AITA for asking (not insisting) that my BF switch meals with me when I don’t like what I’ve ordered at a restaurant ?

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  1. Can't agree here. Tried it a couple of weeks ago and didn't even finish it.

  2. I like their sandwiches even more than the fried chicken

  3. YTA. I cannot believe this can be real or that you’re questioning if you’re an AH. The lack of empathy coming from you is astonishing it’s almost as if you enjoyed watching your brother suffer. I get he hasn’t been responsible and he needs to grow up but this was his daughter’s birth & your niece. And you wonder why he’s being distant with you? You better hope you don’t ever need a favor from your brother because what you did is unforgivable. I hope your girlfriend takes notice.

  4. I can't believe they didn't want to go to the hospital also!

  5. The title was misleading. OP did not make his brother miss the birth. He simply did nothing to help his brother make it to the birth.

  6. OP is regretting that you can't edit titles.

  7. It’s basically a modern wonder of the world. Yes it’s old and frustrating, but I promise you that you live anywhere long enough and you’ll hate the public transit.

  8. I don't think so. You ever live in Tokyo?

  9. I have a Q family member, and like you say, I really think it does strike more at those with a certain intersection of mental issues. We've managed to arrive at a solution where nothing remotely political or anything that could even approach becoming a political topic is ever talked about when the family is together. This works for the most part - every so often something squeezes out, but walking out of the room works and then we're back to normal.

  10. My dad told me I couldn't get an art degree because it won't make money so I went into IT and he still wouldn't help pay for it.

  11. I'm sure this is not the first time the favoritism has expressed itself either.

  12. I'm concerned that you're a moderator with such a basic lack of common sense.

  13. Ayat in Bay Ridge (Palestinian) - all of their food is incredible - but only at the original branch on 3rd Ave.

  14. I just had this exact experience - someone thought I was asking for an espresso rec but i only make pourovers at home. I'm giving them to a friend with an espresso machine.

  15. This is Korean ramyun instead of ramen, but Jeju Noodle Bar is the only upscale noodle place I can think of. And it’s in the West Village, so lots to do in the neighborhood

  16. I would recommend their apps over their ramen bowls.

  17. Why? Ramen is great. Apps are great too, but ramen is great.

  18. Jeju is one of my all-time favorite restaurants in New York City, not just for ramen. Everything on the menu is fantastic - they do a lot of raw fish preparations. I wish they'd bring back the brunch, which was a tremendous deal, something like $50 for 7 courses - I always left stuffed.

  19. Then don't waste your time and the doctor's time if you already know better.

  20. You haven't asked a question worthy of a response. You just deflected with a logical fallacy that doesn't address my criticism in any way.

  21. Exactly. NYC would fucking collapse if all of the sudden all of the Drs, lawyers, finance people etc living outside of NYC stopped working there. This guy is fucking delusional. Good luck staffing the hospitals and businesses with only a small percentage of the workers you would need. Clearly this fool has no idea how NYCs economy actually works. It isn’t even worth arguing with him anymore.

  22. Looking forward to seeing that hypothetical “collapse’

  23. Duck fat fries at Lot 2 in Greenwood Heights - only open on Saturdays since pandemic (comes with their stellar burger).

  24. Look into Barn2 Product Options. Might work for that.

  25. Hope I'm not wrong here, but disregarding calorie counting just seems to make no sense. It's like driving your car after smashing the gas gauge and trusting to never run out of fuel.

  26. Search for Dr Jason Fung - there are zillions of links and videos.

  27. Takumen and Yumpling are pretty solid. Little Banchan is quite good although a bit pricey (all organic).

  28. Person posts on discussion board - doesn't want to discuss.

  29. Go right on discussing by yourself. There’s a difference between opinions and facts. People who think they should litigate other people’s opinions….your life if you want to spend it like that. What a joy you must be at dinner parties.

  30. A Japanese restaurant in Tokyo? That's going to be tough.

  31. Why didn't you know it was your mom's birthday ahead of time? YTA

  32. Here's some shots from 2007 back when DiFara reopened after being closed for a while.

  33. To me, Corner Bistro is like play dough with salt.

  34. Fairfax. They serve the old Bar Sardine burger which is great. Easier to get a reservation then most of the places listed.

  35. I would love to see what NYCs homeless rate is in comparison to the rest of the country. I'm a transplant and I've been here for 4 years. People back home are saying the homelessness is getting crazy there too. This might be a broader USA problem, less of a NYC problem.

  36. I was just in Toronto and Montreal - seems worse there.

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