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  1. A lot of women under 50 use menstrual cups or sea sponges (which are environmentally friendly & reusable + sea sponges can be worn during intercourse!) & they just remove, rinse, wash & re-insert.

  2. Yes, those are all things. But those are the product of a failed marriage or LTR. So the premise of "marriage solves this" is illogical. And re-marriage for the sake of filling that void isn't a good reason to get married or have a LTR.

  3. Plus the creepy, VERY long swirl of limp hair he twists & pins to his head in a pompadour (as seen in many photos via his Presidency I'm sure Redditors have handy) bc he's been bald for like 20 years.

  4. Everything being a "hoagie". When I see a small mom & pop shop OR corporate place advertising "subs", I'm like "LOL, RIP your company".

  5. Which is weird, because the contractors who paid well, offered more time off, and didn't allow the sexist/racist/homophobic conversations to happen on their worksites have been routinely staffed and almost never had issues getting people out to jobs.

  6. My old employer used to cite the "average pay" in our region, but include basic operators up to programmers as if the "regional" pay is "good enough for X, so it should be good enough for you!" LOL, NO.

  7. It's also just naturally cyclical. I'm a millennial and they weren't exactly hiring when the recovery from the recession wasn't certain. You can hire all the apprentices you want, but it takes years to make them journeymen and masters.

  8. True!! I got very tired of being the "feature presentation" when they'd walk clients around the shop, but also being expected to train new (men) with no experience, but starting at pay higher than mine after 10 years experience.

  9. OK. But even a woman who is wildly into a "pump & dump" (or for women; "Leave your boots on bitch") scenario...they're still considering if his penis is worth the cost, risk, side effects, and possible physical outcome of casual sex, unwanted pregnancy, and forced birth.

  10. another one with the apples and oranges comparison of women fearing their life vs men fearing embarrassment. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  11. I'm not sure if you're agreeing or disagreeing with my comment, but yes. Men genuinely don't understand that we don't WANT to view them as a threat, but if we want to live... we have to.

  12. confirmed, I'm one of the horny single dudes on-call and waiting for the signal. I've been training to get my response time down to 09:56mins

  13. There was that viral TikTok of the women complaining that the singles mixer was all women. So I don’t believe these comments.

  14. Well a "singles mixer" is by definition a "place where singles meet up to get dates/romance".

  15. I don’t think most liberals believe that children should talk about sex, gender and sexual preferences with their teachers. That seems to be a talking point from the right to whip up hysteria.

  16. I disagree on the "sex" meaning sex ed. Girls usually have their periods and can get pregnant by 10 years old and the only way they know how to protect themselves if they're being molested, raped, & abused is through age appropriate sex ed for kids.

  17. By children I mean young kids, like up to 3rd grade or so. Some kids have hit puberty in 5th grade, which as you pointed out, means some girls have had their first periods.

  18. I mean what used to be standard in public schools in the US. Kids around 10 years old got a very limited education of "health" and then additional, more in-depth sex ed by 7th Grade. Either as part of Health Class or a separate Sex Ed program.

  19. What you miss is that I don't care if I'm alone. I enjoy it. I can have a full family, grandkids, great grandkids, etc without ever settling for a man (or partner in general). I'd rather have NO man, than one that isn't AT LEAST as proficient, self-reliant, & stable as I am.

  20. Says a convicted felon in a Constitutional democracy with an explicit Separation Clause.

  21. They're slowly getting there. I'm frustrated too (and voted for Warren in 2020, but don't like fascism so eventually settled for Biden). But one things Dems finally caught up on is APPOINTING JUDGES.

  22. Your Trump hate is irrational. Inflation approaching 10% is objectively much worst that Trumps economy. Results matter. You don't have to date the guy. Not sure what Liz would have done differently than Biden. It's fine to have an idea but when it doesn't work it's not rational to stick with it and learn nothing from it.

  23. I just realized I've been here for months and have never engaged...but stayed. I don't recall how I got here, either.

  24. Thank you for saying this. I feel like people on the internet have spread this misconception that “bless your heart” is inherently passive aggressive when in reality it’s usually friendly in my experience. It is, of course, sometimes passive aggressive but not even most of the time.

  25. "You do you, though" is a Northern version of this. We could be encouraging someone to legit pursue their best life or inferring "sounds fucking stupid, but I don't really care about this!"

  26. Ahh yes the US Education system is hard at work with this one

  27. I don't think this is the US based on the phrase "taking the piss". But it was my first assumption, too.

  28. Duh about EEOC. Yet it clearly happens and is the point of diversity hiring.

  29. This would imply that most companies care LESS about filling a position (ie: money) than diversity. Which is so far outside of reality, I don't even know why you'd say it.

  30. It is still unusual. But you’re talking out of your with the suddenly convenient “I’m in staffing.” It’s not illegal in most states. And who would be able to fight that any way without people knee-jerkingly calling the litigant a racist.

  31. Do you know how difficult it is for any person (black, white, disabled, a woman) who "didn't get hired" or was treated poorly due to (all of the above) to file and get any actual action on an EEOC claim?

  32. That's the part I'm offended by. Like America is fucked up, but we are NOT Mel Gibson! 😤

  33. I hate Biden, but I'll give him his due for tapping into the oil reserves. Gas prices have actually dropped where I live since he did

  34. I didn't own my first car until the GWB Administration, so anything under $5 gallon is like "OK, so it's at 2002 prices? Big deal."

  35. I'm a single mom by choice. I knew I never wanted marriage, but wanted a child. So I chose single parenting at age 23 when I felt I'd be physically most able to handle raising a child without help/financial aid, or extra pairs of hands... while also working 75+ hours per week.

  36. Why are TERFS considered "radical feminists"? The ones I've seen never seem radical, they always seem more liberal. That part I never truly understood.

  37. They're not Feminists at all. I won't even call them "TERFS". They're just "TERs" slinging the same nonsense about "childbirth, menstruation, hormones, & parts" as the most odious misogynists.

  38. It’s not the emojis they hate. It’s a minority of snobs who hate on mobile users. The use of an emoji has always been a dead giveaway that you were posting while on the crapper, or something. I don’t know. It doesn’t make sense to me. But it’s a PC master race thing.

  39. I have a very nice Specter 360 all fired up with the best upgrades. But doing most things is still easier on my phone.

  40. I use emojis when I feel like they're warranted. On Twitter, IG, FB, etc...they're expected. I think reddit has a "we are cool and old-school" view of emojis.

  41. Then that makes your comment even worse. Imagine knowing what it’s like and then screaming at people to pull themselves from their bootstraps. Fuck out of here.

  42. Lol, what? Expecting a kid who's over 18 and not enrolled in school to save their money for the purpose of moving out, affording a car/insurance, and living independently is the bare minimum.

  43. I love crappy or lovely stationary. But I'm fine with a pack of boldly colored post-it notes!

  44. Yeah, I'm just saying every generation goes through what they think is a display of modern, upper class life. In the 60's/70's it was ditching natural fibers and wood floors to buy up polyester clothes and carpet over everything.

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