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  1. You already know MB is gonna go no contact with her when she turns 18, oh the stories and the books she is gonna write about her are gonna be grotesquely disturbing mark my words.

  2. She dont like her baby, she wanted a boy and holds resentment

  3. i know the meme, but what does a % refer to in general on reddit?

  4. Yea, i used to “work” for reddit a year ago and let me tell you, there are subreddits with 500.000 members that aren t even half as active as Trishyland, the amount of posts, likes, comments on this sub compared to others with more members is actually astonishing, very interested to see it continue to grow.

  5. Everyday i check this subreddit and get shocked at some thing she did that i never knew about and i think to myself “This is it, this is definitely the worst thing she’s ever done, nothing can top this.” then the next day comes and IT ALWAYS, ALWAYS GETS FUCKING WORSE. Does it ever stop? Highly doubt it..

  6. Why the absolute FUCK, was this subreddit recommended to me

  7. Probably cause its the top 5 most active subreddits on the entire platform and Reddit pushes active subreddits

  8. They’ve posted nothing on socials. Not even a OMG SHES HERE congrats you two insta story 😂 nada

  9. That s so fucking weird, what mom would not be there with her daughter as she’s giving birth

  10. fr lol that post had like 1.5k upvotes and tons of comments with 1k+, it was mostly fair criticism but some people took it too far as usual

  11. Exactly, why does a good opinion have to silenced because a few people said mean things about her? There’s always some idiots but the post was good and all i wanna know is where is it, was it deleted? I see that is locked and i see it in my saved posts but can’t find it on the subreddit

  12. They SHADOW ban mysoginstic, ignorant, false, and sometimes racist things that people say about Hila. This is understandable. Idk if you have a genuine criticism you could just say it w/o being a hateful, stupid fuck and itd be alright. 🤷‍♀️

  13. Why are you talking about banning? I clearly said “locked and shadowbanned”

  14. Agreed. This last episode with Hila, Ethan felt a bit a neutered, more than ever.

  15. Sad but true, she is controlling him because he might get his channel deleted if he keeps being problematic

  16. If i was her i would honestly change my identity and go live in Spain or something.. there’s literally no coming back from all the shit she did, like how tf do you go on with all this cursed baggage, how can she sleep at night? I honestly don’t get it, she must truly be a psychopath.

  17. Kat you are a shit reporter and a garbage human being for supporting big trasha

  18. Hey hun, we have had a seriously high number of reports since Kat’s article came out. I’m talking about over 200 reports a day. We had to have our auto mod block out certain words and posts and users with under 100 karma or accounts less than 30 days old hence why low effort posts might be deleted right now. I’m sorry if yours was/has been deleted. We are all trying to approve all the good comments and posts as fast as possible. All of Amber Reid’s snark subreddits just got deleted so it feels like snark subs are under attack right now. Please message me or message us on modmail and we will try to figure out why the post got deleted and if we can just simply approve it. I’m sorry you feel this way!

  19. What about making a backup sub in case something happens to this one?

  20. She is making a ton of money on OF and doesnt need Trasha or Trashas money anymore so theres that.

  21. Is she? I wonder is she has more likes per post than trisha

  22. ‘Faint Color – (K, L, M) Unlike colorless and near colorless diamond, faint color diamonds have yellowy colors that are visible to the naked eye. You don't want a diamond below an M. Very Light Color – (N-R) Diamonds with this grade have an obvious yellow or brownish tint’ so from what i ve read online, it s either a very, very bad, bottom of the barrel diamond, a fake one, or a very dirty one, which one is it?

  23. This is too funny, the last time he told her to remain silent when she turned her head to look at him her camel lip was quivering from anger, too satisfying.

  24. Paharul are compot de pere si a fost lasat pe masa vreo 3 ore si suntem la Campulung Muscel, la Bucuresti in curte rar vedem viespi si nici albine daca stau bine sa ma gandesc desi avem flori in curte.

  25. Sun spots and age spots should be celebrated, but also please let me know what you’ve used to get rid of them!

  26. I used azeliac acid for and sun spots or hyperpigmentation

  27. Permanently closed? Mhm, now that’s what I’m talking about!

  28. My husband was born with one kidney. He played rugby until he was about 16. Interesting that they can’t do contact sports.

  29. Are toate felurile, de la mini soricei cu pene, cu sunet, la undite, copac de pisica, jucarii inteligente, se joaca cu toate!

  30. Am fugit de Facebook, k sa vad pisici sí aici... P. S. Sa ai noroc cu el

  31. Reddit a fost clădit pe spatele pisicilor.

  32. This reminds me so much of my boy, Dee. They look alike too. Congrats!

  33. dont call me bro and im not part of the bandwagon so of course I wouldn't

  34. Dumbass bandwagoner you don’t even know what you’re talking about

  35. Oh no, what a shame that would be. I truly hope that doesn’t happen.

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