1. That men are inferior parents in comparison to women.

  2. 100% my father was an awesome, aware, involved parent. Love you, Dad!

  3. Can you guys work on the rape thing? That’s a REAL bummer.

  4. From my perspective, turn that question around. I went to school in the 70s/80s/90s… there was some wacky shit happening…

  5. One of the best things I’ve read all day. I’m my day we called it “needing an ass kicking.”

  6. My skin. I have poor people pores. The pores on my nose will trigger your trypophobia. I hate my skin. It’s the one universal beauty connector… and I hate I don’t have it.

  7. Omg cats are just the best aren’t they

  8. but it's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then. Lewis Carroll - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

  9. Crazy. I literally had that book, with line drawings, that I’d read and color… I slipped it on to a used book store shelf. Someone out there has it now…

  10. How Judas made it to the side of the Lord.

  11. I’m not even a church goer and I know that! Forgiveness and a really rocking musical number.

  12. The matching Jammie’s throw me off. Is this a skit they do?

  13. Saw a thing on the news about the last pay phone in NYC… almost crashed my car when I saw one on the street in Sacramento

  14. Grabbed him like I’d grab a baby and threw him on the ground. We’re friends so he didn’t snitch. I don’t know what a 12 year old was doing in 8th grade tho

  15. I was 12 in 8th grade. It’s probably the worst time for fights. I remember them being often, and almost celebrated. I wish I could tell you it gets better, but my bff (a woman) was straight up punched in the face by a stranger when she was like 30? So, yeah. Don’t take shit, but don’t harden your heart to the world.

  16. Why on Earth have you censored an anatomy diagram. Surely not even in the USA would anyone consider a child’s text book to be NSFW?

  17. Some people just can’t separate. I understand it. OP kind of HAD to censor the “offensive parts.”

  18. Hi! I'm Clippy. I see that you are trying to hide your privates. I can help!

  19. Slow clap! You just got an honest bellow laugh out of me. If I could afford gold I would send it all to you. You win the internet today.

  20. I only say "quarter to" and "quarter past."

  21. I’m in California and I wouldn’t be confused or anything, but I’ve only heard/use “to” and “past”.

  22. Pretty much anything a man has ever said to/around me about sex has made me go, “wait what?! Why tf do you think that?!”

  23. Bald?! I thought it was blind, and your palms get hairy!

  24. My aunt kept buying me the same alarm clock over and over for all my birthdays in the 90s. Mom would always have me say thank you and we would quietly exchange it for something else.

  25. What an odd repeat gift. Did she think clocks were like calendars?

  26. Yeah, pretty sure that alarm clock wasn’t made before 1922. But thanks for making me feel old, dude!

  27. When you get home afterwards do you think that was fun or omg I’m so glad to be away from them.

  28. This is fake, right? Like no one is THAT stupid.

  29. Though the other replies may have a point, I hear yours. It’s not about our beer actually being bad, it’s… different. You like what you’re used to, right?

  30. If you need something in an other room, say what it is as you go through the doorway. You’ll be less likely to enter the room and say “oh crap, what am I doing in here?”

  31. Working customer service I was always surprised by how often people know exactly what they want, but don’t ask for it.

  32. Maybe if more people did, kids wouldn’t be so shitty?

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