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  1. Well that's one of those situations where you just can't make everybody happy. If you want them to cure it long enough then you're gonna have people bitching that their product was packaged 5 to 6 months after harvest. You can't have it both ways

  2. How do I apply the points? I have 2 but idk how to check out with them.

  3. I had to email their support. I actually first got a response when dm Fisker Inc on twitter

  4. When you reserve your vehicle it gives you a rewards code. When other people use your rewards code to reserve their vehicle, you both earn points.

  5. If you want slow release get gia green all purpose and bloom. I reccomend Mr.Canucks grow it’s a great channel!

  6. The prices are crazy. $50+ used for a whistle. I'm glad they ate accepting it but come on lol

  7. Do you have any old 225 or 325 readers laying around that you can test to see if the panel is doing the correct outputs?

  8. I will check but I dont think I do. At least probably not any that work lol. I know a guy who might though. I'll ask him if I don't. Thanks for the idea

  9. Worst case, have you tried (able) to call support? They might be able to figure this one out quickly.

  10. Are those magnetic strips on the top and bottom to assist with mating? Does your application need that aspect?

  11. They are. They would be nice just to confirm alignment but not a must have

  12. I'd look into automotive panel mount connectors as they're rated for harsh conditions and are available in a multitude of configurations.

  13. Your daughter is super talented! No words! <3

  14. I sent it to you as well as posted the link in the comments. Thank you for making me realize that I didn't post it. Hard to buy if you cant get to it lol

  15. Good job. Got a little chlorophyll in it, hence the green color. Usually a sign it was beat up to much. Let us know how it taste

  16. Yea I definitely used too much ice but hey im learning! It is a bit green on camera but it’s waaaaay lighter in person, more blonde than green

  17. Yep, but it's an old style pinned com port and I don't have a suitable cable to hand.

  18. Is a serial to USB cable shouldn't cost you any more than 10 to $15

  19. I'm at 58 points and there are only rewards up to 30. Thank you all. I would recommend using this man's code now

  20. You can't consume more cannabis than I do. You just can't and I got covid. Was nothing like others so maybe it helps it be more mellow

  21. Hemp meaning CBD hemp flower, not thc "The compounds are cannabigerolic acid, or CBGA, and cannabidiolic acid, CBDA"

  22. Lol. I guess I wasn't reading it well. My brain said cannabis when it says hemp

  23. First, not everything he said was an event that happened. Some was just to reach others in the situation they are in. There was Def turmoil between him and his mother at times. It is possible that in her drunk/drugged state, that she said this and he took off for a while. Unfortunately they are both gone so no one can answer this question 100%

  24. Nah. The matrix was just terrible and word of mouth got around.

  25. Word of mouth or not, they would've made more money had they not released it for free at the same time

  26. The amount of "the matrix was bad" comments I'm seeing in really bummed out. Was hoping it was gonna be good but had a feeling it wouldn't be.

  27. I'm a huge matrix fan and this movie was definitely a slow pase letdown. I was really hoping that it was going to be a start to something better but it does not seem that there will be another.

  28. that plant looks like it didnt produce much. Here is hoping it the best flower you have ever had.

  29. I have a 8'x4' need any more room? I'll take them lol. Looking great. How long did you veg this plant?

  30. None of them deserve to share a stage with Pac or his hologram. Well maybe Blige (My opinion)

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