1. If the watch is in theatre mode while you sleep, then yes, a 23% decrement overnight suggests that something is wrong with the watch. The only other thing I can think of is that there's some runaway app or process. Have you tried doing a full shutdown and restart?

  2. Our daughter's 6 and has tried most of the TV+ kids content over the last couple of years. She loves Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts (Netflix) and most of the Ghibli movies, to give you an idea of her taste.

  3. I used to get this all the time when running workouts on an Apple TV HD. Since upgrading to a 4K it hardly happens at all. I think the ATV HDs had all kinds of Bluetooth connectivity issues (including for audio as discussed in other recent threads). Not that connectivity is the only issue—other comments in this thread may also apply.

  4. Just a caution that any such list would need to be updated very regularly. I have the sense that most/all Arcade exclusivity is negotiated to be sharply time-limited.

  5. A caution to Chaij2606's top-rated comment about AirPods. You may not have a problem with them, but check out

  6. It's no longer on AA, but I always found "Over The Alps" to be bizarrely under-explained.

  7. There's certainly no other tracker (edit: other than an Apple Watch) that works with Fitness+.

  8. It's been a couple of months for me, but I would guess you're at least 70% of the way through. The end comes up fairly suddenly, TBH.

  9. Her "it's not about you" scene was the absolute emotional centre of the first movie, and frankly what pushed it over the threshold for me—I don't think it would have been very successful without it.

  10. Keying off "puzzle" and "adventure," (not always both or in equal proportion) I loved:

  11. What controller are you kids using. Mine is nearly 5 and I’m not sure which one to purchase. I was looking at the powera nano switch controller and it’s small but can’t find anywhere online if it works

  12. A PS4 Dual Shock fits my 6-year-old's hands well enough. She likes it better than the Nimbus+.

  13. I find the overall quality of the Trail Loop to be excellent. The velcro hold is strong. I guess no one (outside Apple) knows how it'll be in 6 or 12 months, but I believe it would hold up.

  14. Honestly, a knock-off Leather Loop, medium-dark grey. It's from The Watch Strap Co. Infinitely adjustable, grips the skin a bit. No breathability though, so for workouts I just throw on a beat up Sport Loop.

  15. OP's picks are great, I'd like to see picks with a generational handover, arbitrarily defined as nobody introduced before Phase 3. Other criteria should be centrality, experience, and leadership. The obvious 3 to me would be:

  16. OOo its a holga :) I love it as it's a really simple film camera that let's a bit of light leak in so all your photos have sort of unique filters. You can take double exposures and all sorts on it too. It's a bit random though and hard to use because you need to put the film in /get the film out in total darkness so I have to use a 'dark room bag' with it too. Thank you for checking out the channel I really appreciate it 💕

  17. I charge daily so I'm more than fine. I don't get the obsession with days between charges.

  18. Agree completely. Anyone who had an Apple Watch before should (must) have had a daily charging routine locked down.

  19. Vanessa Kirby as Emma Frost--I've heard good things about her performances in shows like The Crown, and in the Mission Impossible films she plays a beautiful, manipulative woman dressed in white, which is about as close to an audition for Emma Frost as I can imagine.

  20. Huh, interesting call on Reddick. (I confess I didn't know that guy's name.)

  21. Make #1 the whole escape from SHIELD sequence (elevator, jump, motorcycle), and I rewatch it approximately twice a day. I mean I could. I could do that.

  22. Bring back Anya Taylor-Joy as Magik and do the character justice and you can literally kill off anybody and this works for me.

  23. This is the "power stunt" problem, to use the parlance of the old

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