1. No your calcium channels need to get used to not being blocked. Getting it out of your system only isn’t going to speed it up.

  2. I personally use Gaia herbs relax gummies. Haven’t tried other products but love these. They contain Lemon balm as well

  3. Idk what insurance you have, if any (not an insult, insurance where i live can be really complicated) but some providers specialize in working with autistic patients. Some network providers also know of psychiatrists that have had more training/experience with people on the spectrum so it might be worth looking into if this is an option for you

  4. Yeah I think you’re on to something and I may need to at least switch psychiatrists.

  5. Not to my knowledge and I see no reason to include it with Kava. Wrong category of herbs. Siberian Ginseng is an energy tonic that has a bolstering or stimulating effect. However, response to it can depend on how much you take, of course.

  6. Yeah I would have rather it not be in the kava supplement but it is in this one. It appears to say not to take it daily for a couple months. The bottle says I should take a weed break if I’m taking it daily for that long. Is there a reason for that?

  7. There is concern about Kava and liver health. However, all the studies over the last 2-3 decades have never identified a single toxic chemical in Kava that could be why some have had liver problems. It is contaminants in Kava roots, mold due to poor storage, etc, that have been the problems.

  8. I looked at NOW Eleuthero and they talk about taking a break as well so I assumed it isn’t about the kava as much as the added eleuthero in NOW kava supplements

  9. No they switched me to invega and I can’t say it’s a ton better, I think my cognition is less foggy

  10. Why did you stop taking it? Did it make you gain a lot of weight?

  11. No it wasn't the weight gain, it's not as clean as Invega, the active metabolite of risperidone, which is what I switched to.

  12. Not a troll? I have it in a windowsill that doesn’t see a lot of direct light, but I assumed cactus needed light bc the desert and all. So you think I can get by with less light actually? (Along with other suggestions like changing out soil/medium)

  13. No I’m must have misspoke but it needs more sunlight. Indirect sunlight in a greenhouse filtered sunlight is different from full sun but it’ll turn red if it gets sunburnt. Best to have full sun until 11:30am then partial shade the rest of the day, which makes eastern facing positioning ideal.

  14. This honestly varies on where you are, how seriously gabapentin is taken there, as well as the thoughts of your specific doc. I know docs where you can walk in and straight up ask for a higher dose and they'd say sure and others where doing that would get your script taken. If gabapentin is controlled there I'd focus on talking about your symptoms and how you can notice it helping slightly but not quite enough. They will suggest sticking with the drug and upping the dose, and say you're willing to try it out. What matters is THEY are the one to bring up the dose increase. You just talk about your symptoms, and don't say the gabapentin hasn't helped at all, because that risks them just switching you to a new drug.

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