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Spy x Family - Episode 6 discussion

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  1. Ugliest 2-0 weekend I’ve seen in a while, I’m happy about the wins but I seriously hope the team improves

  2. Big Dhokes! Man this guy's return to the LCS has really turned the mentality of the team around.

  3. Actually well deserved. In my opinion, this season does everything you want in a rom com to perfection.

  4. Same, I’m glad to see inverse Tohka finally get development, since her first appearance in S2 left lots of questions

  5. I agree with many people here, specifically Sakura Ayane and Kayano Ai: I’d love to hear more of their singing beyond character songs.

  6. Trust in You (sweet ARMS), the second OP will always be my favorite. The chorus has some of my favorite lyrics and the song always brings me nostalgia.

  7. Shirase and YoriMoi! Love that show, same with Chihayafuru and 3Gatsu! Am also a big fan of HanaKana and Sakurai.

  8. I knew Hayami Saori went to Waseda. Didn't know Yuki Aoi went there as well.

  9. She sucks at drawing. Or it’s just too glorious to be understood

  10. Glad you have Kitou Akari in your favorites! I’m also a big fan of Sakura Ayane, Amamiya Sora, and Takahashi Rie

  11. Kitou Akari is also my favorite VA and of the 2 characters she voices in this game I like Hibiki more

  12. yep , you're not winning vs a jinx with 6 items +ornaments....even with soul

  13. Has to be the Karasuno V Shiratorizawa match, lots of iconic moments, especially Tsuki’s

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