1. what about other countries that did the same or even worse?

  2. I thought that there is a slight possibility of starting above bottom of band? Probably depends on hiring managers, how hard the post is to fill, and a few other factors

  3. Should have taken the knight, you got greedy

  4. Tennison Gambit, basically, don't take the Queen, and you'll be fine going forward, but you can learn more on

  5. Really want one of these as my next cat if everything falls into place for me.

  6. Looks like he’s got captains armband on, usually the only player encouraged to talk to the referee

  7. There’s so much room for activities in the back of the room

  8. Should put a chess board on the shelf, and you’re only allowed 1 move per shit

  9. Gawd. Santander takes a month. Then im off to natwest for the same amount.

  10. will update when I find out. Might not be for several days though. Keeping fingers crossed!

  11. By taking a gl detail and agreeing the sum of the items and agreeing them to the account total, all you are accomplishing is agreeing the GL back to the GL. Of course it’s going to agree - it’s the same data. There might be some meta data in your detail that is helpful in IDing what each line item is for (for example, a debit for an prepaid asset with accompanying accruals against it each period) but it’s most likely just gonna be a mess.

  12. Lol my team at work had been reconciling budget movements from the ledger, against a pivot/cube that listened budget movements taken from… the ledger.

  13. On the telephone, tbf I am on sim only and just on a rolling monthly so they were very happy to oblige

  14. Fair play, my contract runs out in June so might give it a go anyways. Worst they can do is say no

  15. Prime example of human instinct, survival mode hit them both at the same time almost robotic

  16. Saka goat. First few crosses were high and wide, but soon switched it on

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