1. What manufacturer of 3070 can you purchase. You could buy an EVGA 3070/ti and immediately get into the step up queue. Use the 3070 until the 3090 is available... You'll prob have to wait 6 months for the 3090, but it at least lets you use the other card in the meantime.

  2. It is typically the evga available. That’s the one that I can go get right now also. You are right though. I see the 3090 available maybe once a week but only ever three or less at the store. It’s always gone before I get there. But I think you are right. Losing out on that potential income isn’t worth waiting forever

  3. I have a detailed full feature video that shows EVERTTHING the tool can do.

  4. I did this and I watched the video. Everything worked as supposed to probably. However I’m doing this to my wife’s quest and I want the custom content but al she cares about is playing with her friends. They all play the lady Gaga pack but the version that this pulled was the 1.7. Is there something I can change to have it switch to unmodded 1.9?

  5. Because we don’t run LHR cards. Not everyone got scammed when buying their cards.

  6. Oh I’m sorry to hear you got scammed. I guess it had to happen to one of us. I hope you learned from your mistake.

  7. So I decided to get one Mac 1 and one sherbhead. Just to try them both. I just tried the sherb and it’s better than i remember. It’s also possible I had it on my list of possibilities and didn’t get it but was stoned enough times since then that I don’t remember correctly. Either way it was a good choice. Thanks for the advice!

  8. Sherbhead is always good, they also have big head which is a Sherbhead x mac1 cross

  9. Damn I want to say I’ve had sherbhead and it didn’t get me high but now I’m questioning myself since so many people AND iheartjane give it props

  10. Here is a list from Gigabyte, what each buzzer code means:

  11. Got the buzzer in and it doesn’t say which way to plug it in. I tried both ways but no sounds. I read online that supposedly it means something isn’t getting power. So I unplugged the video card totally and tried to boot but no beeps. I removed the m2 storage and tried it again. No beeps. At this point only the ram the cpu and the cooler are plugged in. I’m running out of ideas.

  12. if there is no beep, then your motherboard or powersupply is usually broken. you could also try to remove everything from the motherboard and try it without cpu ram and gpu. if there is then still no beep you have to use some spare parts to check or at least measure your powersupply voltages with a psu tester.

  13. So I went to micro center to buy a new motherboard. The guy there said what do I need I said a motherboard. He asked why and showed me where they are. Then he said when did you buy your board. What cpu are you using. He googled on his phone. He said well the cpu came out several months after your motherboard. You’ll need a new bios. After buying too big of a card and using the wrong format I got the bios updated. All of a sudden I got beeps. From that I got the build finished and working. Thanks again dude. You helped a lot.

  14. There is no way to progress previous seasons only the current season.

  15. But when we bought the deluxe he was able to collect up to level 11 and I was only able to do 5. So somehow he advanced his further than I advanced mine and neither of us played last season

  16. My wife makes some cool cart holders with sliding doors that also fit pods.

  17. I see these on sale for 159 pretax but when that sale happens Saturday they will be 143 pretax. And here I just swore off pods again but now they go and make me an offer I can’t refuse!

  18. Cresco bought the other 4 Verdant locations in Ohio, they're now SunnySide. These deals are for Columbus only.

  19. I’ll have to call to verify because I did drive to Newark only to figure out the texts are Columbus only and the guy pointed out the text specifically said Columbus like I was stupid for assuming. These emails though. I have looked at it five times and I can’t find anything that says Columbus. I thought about calling today but that is such a painful process with verdant

  20. Right! They're not trying to answer the phone!! I confirmed with a friend that works for Verdant though.

  21. Damn I mean I’m happy there is still a place for 30 off but Columbus is just such a crap shoot. You always get screwed somehow and the people are actually really nice people trying to do their job and be happy. But only like ten spots in the lot and then people get called before you who come after and ordering online doesn’t seem to do anything. Thanks for the info

  22. Verdant sold 4 out 5 stores to cresco the Columbus location remains owned by Verdant. Verdant Newark has had the drive thru thing no one else has had it like they did. During the pandemic I never had to go inside Verdant Creations Newark. Columbus on the other hand i had to stand in line just to let them know I was there for a curbside. Little secret the yuzu purple plant was grown buy buckeye relief and it has died rip yuzu purple 💜 . So when you see that yuzu purple flower or vapes you should buy it . I have some amazing pictures of the plant in its prime just b4 harvest last year .. one of my last tours before covid19

  23. I stocked up today and you are right. I talked to them today and they said they will be continuing to be as crazy with their sales as before. I hate that location but if I only have to go once month to save the most money I’ll suck it up. Thanks for the info

  24. I got your point, just sounded like you really liked the yuzu purple. I wasn't trying to be offensive, sorry if it came off that way.

  25. No no I did love the yuzu it was very good potency and very tasty. It was a taste I’ve never had in a cart yet but one I have had from flower before. I was just confused because you were saying it was everywhere and I didn’t know if you thought I had trouble finding it. I figured I’d restate my point in case anyone else got confused

  26. They all tasted like plastic. And unlike the certified which is chalky the plastic taste just makes my brain think there is something wrong with smoking them. I have three carts that have been sitting in a box since mid last year. I think I’m going to finally just throw them away

  27. I've had all 3 of the Willie's reserve carts and while I love the flowers I actually didn't like the distillate at all. Not very flavorful and it seemed to run out really quickly

  28. The advertising is all done by the massive media company they own in barstool.

  29. I invested at seven dollars a share when it was really down. I figure that with 33 millions stoolies just waiting to give money to anything barstool could help the value. They are only open in two states right now with the Sportsbook and everytime they add another state to their barstool sports book the money just increases. They just gained ten dollars on the Illinois announcement last night. They are projecting seven more states by years end. The brick and mortar isn’t even back up yet and when it does open they are going to make specific barstool sports areas in each casino. That will really bring out the fans. I don’t expect a ton of growth from here but it’s better than a savings account at this point. Little by little this will grow. Very little ad money being spent also

  30. Its the main reason why half the people on this thread are going to miss out on this money. I have followed barstool to some degree for three years now. The stoolies are so dedicated to the cause it’s really shocking what they will do when asked by Dave. I watched as they sent thousands of packages to Dave with hundreds of dollars in stuff and Dave just kept saying half the stuff was stupid. He’d look at it for a second then move on but these people just kept wasting more money until he begged them to stop. Then he said oh I want to save small businesses He raised 37 million in three months doing nothing other than talking about it. When he was officially being bought by penn he went out and told everyone I’ll make this stock into something No doubt the stoolies are the ones that have held this up to the 80 mark. But with each launch of the app into a new state there is a ten point jump. I can tell you living in Ohio that penn owns all the tracks and casinos here. I went once. It was ok. I’m not into casinos. But when they start converting parts of the casino to barstool and having the people there for events. I will show up and I am not even a zealot like the other 33 million of me. The casinos are barely open right now but once they fully convert I can see another jump Who even gives a shit about the barstool site or their content. I used to listen to them on Sirius and they aren’t even there anymore. I don’t know why everyone is using the barstool content to justify this because even though they have two of the most popular podcasts in the world those aren’t necessarily the gambling fans. This is all because the cult wants to do everything for barstool. If you aren’t a stoolie then you for sure know some. So to answer your question the casino was a basic as fuck casino and I live five miles away but didn’t care to go. Now that the cult is involved this isn’t just a casino company. Now it’s the fully regulated gambling arm of a massive cult

  31. If you knew JavaScript you could raise a lot of capital from the secondary market. Then we can talk useful skills

  32. I love that I'm out here being average as fuck hoping to get to that 100k level and half these people commenting are doctors and people who are already beyond what I'm dreaming of. This isn't where I parked my car.....

  33. If you consider Newark Columbus like the breweries do then you can order online at verdant and pull into the right car lane it goes very quick. But anywhere you go first time will take extra time. Just south in Carroll is Ohio provisions which is always fast too. Their deals are in the details page of Weedmaps. Botanist is in the city and everyone loves it. Service is pretty good you just have to park a block away. I don’t personally go there because I work in Columbus and the botanist is located right in the arena district. I had to wait outside for a minute the only time I’ve gone.

  34. I am simply being realistic and don't want misinformation to spread. I don't think it is fair to dispensaries to have patients blaming them for lack of loyalty programs when their hands are tied on the matter. I also think it is right to accurately frame the MORE Act for what it is and not as a "cure all" that legalizes cannabis.

  35. Why are you still going? We get it you think it’s not worth doing anything about. I just hope that you keep it to yourself so that other people don’t lose hope. Oh they have been working at it for four years? Could have been two without people like you I’m sure and tbh how will we get change in four years if you are sitting here telling everyone it isn’t worth it. Forget four years we will never have progressive change. This state has been a swing state for far longer than Georgia. Please just keep it to yourself for the sake of the program. You can’t have a name like the official Ohio reviewer and not expect people to take into account what you say. If you want us to always be screwed then by all means keep telling everyone it can’t happen.

  36. Selling that hopeium again, I see. There are many Ohio veteran cannabis activists that have fought for cannabis rights for years.

  37. No you are right. People who don't care about politics and have never participated are much more easily encouraged when you tell them it is hopeless. We should just go on talking about how things Suck and the state is too red to even hope for change. That helps. Thanks

  38. I'm gonna say no I have 2 right now and it's the worst product I have rn so I'm getting rid of it first

  39. You are stronger than me. I have select carts and some certified that I bought to try. Absolute trash taste I can’t even choke them down. I put them in a special container away from all my good shit. Never tried br carts yet though

  40. Damn I keep forgetting why I haven’t tried the br carts yet at that price point but you’re right.

  41. No... on is inside the Robinhood app, the other is on your main screen in an iPhone. Read man

  42. Ok after I now spent a few minutes figuring out which of us is stupid I realized it’s clearly you. You tried to screenshot your Robinhood and the app stopped you from doing it. Therefore you posted the same picture twice like the special little retard you are.

  43. If you start now, it will take about 56 dick sucks for bus money. The only downside you have to walk. 56 dick sucks can be done in 2 days

  44. I want to say that having to suck that many dicks could also be seen as a downside but I’ll trust your dd here.

  45. It’s important to remember that we are all still living the dream. Nightmares are dreams too after all!

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