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  1. I would take care of the fire in the room directly behind me first, but I'm not a professional so what do I know

  2. We've had to ban all species of monkeys, apes & baboons from the gym with the exception of ringtailed lemurs & feral whitebelts

  3. Wow, so cool! Did you use standard paper with 0,5 cm squares for you design?

  4. Thanks! And it was just ordinary graph paper. There was a lot of fudging around before I was happy with the design though

  5. Thanks! I crochet a little bit before bed every night because it helps me relax & sleep.

  6. What’s the first thing people do in a street fight?

  7. While he's stripping, shoot for a double leg then choke him with a modified lapel choke using his half-on shirt

  8. Are we talking kid's class? Cause my chances are higher.

  9. Those little beasts can kick my ass, I'm rolling with the old fart taking his first trial class

  10. The full pattern is the second picture. Once the main panel is done, I plan on adding a border in a pineapple stitch

  11. I'm the tiny little shortass who submits brand new big guys in their very first roll.

  12. So what you're saying is that I can easily tap a bluebelt that's much larger than me?

  13. I'm going to be helping with the kids class for the first time tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it

  14. The pattern is the second picture. It's called a rear naked choke. That's what the initials RNC in the upper corner mean.

  15. There isn't any lettuce in my potato salad!!! 😡😡😡

  16. I was wondering if that was supposed to be initials and an embrace before I saw your comment, and I thought, "Gee that looks more like someone getting choked out! Should I tell them?" LOL! Nice work! It looks exactly like what it is!

  17. Thanks! And BJJ people love making jokes calling it stuff like snuggle-struggles, agressive cuddling, involuntarily yoga etc.

  18. BJJ stands for Brazilian jiu-jitsu & RNC stands for rear naked choke. The design is a rear naked choke being applied to someone.

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