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  1. As an almost 30 old who moved here from Seattle, I'm ready to go back to a bigger city. It's definitely been hard for me to make friends my age. The beer and hiking is great but you can get that in Denver plus a lot more. If your looking for a slowed down pace though, this might be good for you.

  2. Peanuts/peanut butter and chocolate are not good together

  3. Jumping on to say peanut butter and jelly is an abomination that should never exsist. Fine separate, awful together.

  4. I love a guy with a good bubble butt! Rock it!

  5. Well with the removal of mask mandates I'm not surprised.

  6. Oh that's a good idea, any ideas on how to do that? Could something be bought off amazon or do I need to have a professional install it?

  7. Unfortunately I have no idea, it seems to be somewhat easy to do yourself?? Quick Google search shows that other people have done similar things and Amazon might even sell kits. I also found this, the black box was an interesting idea. Seems like the more you can do to confuse or slow down a potential break in, the better

  8. I’ve never changed a baby diaper before either. I don’t have kids. It’s completely different. We all have to start somewhere. I don’t think u have to worry about being tough enough. It’s a new job & you’ll get the swing of things in no time. Congrads! Remember, nothing comes overnight. We all get better with experience. U got this!

  9. You are the best, thank you so much. I logically understood it just takes getting used to, but it's a lot to get used to very quickly!! After taking care of myself, and (hopefully) getting a good night of sleep tonight I'm feeling confident l will be ready to go again at 5:30 in the morning 🤣😅 thanks for your advice and encouragement!

  10. Ur very welcome. Let me know how it goes. Get some rest.

  11. Today was sooooo much better. I really got into the routine of my residents and am adjusting quickly. Thank you so much 👏👏👏

  12. Thank you so much!! That is a good point, everyone needs somewhere to vent. I tend to be a positive focused kind of person, and like every job there will be challenges. I think it's a lot of just "first day" jitters. New things are always kind of nerve ranking! Plus provide a beautiful opportunity to learn and grow, and help people!! My favorite!

  13. I understand entirely! I just got my CNA in July, so I remember being filled with ALLLLLL the questions. The class will help, then clinicals will be the best show of exactly what you’ll be dealing with.

  14. Thank you again!! I do enjoy learning and being around people so I think this will be a good opportunity for me.

  15. Trying doing new activities, I had a hard time returning to my favorite "stoned" activities. I took up Legos! And coloring books.

  16. Hardly covers my parking pass for a year, not including summer of course.

  17. In a decent system you wouldn't need to park, because you would be able to afford living on campus and wouldn't need a car.

  18. Ahhhh yeah, that's the dream. The reality though? 12k for tuition, 700 to park at the school (spot not guaranteed) and 1500 in rent a month. We're #1!!

  19. The problem is they allocate money and then devise a plan. It's ripe for corruption.

  20. I remember the year I left Seattle Pearl Jam hosted a concert to raise money for homelessness, something like 10 million dollars was raised. And then....nothing happened. Well except the politicians getting some money in pocket I'm sure.

  21. Bless Healthcare workers, stay strong.

  22. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  23. Guy was lucky the cops didn’t shoot him. Some could argue the truck is a deadly weapon.

  24. Just happened in Portland the other day.

  25. I've been going through this and working hard to stay busy. Yesterday I bought myself a lego set!! It's been so fun and just the right amount of challenging. For me it helps to look at this time as sort of another "growing up" stage. It's uncomfortable, it's hard, but necessary. So the best thing you can do is be nice to yourself and have fun, experiment with what "fun" means to you now that you aren't on weed all the time.

  26. For sure! I'm on day 4 and any bit of helpful information to keep me on track is welcome. I google the shit out of everything that I find interesting. You gotta want it!

  27. Right back atcha friend 😊 we got this!

  28. Thank you so much, I cannot even express my appreciation through words. Shouting into the void at midnight I didn't expect to hear back. Do you have any tips for getting through this first bit? I've already gotten rid of all my stuff, tried a melatonin but nothing.

  29. I'm really proud of this guy! It's so hard to do exposure therapy. I'm trying to hype myself up for something similar. I haven't gotten my hair professionally cut in over a decade due to being on the schizophrenia spectrum. I don't like to be looked at and asked a lot of personal questions due to my paranoia, on top of all the stimulation, so getting my hair cut is very stressful. I'm thinking of contacting a salon via email and asking if I could get my hair cut without much talking, but I don't wanna offend anyone.

  30. As a hairdresser myself I would just like to add, we mostly get into that profession because we love to help people and make them feel good!! However you want or need, I'm sure there is a hairdresser out there that would be happy to help, I know I would 😊

  31. This thing is annoying me.. are we done yet?

  32. Yeah I was surprised I even got the picture she shook it off so fast, I get it 🤣

  33. That is absolutely fantastic😂 I love that thought process. “...mmmm.. maybe if we just call her Peggy she’ll cut out her regal notions..”

  34. Yeah it was in an attempt to get her to play nice with another attitude strong cat, we though mayyybe if they both started on an even (non regal) playing field. Nope! Lolol.

  35. See my cat is always right next to me so I just assume its the ghost getting comfy lol.

  36. Honestly really liked 13 it was underrated. Considered bad because it was a later season. But that Stephanie season finale was EVERYTHING

  37. I just rewatched this the other night and I can never get over it. Such a heroic ending to a character when most are just tragic or confusing (looking at you Karev) 😒

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