1. I think her with her daughter will fight Vecna in season 5

  2. Mine worked perfect when i took the plane. Xm4 on airports are insane, i couldn't hear anything.

  3. I tried mine only in trains, and yes, really good NC.

  4. I own both models. But do some things like wear them together it is strange, or?

  5. Slovensko je zial kurevsky drahe.... vyzera to tak, ze najblizssi rok dva bude este drahsie a platy to zial nedobehnu

  6. I am an owner of white WF-1000XM4 and regret of choosing this colour :)

  7. I have both XM4's, but both in Wesley Snipes black 😊

  8. Why I should sleep with eletronics on my head? Strange habit to me.

  9. And why is that? How did you solve the issue?

  10. I wrote it to the single comment, please look

  11. Sorry, coming back to this: I turned off all assistance and still the issue persists. Any idea?

  12. Strange. Trurning off all AI it is solved for me.

  13. Tell me this bullshit to the face

  14. I just look forward. Sorry man. Your statement is another Putin's view.

  15. Yes it is. I have the same game, too 🤣🤣🤣

  16. WH-1000XM2 - 3 years, no problems, sold them

  17. Disapointing album was: McGruff - Destined To Be. He had very big potential to drop another classic like Big L 1st album was....

  18. Not the worst, but after Nocturnal, Heltah Skeltah’s Magnum Force was a huge let down.

  19. Yeah, because Nocturnal was great and specific Boot Camp journey

  20. Buy XM4's. Best choice for less money.

  21. Maybe you are looking just good 😉

  22. My warranty is expired. Sent it to the shop that import these things, I hope they have parts for it. I am a black widow when it comes to earphones, still trying to figure out the reason. All my bluetooth earphones neever perform normally past 1 year.

  23. But why? I had 4 bluetooth headphones, each of them more than 1 and 3 years. Also my corsair pc wireless more than 2 years. And no problem with batteries.

  24. Maybe I workout with them? But Sony boasts the waterproof quality, yeah?

  25. Maybe. I do no like to exrecise with something in my ears. I run only with my breath.

  26. I had Fenix 5 for 4 years. And yes, heart rate sensor of 1st gen is not accurate. Fenix 7 is 10x better.

  27. Will it be free to play? Or next year finally?

  28. I had the same dilemma in january. Since then I am happy with Fenix 7 😊

  29. "Lyrics, somebody want lyrics?" 😁

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