1. Loved reading this, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I feel like a lot of people want to do the Kibbe journey "correctly", and good for them! But I honestly do feel that you can approach this system from quite an intuitive, creative and experimental place, and still end up with a meaningful result.

  2. I feel some trepidation around the idea of confidently stating certain faces/feautres as being yin or yang.

  3. I was told I have a very Yang face by 2 professional bloggers who analyzed me for free + some commenters. I am not sure. But from what they told me and what I learnt, the Yang traits in my face are high cheeckbones, defined jawline, slimness of the face, sharp and straight nose, thin lips. I personally see a Yin face as a round, plump face with flat cheeckbones, bulbous and/or uptorned small nose, lushous lips etc.

  4. well, bloggers and you personally are allowed to define your own version of what yin and yang are! all i know is that Kibbe doesn't put the focus on individual features, rather, its about the overall impression.

  5. Because unlike other forms of style advice, Kibbe is about accepting and playing up your personal appearance.

  6. beautiful post! 100%. Would love to hear more about your realisations on how things fit together and other systems that helped you!

  7. These are really great points! I guess my overarching question has a lot more to do with interpretations of Kibbe I frequently see online. Your point about the HTT looks is really important though; I can see how that would perhaps even override a disharmonious outfit>body type situation. Thank you for your input!

  8. Wow! That's pretty cool. I love sorting through some posts here and kind of perusing the many opinions and perspectives. I disagree with many--As a Gamine type I never want short hair or an outfit that could be described as 'twee'-- but on the whole I like the diversity of thought around a guideline that is at once incredibly efficient and amazingly hard to grasp.

  9. haha yes, kibbe is pretty strong on the "all gamines must have short hair" thing.

  10. Well I would love to see a genuine example of this, but since, in Kibbe's approach, ID describes the whole person, I'm not sure its possible.

  11. Posts where people ask for general feedback for any/all systems are not permitted, and are considered low effort posts.

  12. wow amazing thing to spot! i think Tina wins this round though

  13. i tend towards liking softer tones on you. i feel everything too bright and saturated seems overwhelming. I would potentially look into summer???

  14. nah, this minimalist thing is just an aesthetic, i don't see it as a core clothing requirement at all.

  15. Since the Elizabeth Moss potential of SG was

  16. I find the "pulling" method to determine width actually not good. I wouldn't even recommend to try it.

  17. I think this is a very important point.

  18. Of course! I’m very jealous though!

  19. I agree with you on many points, but especially that some people "genuinely do not fit". I think for this contingent, this and other systems just serve as inspiration, perhaps showing little corners of fashion that were previously unexplored.

  20. I’m so curious to see individuals who genuinely don’t fit! I would love to see it this system has certain limits that means it doesn’t work for everyone.

  21. SDs are recommended to create a T-shape with their clothing, they don't need to * have * a physical T-shape already.

  22. Thanks for confirming that, I had heard others say otherwise but this take makes more sense to me

  23. It's very possible! I've never seen her properly in motion or in many things so was only going off of pictures that varied. More DC in shape than SC but

  24. i've watched her in quite a few shows, she just doesn't quite strike me as having that touch of the 'majestic' Kibbe describes DCs as - I see more then hint of romantic, old fashioned grace? I feel that in the more bolder, sharper classic principles she can look a little overwhelmed?

  25. Absolutely agree. Diversity is my biggest issue with his verified list. I understand most prominent Hollywood celebs are thin, white, and young to middle-aged but given he's selling his system, you'd think he'd at least compliment that by having verified celebs that can represent clientele.

  26. hmm she seems almost stereotypically SC to me, I would love it if Kibbe verified her though!

  27. Okay, I'm still on the journey so someone is 100% free to correct me on this, but I've been watching a lot of Mad Men recently, which had a VERY close attention to detail when it came to styling as storytelling, so I've been thinking a lot about Elizabeth Moss' kibbe type as shown through Peggy. And ultimately, it leads me to believe that Moss is a SG, but I'm not entirely tied to that idea as much as I am interested in analyzing her lines from the show. Consider this a self-flagellating exercise if it's all wrong, lol, but I'm bored and love Mad Men fashion so here we go.

  28. Love reading long analyses!! Specially Mad Men related.

  29. I think people forget that a wide frame isn’t always going to create width in someone’s silhouette. Sometimes that gamine juxtaposition can create a broadness throughout the body, similar to how DCs can have a squarish build due to their yang influence. Some people will point to these traits and say that X was typed wrong because they have “obvious width”, etc. Sigh 😩

  30. I get what you are saying, but I think there is a place for light-hearted chit chat about celebrities, particularly since at this point (until the new book comes out), David's actual modern thoughts cannot be repeated in this forum, so celebrity assessment is one of few ways to causally discuss Image Identities, which is what this community purports to be about. For me this has nothing to do with my own type, rather, just an aesthetic fascination with IDs and how they manifest.

  31. Thanks for your response! And here I was thinking DIYers shouldn't type by face anymore. I'm not quite sure if I got that correctly, and I definitely see the sharpness in Claire Danes' and Keira Knightley's faces, but what disqualifies for example Jackie Kennedy or Linda Gray from having sharp faces with prominent jaws?

  32. oof, a twinset doesn't sound very crisp or tailored for a DC??? is this recommended?

  33. I think DCs are recommended to try for a head to toe look when using separates. Idk if I got the meaning of twinset wrong, but to me, a twinset just means a two pieces (pants/skirt + shirt/jacket) that were meant to be worn together by the manufacturer. They're usually the same fabric and fit the same "vibe". Twinsets can include

  34. ahh ok, it was just a vocabulary issue, in my head a twinset means a matching cardigan and top worn with pearls, by the Queen, in the 1950s!! but you are talking about a matching clothing set, which makes perfect sense.

  35. She’s 5’5-5’6 according to google and she doesn’t really look petite so maybe she’s some sort of classic ? SC perhaps ?

  36. yes, she has a sort of gaminish vibe to her face, but overall i think she seems to shine in a symmetrical, understated elegance, i feel SC is a good fit

  37. For the green jacket look I think a mix of things is throwing it off. I think the colors in the jacket and top are cool toned and muted and aren't her best colors. Also, she seems to look better when the pants aren't skin tight like the skinny jeans in that photo. The black boots also break up her vertical line and the top is too flouncy and big of a pattern for a DC. I don't know a ton about DC but that's just my opinion.

  38. Yeah I think you are right, a mixture of bad colours and other less awesome choices

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