[McMenamin] Patrick Beverley on his involvement in the LAL-PHX incident: "Got a person on the ground, two people looking over mean-mugging and puffing their chest out and referees don’t get into it to kind of separate it, control the game so I’m going to stand up for my teammate"

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  1. Really just had that irresistible urge to make a political comment on a subject that had absolutely nothing to do with politics huh?

  2. It’d be tough for Virginias players to focus and It’s not like either team had anything to play for anyways other than bragging rights, both squads had long since been eliminated from bowl eligibility.

  3. Lmao around 2008 there was someone who tried to convince me that Obama wasn’t the first black president.

  4. Man don’t you know? All the founding fathers were black, them owning slaves was also made up to further sell the fact they were white.

  5. It’s way worse when you realize that 2/3rds of their points came in garbage time

  6. Unsurprising, even if one of them lost today they probably would still have been there

  7. Snapping the ball for a punt of all things with a live clock and 17 seconds on the play clock was a next level headscratcher. I was truly baffled on that one.

  8. It’s not just about running time off the clock but to give the defense some rest, it’s insane how well our D performed with barely any rest time.

  9. I can’t believe they scored that much! BIG10 West dominated the offensive side of the ball today!

  10. Venables needs to personally drive Lebby to Will Rogers when this game is over and leave him there

  11. There was a whole port in SoCal that had all the copper piping underneath the docks stolen via scuba divers.

  12. Prison should be about punishment not rehabilitation, dude should have never been back out on the streets.

  13. Served only 15 years for brutally murdering her with knife, attempting to murder her husband all in front of their 2 year old daughter. Say what you want about US criminal justice but this guy would’ve gotten life without parole at minimum if that happened here.

  14. as a neutral fan how can the eagles be mad at anyone but their rusher? hitting a qb who has kneeled will result in a flag 10/10 times

  15. Its fate is to reach 35 members, upon which it will evolve into GDI.

  16. 63.5 tonnes for an APC!?!? That’s honestly ridiculous, the Leopard 2A6 weighs about a tonne less than that. The Bradley is a full on IFV and it only weights about 27. I feel limiting your APCs to only bridges that can support full on tank weight would be quite the issue as well.

  17. ABSOLUTELY NOT! Even if you have access to antibiotics the mortality rate is still higher than Covid, and even then you’ll very likely have to have multiple fingers and toes amputated due to them rotting off.

  18. I kinda wish actually, they wouldnt skirt on production quality or cut massive amounts of the story out due to budget constraints. We’d probably get a good two dozen episodes per season instead of just 12

  19. Tau were better as a naive noble bright faction woefully out of their depth in a grimdark galaxy then yet another faction with shoe horned grimderp.

  20. Yarrack isn't dead, there's too much fan uproar. They'll be a fluff peice in a new book about Yarrick crossing the Rubicon Primaris, and we'll get a new Primaris Yarrick model in plastic.

  21. I think turning popular regular human characters into space marines would piss off the community more than just killing him

  22. He's 71? Holy Moly. He looks 20 year younger than Lou Holtz when he turned 71.

  23. If you really think that’s the point literally anyone is trying to make here you are an idiot.

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