1. Nomo Ramen between Camden and Harcourt Street is incredible

  2. This is what gets me. It’s an embarrassment to the profession. Like sure, make your own choice for YOUR pregnancy but don’t spread misinformation that can harm others.

  3. I agree that you can be wealthy and work hard but this isn’t the case with Grace! Go read her tattle page - her brand is glorified merch (could be said for a lot of influencer brands), she greenwashes, vacays every 3 days, and claims to be vegan but has been caught eating meat/fish multiple times. I’m surprised she isn’t snarked on more on here

  4. Don't stress, most SSHL's aren't caused by anything related to something you'd see from an MRI it's just good to get one in case of the small small chance of a benign tumor (which btw is easily removable).

  5. Because… if the steroids improve hearing, then this means that the hearing loss comes from the inner ear, not the auditory nerve. So you usually skip the MRI then.

  6. Love 4 food on clanbrassil street and zaytoon are good, but not cheap

  7. Passion 4 food in clanbrassil one of the best kebabs i have tried in dublin so far

  8. that has nothing to do with harassing her about her relationship but oookay

  9. Get the injection if you can. I took 3 weeks oral steroids and started reducing at the start of 2nd week.

  10. TLDR: ex-fitness instagram influencer hit a man on a moped when driving and turning left while drunk and high back in 2018 . She stopped very briefly, did not call 911 or try to help him, then fled the scene. People on gossipguru and gomiblog would call her out all the time back in the day for making insta-stories while driving, doing certain activities with her kids while high, and pretty much all the same bullshit that we call out the current-day influencers.

  11. I asked my ENT this question and he said there are currently no indications that it is hereditary. But he also said there need to be more studies on the subject.

  12. One of the intern helped me cleaned the pt after he did #2. Ngl i was shocked. I was waiting for one of the staff to come help me but he offered 🥺

  13. I haven't used any aids or CI in years. For me, it's more difficult to hear when I use a hearing aid on my bad ear or a CROS system. My audiologist assured me many people with SSD can live without any devices. I don't ever expect to get a CI because I don't think it's necessary.

  14. Yeah my audiologist said that as well, but of course it is an option if i want and especially during loud environment, if you find it hard. And oh mine is left ear too. 😅

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