Ryan Gosling is too old to be in a Barbie movie

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  1. I already went through all of this like 12 years ago when 500 Days Of Summer came out and every art hoe teenager was obsessed with there is a light that never goes out, so I’m fine with this.

  2. whats causing so many middle aged white men to take selfies in their car with sunglasses on

  3. It’s the only place they feel comfortable enough to be so vain. At home they are reminded of their porcine demeanor and at work they’re reminded of their low-rung status.

  4. Really? Trailer looked like a Woody Allen movie being made by a local theater production to me.

  5. Just speaking to the budget aspect, sometimes it’s nice to watch something low budget because it’s closer to reality and closer to tangibility, especially if it’s a mumblecore/slice of life movie.

  6. Hasn't his projects usually been low budget though? Horace and Pete was brilliant and looked much better granted it was different

  7. Horace and Pete was shot like a play on a stage, and probably had much better cameras and lighting, I’m guessing this is even lower budget than that but I really don’t know

  8. You’re going to have to post a selfie so we can accurately judge your phrenology, otherwise obviously, no.

  9. Doc Hammer is a fantastic band that puts on a hell of a live show. They play often, usually at Tower Bar.

  10. Startups need morons with too much confidence who either don’t realize or don’t care they’re fucking up the vibe by pushing too hard and don’t get discouraged when they can’t make a sale. The mawkish nerds who build the thing aren’t selling it

  11. Especially for his role as a sales development rep/inside sales. You need idiot bright sounding voices who love to quote glengarry Glen Ross who can repeat the script and not stay there too long.

  12. But what are the deaths and what are the hospitalizations? Are those increasing? Viruses become more contagious and less deadly, that’s how they work. So it would be perfectly normal to see a rise in infections, but as long as hospitalizations and deaths don’t rise then we’re good.

  13. Jane fucking Adams. She is the supreme indie queen who pops up in just about every single thing that’s shot in New York, ans absolutely crushes it every time.

  14. Severance was worth it alone. Goddamn that's an amazing story.

  15. Nobody ever watched it but The Mosquito Coast was an expertly shot, fun little “on-the-lam” show

  16. Don’t admit that here, you’ll get banned. I did for advocating for the storyline of MGS5. Surely you jest f’gg’t?

  17. Yeah obviously mgs2 is the goat but mgs5 is actually pretty great imho, great twist at the end, great foreshadowing throughout, A Quiet Exit is beautiful. I dug the fuck out of it.

  18. lol business insider headline writer really wants to torpedo this marriage

  19. “Zelenskyy’s wife told me personally ‘I’ll call you around 7 or 8 he usually does his press briefing then’ while country is at war”

  20. from a 1998 interview: “It is no one special, just a very angry looking man. We have chosen this picture because it looked very much like our first Bunderskanzler Konrad Adenauer, who was under constant American Catholic mind control. A man who steered the ship of Germany into so many self mutilation processes.”

  21. Wow you are fucking amazing. Thank you so much. Also, he does look an awful lot like

  22. You know, tangentially related, one of the things I loved about cha cha real smooth was that for once it was a fresh fucking face that wasn’t tied to a franchise or horror. Studios seem absolutely mortified to take a chance on a new actor, unless they’re a kid, or it’s a horror with the potential for a sleeper success.

  23. This is so true, I’m never hotter to every woman then when I’m in a committed and stable relationship. They can smell it. For the g&g’s remember: No one is nicer to you than the man you have yet to fuck

  24. She said the n word a lot, and she’s really into the band HTRK, so she’s inarguably the perfect woman

  25. I love Yeezus but all of her (their?) solo music I’ve heard really bores me. Don’t care about the CIA stuff though

  26. Yeah I agree, I like the production stuff they do, like for bjork and for yeezus, and don’t fucking crucify me but they did the music in a certain video game about certain cowboys and dear god is it fucking great. But outside of one or two of their solo tracks I’m just not into it.

  27. very funny that he calls the person accusing him of calling for Pence to be lynched a 'social climber'

  28. “She’s only saying these awful things to get LAID which will never happen UGLY FEET I’m told!”

  29. God dammit I’ve been beating this drum for ages now, fuck introverts. Get out of your shell right now and salute the world

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