Random downpour in DC, this guy jumps out of his car to share an umbrella with a couple down on their luck

I needed this today

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  1. I never knew that a tweet could make me want to take a shower.

  2. Vent is on top of the hood. Not sure if that was standard.

  3. My '50 Chevy also had the center vent but also side vents. Or at least one on the driver side. Operated similar to the hood vent. Poor man's AC.

  4. Where does one get an MA in mathematics? It would usually be an MS.

  5. Well, you see, they applied some calculus and statistical formulas to come up with that degree.

  6. How in the world do you apply calculus and trig to an algebra problem? Or "statistical formulas" for that matter? A simple algebra problem isn't going to be suddenly solved by applying Bernoulli, deriving F=MA, or assuming a frictionless environment. I get the sense the writer has actual zero knowledge of any of the mathematical principles in their screed.

  7. I'm actually surprised there isn't a little heart over the "I".

  8. I think we all wish we could go back to the journalistic standards of Mad Magazine.

  9. The problem is that they don't see a difference between the Constitution and the Bible.

  10. Mom's moving. Wonder what you would think of that. Probably say it was too long in the making. She misses you. I miss you...

  11. Who among us can forget the bloody war fought to free the oppressed Karens. Lattes were spilled by the gallon like... Lattes. Random customer service employees, many as young as 16, were drafted against their will. If not for the strangely sharp arm and finger movements of the Karens along with judicious use of the word "OK?", it all would have been lost...

  12. It ain't your mom and it isn't your post. At the very least you could change the damn title.

  13. Yeah... I think you kinda shot your wad there and didn't properly use the meme correctly. I deduct 10 points and subject you to negative karma.

  14. Celebrating 200 years of your family never moving or living anywhere else

  15. Off by 54 years, but okay. Remember... Colorado is the "Centennial State" for a reason.

  16. Under-rated. Colfax is the longest continuous commercial street in America.

  17. this was at Ash’Kara in Denver. Super good mediterranean food and an excellent staff an atmosphere. I love it, but sadly this goes against my views and I won’t be returning.

  18. Feels like a better looking version of the Tesla truck.

  19. Vet determines that dog is acting like a dog. In later news, a cat can't figure out if it wants belly rubs. Film at 11.

  20. You're acting like this generation of drivers are somehow worse than ones before them - or maybe you? A sentiment I have noticed about people tend to have about any generation which comes after them. But let's be honest about it instead:

  21. Colorado Capital Factoid: The capital building columns and plinths are adorned with the entirety of the only known find of Colorado Rose Onyx. No more of this rare stone has ever been found and the only place to ever see some is in the Colorado capital building.

  22. Narrator: As is typically the case, they did not in fact make banana bread.

  23. A friendly reminder that if we don't know about time travel to the past now - we never will.

  24. Can't even count the number of people I have taught this to as adults. Worth it.

  25. *cues training montage music* - Dun dun da dun da da dun da dun dun

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