1. I only ever played the first one, so I'm admittedly not all that attached to the character.

  2. do you agree with the definition of gender that you provided when asked what gender is?

  3. My god, you are straining so hard for this gotcha that you're gonna give yourself an anal fissure.

  4. It's a podcast in the style of a local radio program of a small town called Nightvale, hosted by a man named Cecil. Nightvale is a town where the supernatural is considered typical and mundane. For instance, Cecil does not question that Old Woman Josie spoke to angels, he merely makes sure to state that according to the sheriff's secret police, angels do not legally exist.

  5. Yeah it’s a weird place he’s in isn’t he? Still if she has no heirs and Gendry has kids that are male they could push their own claims as well

  6. Not really. His lordship is based on the idea that Daenarys is the rightful queen and that the Baratheon crown was illegitimate. If his children try to claim that they're next in line for the throne because their grandfather was the king, people are going to point out that his grandfather was a pretender.

  7. Possibly, but remember that Westeros has just been racked by bloody civil war. Many highborn sons died, so the field might not be all that crowded that you need a great council, especially if the prime candidate is popular. I'm thinking of how Dany, in the show, asked who the Lord of Storms End was at the victory feast, and nobody knew. In that very room was Brienne of Tarth, someone who has distant, TRUEBORN, blood ties with House Baratheon and several other houses in the Stormlands. She fought the dead and is allied with House Stark, and most lords in the Stormlands would probably prefer her to Gendry, the unrecognized bastard son of a tavern girl. Popularity counts when the main line dies out. However, D&D were beyond realism at that point, so Dany gave one of the most important castles in Westeros to the blacksmith and nobody said boo.

  8. man, the first episode was so crass that I just couldn't continue

  9. They go really hard on the humor the first episode or two, then it mellows out considerably. For instance, the first episode is the only time so far that we've had nudity (well, asses aside). I recommend giving it another shot.

  10. I imagine her mother gave her a rough idea of just how the Hollow Knight came to be. Anything else she would have learned from protecting Hallownest. You weren't the first vessel she tried to kill.

  11. If all of your friends have shoulder-to-ear length dicks, it'd just be a waste to not be gay.

  12. A better question would be: why was the dung eater, a hateful mass-murdered and consumer of fecal matter blessed with grace and called to the lands between?

  13. I don't think she could pick and choose, she just gave grace back to all of them.

  14. Vax is on screen for maybe a few seconds at most? He is the most equipped person to handle something like a swarm of low-powered enemies, and they didn't even show his blur in the background keeping the swarm contained as keyleth was doing the spotlight thing. My point is Keyleth can have her big spotlight moment without having to off-screen vax because he is crazy op at the moment.

  15. What would be the point of that though? He's going to have the armor for the rest of the show, are they supposed to focus on him in every single fight? It's such a weird nitpick to have.

  16. I would like to see the characters be able to do the things the series has shown us they are capable of doing, yes. I'm not asking for some sort of hyper fixation or highlight. Just don't off-screen him after giving him super powers the episode before when those super powers would be extremely valuable to show in a fight such as the one at pyrah.

  17. But as the other guy said, you do see him fighting. It's just not the focus because it's not his episode.

  18. He's a summon for the Fire Giant, so presumably he just got swept up in your teleportation.

  19. Where the heck did the "the really evil wizard people might have a point about the Gods" stuff come from?

  20. It's mostly just the points Ludinus made in that conversation. They're aware of the Calamity, a war between the gods that wiped out the majority of life on the planet. If I remember correctly, they do know about the gods banding together to destroy Aeor. And while it is a particularly uncharitable description, he did accurately describe the afterlife.

  21. If you're curious, Sam mentions in one episode that the vast majority of whispers are essentially, "As far as you can tell, he seems to be telling the truth."

  22. This is what I say every single time the complaint is brought up and people are like "jUsT fOLloW tHe GaMEs". As if the games make any sense and don't actively contradict and retcon each with basically every new entry.

  23. People always say that they should just do the Spencer Mansion like there isn't roughly ten minutes of plot in that game.

  24. Her questline is the longest one, but it's also the one that's hardest to break. You can skip the entire pre-Radahn portion.

  25. I need to do a replay but I think they added map markers for NPCs? So Millicent and Goldmask are probably a lot less stupid now

  26. It's been a while since I played, but I'm pretty sure the markers don't show where they go next. It just marks NPCs that don't move for a while. So I think it'll show Goldmask and Bro in the city until you complete the Law of Regression step, but it won't then show a marker for them in the Mountaintops.

  27. Like, what would be a reasonable amount you'd accept for the work you give where you wouldn't feel like too much of a jerk?

  28. Eleventy billion dollars, I know what I'm worth.

  29. This is why they say acting is reacting. Some of those looks Offerman gives say more than reams and reams of dialogue could, he and Bartlett fucking crushed this episode. 10/10

  30. He was just so painfully, awkwardly shy to the guy that fell in his murder hole.

  31. Quick Google shows it's five years, otherwise there might be bacteria growth.

  32. It's fine, immunity to evil mushrooms probably means you're immune to UTIs too. /s

  33. Warlocks have summons, it doesn't matter how garbage our damage is, they have to bring us.

  34. Walking around properly crouched. Try it out. You'll see.

  35. The first one's good. The second one is...okay. I checked out after the third one. My breaking point was just how dumb Umbrella was. Alice viscerally hates them, but they decide to go all in on giving her superpowers. When they revealed they'd cloned the bitch about a thousand times, I just couldn't suspend my disbelief.

  36. We don't know that for sure, maybe it's just little chibi Miquella in there with his one strong hand and his boss fight is just going to be slapping the foolish ambition right outta your stupid ass.

  37. Especially play it soon because Silksong (the continuation) will come out in the next year or so

  38. It's only significant due to the timing. People expected that if they were getting a series, it would be years before we ever heard a hint of it. LOVM has at least two more seasons after this one (more realistically three, I think). The fact that they've already made a deal for a second show - with mention of a possible movie too - years before their first one has ended indicates that it is doing fucking numbers.

  39. Yes, Mallory saved the day for Violet too, now she's not gaslit into entering a relationship with her mother's rapist.

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