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This hits me right in the feels

  1. Terrified to send my daughter to school. Terrified OF SCHOOL. I’m doing whatever I can to take my mind off it. How awful. “Greatest country in the world” huh…

  2. In the USA it is easier to buy a weapon of war than a ticket to F1

  3. You need to deal with government permission, background checks, state ID, age restrictions, and often times mandated safety courses and waiting periods to buy F1 tickets?

  4. No. you just have to go to bass pro shop to buy an AR-15. Sad

  5. those prices make me think this is a tent outside of the track somewhere trying to scalp people - i dont think these are actual f1 shop prices

  6. f1 Store inside the campus my friend. hard to believe but true

  7. I’m not questioning what you’re saying, but why does an official F1 store look so janky with crooked, tacked on price tags?? So off-brand. Yikes.

  8. I don't know my friend. but this is what we got

  9. This is Florida, they better block off those overpasses during all the events otherwise streakers are gonna run wild on the track

  10. Some will try to climb the palm trees to watch the race 😂

  11. the thing is that everyone wants to come to miami anyway

  12. If only it was at Miami Beach (and crossing the Biscayne into Miami) ! Somehow Hard Rock Stadium just doesn't capture the area's essence.

  13. I agree that a race closer to downtown Miami would be more eye-catching. but the layout of the track would be a real challenge

  14. Ve prepared to come to Walmart every year! miami is here to stay

  15. Is the paddock a permanent building next to stadium?

  16. Entirely dependent on your region, the gear you use etc. You need to look at your market. We could name a number, but if you live in LA, it´ll be too low. If you live in indonesia, it will probably be above your market. It´s all about perspective

  17. The Market is Miami Fl, in principle I will only be myself and my equipment would be my Sony a7iii, dji rsc 2, Gopro Hero 9.

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