1. I slaved away for a bachelors degree, and now it’s not a real degree and I have to go get a masters

  2. Still getting there, but there is really no such thing as a dream job. You do something you can get with, put your kind to it, and grab the cash

  3. My helix has a bump at the back that’s probably permanent 😶

  4. My mum kinda does, there are hints that shit obviously went down but I never hear full stories.

  5. Can you get tenants in these house(s) or are they just completely empty and for show. He needs to default the homes at this point and just sell some real estate to recoup for some loans.

  6. I did a year of a nursing degree before switching out realising it wasn’t for me. For a long time, mum would tell me nursing was a lowly job for people were not good enough to get better degrees. Fast forward a few years, some other Asian mother flexes to my mum that their son is doing really well as a nurse, and now mum suggests I go back to doing nursing.

  7. Still there, thanks to PT core exercises and drills, the pain is a bit better, but I’ll get the surgery down the line, matter of when, not if

  8. It kinda is, but then she went and assumed you’re being ungrateful and know nothing which brings her back to square 1

  9. After my holy communion, I was gifted a kids bible by my uncle. Upon, reading it, I was like nah, even Captain Underpants was more realistic

  10. Yes, I have been in the health field and speaking to the seniors, a lot of them just had to do some sort of certificate to get into professions that new hires would need a bachelors to get through today. I also suspect that there are ‘bullshit degrees’ out there too, that is not to discredit anybody’s hard work, but the universities are just churning out degrees like boutique fashion options.

  11. I personally think Asian mums should have a job and not be housewives. Just to get them out of the house and get everyone else away from the claustrophobia and metal suffocation.

  12. Scam, look at the hyperlink

  13. Shoving Catholicism down my throat

  14. There are some tracks that I don't care for, but I reckon the main thing with DNA is that it became overshadowed by the next albums as the girls upped their game a lot.

  15. If she becomes sick and depressed, it's her responsibility to get on top of it, not yours

  16. That won’t happen because corporations get embarrassed when their videos get massed disliked.

  17. Are you from Queensland? This is my first year as a teacher, but for the past few years I've been working as an aide in a QLD school. I was only working 3 days a week, which meant I was getting approximately $22 000 a year (or just over $800 a fortnight before tax).

  18. Did you do 3 days a week because that’s all they had available for you, or did you opt to take two days off for your life affairs and study to be a teacher?

  19. I pick pieces that go with my style/vibe and can match with the rest of my outfits and jewellery, or I just like the way they look. As much as I like going all out with creativity, I also like minimalism, so I have one ear that is decked out and one that is very very minimal

  20. I simply just went into the primary school I attended and had a chat with the principal (she was a teacher there when I was a student) and gave me the forms to fill out and I was called into work within two days of handing the forms back and completing the online training! You could also chat with AP's or your supervising teacher from your pracs, they will definitely point you in the right direction.

  21. I’m thinking of doing this but I’m scared they’ll think I’m a weirdo

  22. There's no point in making all this money if you can't have the time to enjoy it. Also, I do not aspire to be one of those people who let their career get in the way of their health.

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