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[Postgame Thread] Kansas State Defeats Oklahoma 41-34

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  1. This is a very confusing recipe. Typically cajun gumbo does not use tomatoes, and will usually be either seafood or meat, not both. The split is usually prairie vs bayou cajun with the former utilizing chicken and handmade sausages and the latter using fresh seafood. it makes sense, these people lived for years off what they were able to source locally. If I had to guess, I would say this comes from dtb somewhere maybe off 90.

  2. I've come with the real gumbo question: to okra or to not okra? I like with or without and I like creole and Cajun gumbo. Jambalaya is good too.

  3. personal preference. I don't use okra, but don't let anyone tell you it's wrong. okra is about as traditional as you can get in gumbo:

  4. Which is why the Bonds comparisons were silly. Judge is only at 60 and getting half pitched around. If he was at 70 they wouldn’t even throw him a pitch,

  5. Extra cringe for the guy reaching out and grabbing the other guy’s arm after the slip up. It probably made him that much more uncomfortable.

  6. Yeah I'm surprised he didn't get hit calling someone the no word on their own front porch then reaching for them.

  7. in a different context perhaps, it came across as a mistake immediately

  8. Mistake, sure, but if someone's first thought when they see a black person is the n word, they've probably used it in place of "black person" in everyday conversation for a long time.

  9. I mean, that win vs Mizzou really should be looked at as a loss. Mizzou's kicker missed an absolute gimme as time expired. That would've won and prevented OT.

  10. I just looked it up on awful announcing. It was Dan "married men shouldn't be alone with women" Orlovsky. He's the current Dumbass De Jure at ESPN.

  11. He's the guy who ran out the back of the endzone for a safety. Or damn, I guess I have the say the first guy to do that.

  12. apparently reddit REALLY REALLY WANTS ME TO SEE THIS because every single post i click on it doesnt load and instead just loads this thread again. WTF IS GOING ON

  13. It was really cool to hate Joe Buck for a long time. Then people started to forget why they hated him as he developed into one of the greatest announcers of his generation.

  14. For me, it was leaning into the memes. His appearances on PMT a few years ago made me realize I disliked him for no good reason.

  15. Darken your roux a bit. Honestly, I've seen worse in Texas, and that's just right next door. Ain't nothing to complain about, if you set a bowl in front of me, I'd finish and ask for seconds.

  16. Not only is it legit, but they produce one of the best vapes in terms of value, in the POTV One.

  17. You've probably had tons of ranch made with mayo, sour cream, and buttermilk. Because most are.

  18. This was beautiful, farmbro. Thank you for taking some of the sting off the Baylor game.

  19. OU, what can I say about your defense that hasn’t already been said about Afghanistan?

  20. Well at least OU's defense has never housed al Qaeda terrorists.

  21. That gas station has always been sketchy. That neighborhood is rght on the brink of Leonidas.

  22. There's a few homeless people there, but it's not really sketchy. I'm there like once a week and walk past it almost daily.

  23. I don't think it is. Seems like the trough that was supposed to pull it NE isn't shaping up to be as strong as previously thought.

  24. That hasn't been concluded at all yet. Completely up in the air.

  25. Literally up in the air lol. The next couple of days will be wild.

  26. Grad school, been here for a little over four years. It's been an interesting time span to live in the city, in the "may you live in interesting times" usage of the word.

  27. Hope you made out okay after Ida. Hoping we don't see another I name next week.

  28. Still about a day or so from feeling secure in the forecast, but if this thing stalls out as a Cat3+ like the GFS is showing right over Tampa, it could be very bad.

  29. It's not really the smoking gun that he is making it seem to be. Teams that run inside zone(back will be set a yard behind the qb) and inverted veer or some RPOs(back will be on the same plane as the QB) , it only seems like they are tipping the play if you think they are in the same formation , but they are not.

  30. I mean, the guy who ran out the back of the endzone for a safety on his own accord cherry picked 4 plays while telling everyone they aren't cherry picked.

  31. Legal asylum seekers are not illegal aliens, moron. Reported as hate speech towards people based on their place of birth.

  32. Feeling like a lil cold front came through this morning in South Louisiana, I think the collective sighs of relief from all of us may have caused this.

  33. Yeah, after the record high of 96 yesterday, this high of 93 is a relief.

  34. Glad this thread is here as proof (for those living WHERE EVER this thing decides to hit) to throw in the faces of all the victim blamers with their “wEll yOu bEEn kNowInG iT wAs cOmMiNG fOr wEEkS, so you had plenty of time.”

  35. I’ve never had Blue Plate - looks Hellman’s-like? I like regular mayo, too, and Kewpie…all of it. I just fully think there’s appropriate times for Miracle Whip. I like the sweet/salty combo. Like Miracle whip and Egg sandwich.

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