1. I didn't even get an email, they just shipped my order without some items.

  2. I still have 2 orders that haven't shipped 😑

  3. I don't. It's obviously upsetting that it's taking so long, but I managed to grab goodies I really wanted for very cheap, so I'll keep impatiently waiting.

  4. Thank you so much for this! I went and got a bunch of them! 😄

  5. Where are these located on their website? I checked the shop and they aren't there

  6. I was so curious too and they weren't showing in the shop! Just look up beauty box in the search bar though, they show up there!

  7. She killed me for hours! With my sorcerer I killed her using Stars of Ruin and Gavel of Haima when she got too close, she's super strong and quick though.

  8. For your body I would try the Sol de Janeiro BumBum cream, to me, it smells like vanilla ice cream. For the face, I love the Glow Recipe watermelon line, it smells delicious but subtle and fresh, my skin is very sensitive, bug GR works perfectly fine for me.

  9. I had a different batch code but I reached out to Glow Recipe directly to ask when it expired, and my particular batch expired in January 2022. SO SAD.

  10. I got the exact same response and a refund because the tracking disappeared, but I'm hoping it shows up still, fingers crossed.

  11. Do you need to have an active subscription to Ipsy to buy this?

  12. I found this article on why it might be pilling on some people and not others as well as why it stops pilling if you're using it for a while!

  13. Of course! I was just watching Cassandra Bankson's new video comparing it to the Trader Joe's one, and she said they didn't pill so I was confused as to why mine was pilling so heavily!

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