AITA for telling a girl to stop wasting food?

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A smol, delicate danger noodle.

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  1. Remind me what he did in Episode 11? It’s been about 4 years since I’ve seen it 😅

  2. Dipped on the party and let them all face K'Varn without him

  3. Really? I thought he was the one that cast the Reduce/Enlarge spell to drop the giant on the hideout?

  4. Maybe? I don't remember all the details but once they actually entered his lair Tibs just dips outside and fucks around until the end of the fight then swoops back in to go for a killing blow

  5. In a dirty back alley, without armor, in a city full of assassins and turmoil, with a band of the best formation fighters on the planet who all refuse to fight as a unit? Yeah, I'm sure GRRM will send him out the same way /s

  6. Well, Robert lead one of the greatest rebellions in GoT and he died by a boar

  7. Yeah, when Robert was a young man. As he grew older he slowed down, put on weight, and wallowed in drink. Ser Barristan has kept his fighting arts sharp into his elder years through the diligence of a kingsguard/queensguard who views their duty with the utmost seriousness.

  8. That’s what I was gathering from what I was reading, but is that something that the hammer itself would define? I figured more than just the hammer would be needed to be changed to convert a weapon from SA to DA.

  9. Basically a single action only firearm will only shoot if the hammer is cocked. When the hammer is down in SAO you can pull the trigger and nothing will happen. in a DA/SA you can pull the trigger when the hammer is down and it will cock then release the hammer. I figure it's not just the hammer but the trigger mechanism as well that makes the difference.

  10. This sounds more like a question for your sheriff than anybody here.

  11. Love it! Do you have or are you able to share sheet music for it?

  12. ಠ_ಠ Ok Mr. Never Uses GPS or makes mistakes ever. Go get it yourself.

  13. The point is you still need to be discerning of reality as the driver behind the wheel, regardless of whatever the GPS says. You aren't Michael Scott.

  14. Okay, not really that relevant that people make mistakes in general in my opinion. It's one thing to make a mistake if you're willing to accept it was a mistake and correct it. Using the fact that people make mistakes to excuse those mistakes is a whole different thing. If the guy in the video had been like "oops, I didn't realize" and then turned around and fixed it there'd be no outrage. It's the excuses and doubling down on mistakes that is obnoxious and poor behavior.

  15. Thank you. The bonfire he used when he fought the scrael is what gave me the idea. He had all that energy but the scrael still messed him up pretty good. So if not the scrael, what's the bonfire for? Where is allll that energy going? My best guess was malfeasance.

  16. Or he remembers things he ought to be able to do, he even remembers how are done, yet he believes he is incapable because he believes he is no longer the person who can do them. There's plenty of moments in the book that show how belief manifests itself into reality in Pat's world.

  17. I mean, that would save a lot of money. 20 bucks for 2 from the store or 20 bucks of gas and a few hours for as many you can find.

  18. $20 of gas for a round trip drive to the coast? Only if you're going somewhere quite close like Tillamook and get 30+ MPG

  19. Try using the hearing test built in to the peace gui and see if you can even hear those low frequencies

  20. My biggest complaint about mine would be how much dust the ear pads pick up and that they are almost too loose on my head sometimes. I'll lean over at my desk to pick something up and the headband will start sliding off.

  21. Would a lint roller work to remove the dust?

  22. Possibly, I haven't really tried just due to the shape. Instead I'll use masking tape and it works fairly well, to really get them clean you have to take them off and wash them.

  23. I've tried to do A/B tests with various PC sound output options, and I agree the difference with external DAC/amps borders on imperceptible. I do use a pretty expensive Monolith DAC/amp unit as my daily driver, but it's mostly because the money is already spent, and the connectivity options (XLR and 1/4") match better with the cables, on which my money is also already spent. So "why not". But when I've switched to mobo output, or when I've transitioned from mobo output to a Fiio K3, I've struggled mightily to detect any difference. I also used a GoXLR Mini for a while and was happy with that (I'd still be using it, if not for issues with audio cutting out intermittently).

  24. Hardware dependent for sure. I have a decent x570 mobo and there's no noticeable difference in noise/clarity compared to my DAC and amp, but not all motherboards are equal in terms of shielding.

  25. Its funny how all of the pc part picker or parts list of builds that people post never have the windows license key.

  26. If you're upgrading from an old rig to a new one you can just transfer the license.

  27. really puts it in perspective when you realize that he really only wrote a couple episodes in the entire 61 episode series.

  28. they could have done absolutely nothing differently. doesnt change the fact that you should be aware of your surroundings.

  29. Nah fuck that. Let the person know that they're being shitty, call them out.

  30. Or maybe be more interesting than just "hi" with nothing else

  31. Would a portable Dac amp help? If so looking for suggestions

  32. My suggestion would be to get a dedicated amp to pair with your dongle (which is already a decent DAC). The dongle you already have can give you a sample rate up to 24bit/48kHz which is more than enough, nothing on YouTube can exceed that. Something simple like a FiiO A1 would be a good starting place and likely provide the boost you're looking for. Even if you don't keep the HD 6xx, it might still be a good portable amp for whatever headphones you do land on.

  33. Have you tried putting the ksc75 drivers onto the portapro headband? The ear clips and headband use the same connectors so it's easy to pop off the drivers and swap them. If you prefer the sound of the ksc75 and really just want them to have a decent headband, it's a very viable option (and of course you can keep the yaxi pads on them).

  34. New Vegas feels like a world you can influence and shape, where your choices have an impact on the story. It actually feels like a roleplaying game. Skyrim tends to be linear or binary in its story elements, so despite being a large and open world it is narratively very narrow. I like that obsidian let's you actually have different options for approaching things based off how you build your character and what choices you've made already. Are they perfect? No, but they strive for something that's far more interesting.

  35. It could be worth trying the Koss KSC 75 if you're willing to use wired headphones. If you're in the US you should be able to find a pair for at most $20 and for the price the sound is fantastic. Don't expect booming bass if that's something that appeals to you, but they will play music with a nice level of fidelity (they are on ear and open back so you will be able to hear what's going on around you as well). They also should stay on while moving if you use the ear clips that come with them (a lot of people pop the ear clips off and replace them with a lightweight headband).

  36. I could be wrong but I think the child tax credit received as part of tax returns last year was less than normal because 50% if it was distributed as monthly payments.

  37. That's only if you qualified for the monthly payments, for which you needed to have claimed the child(ren) on your 2020 tax return. If you had a kid in 2021 you didn't qualify for the advance payments and got the full amount after filing.

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