1. Other than Taylor's satisfying win, BB24 was an awful season. The cast (other than about 3 people), the twists, the themes, the competitions, the DRs, the edited episodes, were some of the worst ever.

  2. Julie said to apply right now for BB25. Is that a good idea? When's the best time to apply?

  3. Ross, Tyler and Taylor forcing production to allow the final 2 to be eligible for AFP. Their power

  4. I have a question about auditioning for the show. I've auditioned a few times and every time I film myself I always look and sound like an anxious unphotogenic mess, like with the body language and the way I speak. I don't know what my problem is. How do I fix this?

  5. The following items are forbidden inside the house: Drugs and narcotics Personal medication (except in consultation with Big Brother) Weapons Watches Money, check books, or credit/debit cards Mobile/cell phones TVs, Computers, or Gaming Devices PalmPilots or electronic organizers Agendas or diaries Magazines Books, aside from official religious texts Pens or any similar writing implements (unless provided by Big Brother) Paper or writing pads (unless provided by Big Brother) Musical instruments (allowed in some countries) Any ready-made games, such as playing cards (unless received from production) Any item requiring electrical or battery power Radios or walkmans CDs or CD players Clothes entirely white in colour, with prominent commercial logos (unless authorized), or messages to the outside world. These items will not be returned until the end of the game/if you're evicted from the Big Brother house.

  6. People are understandably having discussions about holding Michael/Brittany/Kyle accountable but I hate that people are ignoring Turner's ableist comment about Michael today.

  7. The theme of this season is fans trying to find people to stan in a cast where everyone's unlikable

  8. List of veto winners: Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael

  9. Is this the record for the most vetos won in the shortest amount of time? 5 vetos in 8 weeks

  10. This is what happens when you play Big Brother as a team game and don't play for yourself.

  11. A DJ targeting the other side and keeping the showmance as a shield? Terrance Rousso!

  12. It's hard to create drama between only 5 HGs. And there's almost no bad blood within each group

  13. Production: "You know what would be a great twist? Endgame final 5 feeds in the middle of the season!"

  14. Why do so many people mention America in their DRs this season?

  15. The fan favorites this season are a "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" situation where the people who talk the most shit about the people the fans hate (Jasmine being the most hated) are loved in that moment. It feels like people are feeding off of negativity and it makes me really uncomfortable.

  16. That's really toxic, making up a narrative that isn't true just to have a reason to hate someone more than they're already hated

  17. As much as some of these people hate Taylor it's nowhere near as bad as how much Arisa Cox hated Rohan

  18. Production needs to do what BBCAN does and announce "The veto ceremony is in one hour"

  19. There's no way 30,000 people apply for Big Brother.

  20. Yeah I googled it and that amount came up, that is way more than I expected. I thought maybe 10,000.

  21. No, there's no way. Nicole just said 3,000. The peak was Survivor in 2000 which had over 50,000 applicants. There's no way Big Brother has 30,000 applicants currently.

  22. Why was the word "bitch" censored in the episode when Daniel said it but not when Taylor said it?

  23. I would think he didn't say "bitch" in that instance. I think he said bullshit. And she said "I am a fake bitch."

  24. Michael said "bullshit" in another episode and only the "shit" part was censored. Whatever Daniel said was censored completely.

  25. The parentheses meme is gonna be the death of this subreddit

  26. Am I the only one who doesn't buy the complete 180 that appears to have happened? We've already seen the red flags from Kyle, Monte, Turner, Brittany and Joseph on the feeds and people are acting like they were all under Paloma's mind control and have broken free and are now enlightened. I don't like how they're not taking responsibility for the parts they played in the bullying and are saying that they only acted like that because they were being influenced (and that's part of their strategy which I understand). Also Nicole is a good villain and should stay as long as possible for entertainment.

  27. Said this in LNC but it’s basically someone breaking through the bystander effect and the rest follow

  28. There's a lot of followers this season. We saw how most of them said they would vote with the house in their preseason interviews

  29. The Leftovers are happy now but they will not be able to steamroll the whole game. Eventually they will start turning on each other and the nastiness will come out.

  30. Can you elaborate? What indicates that. Which one of them are nasty? Lol

  31. We saw how nasty some of them were in the first 2 weeks. Some of them will not be able to win if they stay loyal.

  32. I want people on opposite sides to get evicted/win HOH every week

  33. Can someone explain why the last thread was so active? Today's feeds seemed like more of the same, with people melting down and talking about Taylor.

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