golf swing or how the pain in your hands is giving you issues at work instead of just talking about how much it hurts.

  34. Yes, that's what palm trees do. These things are extremely fussy about light, water, and temperature, and they're pest magnets. Do you suspect you're over or under watering?

  35. Eww, your tone. Sorry that we’re serving healthy, raw beverages (not just fruit btw). If it will please you, we’ll switch to only selling heart disease, obesity inducing soda.

  36. If you interpreted any "tone" from my question, I have to assume it's because you know you're either lying to customers, or just ignorant about what you're peddling. Or would you care to explain to me how you think six fruit juices full of sugar "cleanse" a person's body?

  37. You are wrong, a liar, and a denial expert. Please just admit to yourself that not all juice has sugar. Have you ever had cilantro juice? Kale juice? Spinach juice? Beet greens juice? Ginger juice? Parsley juice?

  38. LOL you're this triggered over some juice? Are you the CEO of Herbal Life or something? "Cleanse me of lies and denial" yeah okay, does it have ground up crystals in it that will realign my chakras too? Listen honey, I'll truly understand if you can't handle not having the last word here to defend your magic unicorn piss that you think cures cancer and gout and bad vibes, so knock yourself out. I won't be reading or responding to any of your further comments. I have better things to do than debate fucking juice with a snake oil salesman.

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