1. Pork is not readily available here. But even if it was, everything i read suggests ruminant meat is the best for us. I tried orgsnic chicken, dont like it, tries goose legs, they taste good and fatty, i might eat more of it but it is sold frozen here, not fresh. After a while, the tongue becomes a good indicator for what you need, and for me it is my well marbled denver steaks.

  2. This all the way. I think (and there's good evidence to support the notion of) that taste is meant to be the way we seek out the nutrients we're craving. Unfortunatley (for most, but not those here I suppose), processed food that can make arbitrary flavours go with any nutrient (or lack thereof), and it disrupts our ability to trust cravings for particular foods and the nutrients unique to those foods.

  3. Agave is the most natural and pure glucose source. Still not healthy in large amounts but better than processed alternates.

  4. I think you might have misspoken here, agave is one of the highest natural sources of fructose there is.

  5. If you have join pain, it could be the oxalates in the sweet potatoes if you are eating them every day. I might try to mix up my carb/starch soucres to see if that ameliorates your issues, or go heavier on easy to digest fruits starches like tropical fruit and white rice respectively. Make sure you are getting ample thiamine.

  6. I would cook it in the oven so you can render out a lot of the fat out without neeing to add any fat in the cooking process. While it won't be clear how much fat is retained, it should appreciably reduce the fat in the actual meat portions.

  7. Thx.i decided I'll start eating bison, elk and venison for my meats. All naturally very lean and grass fed.

  8. Yeah, if that's feasible for you I think that's the way to do it. I'm in Australia, and my go to source of lean meat has been kangaroo (less than 1g of fat per 100g meat, and it is something that is only available wild) as well as very lean pork for the thiamine content. Hope you have some success with it!

  9. Interesting! I haven't heard this before, do you have a link for this by chance?

  10. I read about it in a human metabolism textbook, but if you Google “niacin obesity” there is a lot to explore.

  11. That's good to know! I will definitely explore this next time I sit down to do some googling. Thanks for the tip!

  12. I put instant coffee directly into milk or cream, add salt and maple syrup. Very tasty and instantly raises my body temperature.

  13. This sounds great! I am absolutely going to try this. New to this whole thing and I'm still tinkering with foods to see what makes me feel warm.

  14. Melted my stash in a water bath, then let it cool, held at 80f, strained through coffee filter, unsat fats filter through.

  15. What a great idea! I reckon I'll give this a go so I can enjoy some pork fat again. How different does the straining process make the fat taste? Like, do you lose any "porkiness" by removing the lower energy fat fraction?

  16. Still tastes like bacon fat to me. I know it's not perfect, but it's miles better than leaving it as is.

  17. Oh no, I am here for this. With where I'm at with things, I might not mimic you just yet, but I absolutely like your style.

  18. Good timing, I was about to place an order with Bulk Supplements. That's where I found L-Ornithine alpha-Ketogluterate.

  19. If it was posted in the blog somewhere and I just missed it, my apologies, but for what reason do you take the alpha-ketogluterate?

  20. That’s awesome! I definitely want/hope that PUFA is the root of all problems. Do you have any more info about PUFA making the intestinal cells permeable?

  21. Oh noy is there a wealth of information on this. I first got on the no seed oil kick from Max Lugavere, who I think does a good job as a science communicator. But Tucker Goodrich, Chris Knobbe, and Cate Shanahan are good resources who take a more technical approach (inasmuch as they go into greater mechanistic detail about how seed oils basically fuck everything up).

  22. This is a diverse community, so there's little to any "this sub believes" assertion. :)

  23. Seconding this. While I think the anecdotes of a starch based approach and how those affect the body fat saturation levels of different populations are very interesting, I find too many upsides to a low carb approach to include sugars and other things that seem, in my view, obviously bad. I personally follow a (99.99%) carnivore diet, and I will incorporate stearic acid to rendered fat that I've saved from roasts and other cooking I do. I also add some MCT to this, since it makes it easier to eat and I can "feel" the stearic acid working better if it's incorporated with some more fluid fats.

  24. This times 1000. I feel like I can basically eat infinite chicken and a few beef ribs just sets me right for an entire day.

  25. For those unfamiliar: glycerol is the structural portion of a triglyceride molecule, which is the storage form of fat. The more active form is free fatty acids. Up to 3 fatty acids can attach to a glycerol. Glycerol monostearate is a glycerol with 1 stearate fat molecule attached.

  26. I have been searching for this exact statement. Thank you. I've mostly tried regular ol' Stearic Acid, but I recently got some glycerol monostearate and I'm keen to mix up a batch of the tallow + stearic acid/GMS + MCT oil mixutre that I've had pretty good success with. From the sounds of things, this should make the mixing process go even more smoothly (since I found pure stearic acid to be somewhat finicky with getting it to blend sufficiently so I can really feel it working).Cheers!

  27. Over on the zero carb subreddit they would say eat more… always eat more

  28. Echoing what a few others have said, I would recommend not simultaneously cutting out caffeine entirely while switching to this way of eating. I've seen numerous annecdotes where people tried this and there was some misatribution of feelings of fatigue to the diet when many of the reporters later realised it was from caffeine widthdrawls.

  29. Do you have a butcher nearby? I reckon you can get what you're after (or close to it, if you're willing to fuss with rendering it yourself) from them for much cheaper than anything that markets it directly.

  30. Just for giggles. :) It’s also a guaranteed pure stearate source which I don’t have yet for stearic acid.

  31. How has this been going for you? Is the GMS you've been using (or at least used at one time) still mostly stearic acid by calories? I've been going through the hassle of mixing the stuff and sometimes I'm not certain whether or not I'm actually absorbing much of what I've been eating. Anything you have to offer on the subject is greatly appreciated!

  32. Sorry if this is something that this sub has collectively moved on from, but I'm sort of curious about this if anyone doesn't mind indulging my question just so I can be certain about mixing this into something (mostly because I've just been using free stearic acid, and it can be a bit of a hassle to mix it into things at the concentrations I'm going for at the moment).

  33. Great question! I hope more seasoned veterans of this sub will chime in. Every day, I try to maintain a 75/25/5 split of my fat proteins and carbs. I’m starting to loosen on this some and about to try a combination of alpha lipoic acid and Brad’s succinade mix which has not arrived to me yet. Here’s my day of eating from yesterday:

  34. How has this been going for you? I just started on the Sterculia oil and succin-ade, and just over a week in I think I can already see it working! But I'm not at the point yet where I'm confident it isn't just my imagination.

  35. Depending on where you are, you might find some claims about what is and isn't in the chickens' diet. For instance, here in Melbourne, I make sure to get eggs that are soy free (for a bunch of reasons), but I've also reached out to those providers to inquire more directly as to what those birds do eat. With that, if they aren't fed a shitload of stuff you don't want to be eating, their eggs will contain less of that material.

  36. Did you add in solid stearic acid flakes to this or melt it first?

  37. Hmmm... now that you mention it, I haven’t had any muscle ticks/twitches in months! I used to get a weird thigh twitch and a finger twitch that was fascinating and disconcerting at the same time. LOL Like I said I do eat wheat still but have dramatically cut it down. Wonder if that’s helped my twitches. 🤔

  38. Yeah, this is sort of my philosophy as well. Prior to getting on this, I was following a mostly carnivore diet. While I've diverged from that a bit (still nothing processed), I find that I just feel best with I stick with animal products.

  39. How has this been going for you? Have you just been eating it as it, or working it into something?

  40. I've recently reupped my focus on only intaking saturated fat when I can. So, the least saturated thing I eat is two egg yolks, and the next lowest is butter (I do mostly butter, coconut fat, and cocoa butter). Since adopting this, I haven't recorded my temperature, but I've noticed that there periods in the day when I'm just plain hot. The "control" for this would be my dressing habits for days with similar weather conditions hasn't changed at all, but I find I have to shed layers simply because I feel like I'm about to start burning up.

  41. God that’s awful. Reminds me of that dodgy Werewolf in Paris (I think it was paris) from around 2010 that flopped terribly. The font is even Venom without actually being Venom.

  42. As I read this, I had the thought that I don't think I'd be mad if Tom Cruise was a werewolf in this new DUUDM a la John Jameson (since Tom Cruise uses actual magic to stay eternally youthful).

  43. Beat the shit out of it with a tenderizing hammer. Yes, really.

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