The Great Reddit Outage of 2023

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  1. The seems very specific like it was made by a disappointed parent

  2. Where were you last year when I did my kitchen and looked for this exact thing? It's hard to find, it's not even in the product heading. Looks like the secret term to search for is ShieldSpray

  3. Plot twist: she concocted this plan with the business owner to get her some publicity

  4. I have the same problem with light switches when the power is out 😐

  5. I’m a man and that man’s pattern is still too long for me. Could have been more efficient and went straight from lane 3 to 4

  6. That's why it's a terrible Facebook meme. If it was accurate it'd be a regular Facebook meme?

  7. You could just make this a multi-line string or block comment which would be untouched by the formatter

  8. But then it's not code anymore it's just an ASCII art comment

  9. Thats fine. That's what a comment is for. It is specifically for adding this kind of context to a piece of code. Instead of circumventing a language feature and then messing with your formatter to allow this special case you could just skip that and just make it a comment.

  10. I agree, I love my auto formatters. Anyone can make ASCII comments but this is like a form of art writing syntactically and topographically accurate code

  11. I thought it was selectively breeding the tamest pups from each litter. I'm confused by this food thing.

  12. I'm having deja vu over here... Seems like you have great water pressure by the way lol 👌

  13. Finland has a population of 5.5 million and 7 billionaires, ie: 1in every 786,000 Fins is a billionair. The USA has a population of 350 million and has 735 billionaires, 1 in every 476,000. So the USA has 1.65 more billionaires by proportion.

  14. So, the good sheep with teeth didn’t use its teeth to kill the bad wolf with teeth.

  15. The many I’ve dealt with are physical switches with digital controls. So as long as there’s power you can turn it on or off, then there’s Z-wave and Zigbee which are just straight local networks separate from Wi-Fi.

  16. I have zooz switches everywhere, they're amazing. They're real switches but I can double or triple click to control other stuff too. One of them I can press and hold to control the TV volume lol

  17. You can't use those types of boxes with metal sheathed cable, which is what I suspect this house has.

  18. Also that's new work you'd have to tear more out to put it in

  19. Okay she's a terrible person and stuff but can anyone explain why some of the words are white and some are green?!

  20. buy a cheap yoga mat from five below and place it under the rug!! works perfectly with my lil rug and hardwood floor

  21. You're my hero why did I have to dig so far to find this. Grabbed an old yoga mat from the basement and the rug doesn't budge!

  22. Can't believe I had to scroll so far for this one

  23. Or "Hey Google". Though probably less likely to be named that

  24. Yeah it solves the common name problem but I hate saying that extra syllable


  26. I just groan whenever that happens now. Especially when all following episodes are insanely tame by comparison. I get the reasoning, it's to show this is a "mature" series but...just include some crass language like shows used to.

  27. HBO made a Scooby Doo spinoff about Velma they do this and call it out 😆

  28. Oh Beepo is real? Asking for a friend... Who is real

  29. Is that a sequel to the Android app YouTube Vanced?

  30. Oh revanced is also an app. I was hoping it was a desktop app/extension/site ☹️

  31. pyx says:

    thats a sweet decimal what are you talking about.

  32. Solve all movie inconsistencies with “main character is dreaming all this crazy shit up”

  33. D0D says:

    Dusk and dawn - forever in love, but can meet only couple of nights during summer. Norhten Europe have some nice folk tales about it.

  34. Why only a couple of nights a summer? Now I have lots of questions. Is the assumption that the creatures follow the same seasons as earth? It wouldn't be in summer it'd be fall and spring when the days are equal. What location on earth though? Do we assume they're 12 hours apart from each other? Which one is ahead and which is behind?

  35. In northern Europe, in mid summer, it's daytime 24 hours a day. So dusk and dawn are united.

  36. Oh I see. Anywhere extreme north or south have daylight for 6 months a year. In that case the creatures would be 6 months apart instead of 12 hours?

  37. It always makes me sad that so many men refuse a prostate exam when they turn 50 when girls start dealing with a similar invasive exam when we’re still just children. Yet so many men are terrified of a doctors finger up the a.

  38. There's a whole episode of Letterkenny about that exact topic

  39. If there a phobia for this because it's making me uncomfortable

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