1. It’s all down to the fine print of laws. Vaping products are not subject to the same stringent packaging and display regulations as tobacco products.

  2. I upgraded from 9900k to 12700k. 0 difference in games at 4k.

  3. Did the same, can confirm it made zero difference for me.

  4. Xbox has a solid user base still, partly thanks to gamepass.

  5. The replays are not 1:1 to what actually happens in game.

  6. 53 matches and held on to platinum 1. Hit plat 3 for two other seasons with 30~ games played. I’d consider you a platinum level player.

  7. Alibi: equip 1.5x scope and go kill.

  8. Agree mostly, confidence is key. However confidence is built on your ability to actually play well.

  9. Kapkan and Sledge. Blow shit up and smash shit up.

  10. I know this is late but I'm using the Q37 and wanting to upgrade to 3080ti Can you tell me which card model and block you're using?

  11. I was using a 2080Ti with the Phanteks Glacier block, and no the side panel didn't close. I had to use 2.5mm stand offs.

  12. Shotguns are very good, but the spread relies on RNG which causes them to feel either godly or terrible sometimes depending on where the pellets land.

  13. Please try using the FBI shotgun, and tell me with a straight face its a skill issue

  14. It got used in pro play just the other day and netted Canadian 3 kills with it.

  15. She’s just an irritating operator to play against.

  16. That’s not quite how things work. A component’s actual operating temperature isn’t indicative of the heat load it is putting into the case. In fact it has no real bearing on the internal case temps at all.

  17. I’m a little confused I guess. I did some googling, but didn’t find anything really definitive probably because I don’t know what I’m looking for really. Can you elaborate on the heat and it’s dissipation?

  18. Think of it like this. Electricity is used by the processor and heat is a “by-product”.

  19. Why would they knife the ground after every kill? I’ve never seen that

  20. They’re just fucking weird, I don’t get it either

  21. I actually use more support operator as attacker, probably as you said i should focus using breacher. Thanks for the other tips, i already fallow most of them but I'm gonna focus more

  22. A good tip for playing hard breach is to learn what maps / bomb sites to pick Thermite / Ace / Hibana / Maverick.

  23. Lmao, outed yourself as a XIM user instead of using search function

  24. You need HDMI 2.1 for 4K/120hz IIRC. that monitor only has 2.0 HDMI

  25. The monitor in question is 1080p and HDMI 2.0 can carry 120hz at 1080p. It can even carry 4K at 120hz although only with 4:2:0 chroma sub sampling, as well as some other drawbacks, like no HDR support.

  26. I don’t want to disheartened you, but if you have selected the prioritise performance setting in PS5’s settings and selected performance mode in Siege’s setting. Well then the monitor just might not be compatible with the PS5’s 120hz mode.

  27. I want everyone to prepare for the flood of people complaining about the high temps on their 7000 series AMD, this CPU is designed to run at 95C and will adjust clocks and power draw accordingly. Guarantee there will be many, many people unprepared for this. Also expect up to 10 reboots on 1st boot while the board trains the memory.

  28. I already down voted as soon as I saw this and I'm gonna get other people to downvote this as well

  29. Nah this shit is fucking hilarious. There’s more clips on Twitter, mans need air

  30. Keep playing, mix up your operators. Play around with the settings for a placebo effect that might help you break out of slump. Sensitivity, FOV, aspect ratio, whatever.

  31. Can’t say I agree. I also play on a large screen, 55 inches and at normal desktop distance. I will always default to DLSS Quality when the option is there, even if the game isn’t that demanding and I can get a full 60 or 120 FPS without it at 4K.

  32. Yes. I’d like having the option to opt out of playing certain maps and opt out of having certain operators on the playing field. Especially ones I find somewhat cumbersome to play against

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