1. Everyone knows only the driver sits in traffic, other passengers are sitting in the car!

  2. And your excuse for the last decade? What have the packers won?

  3. The division. Which is what we are focused on in this sub and this current post.

  4. Ohhh well in that case if you’re so focused on the past the Vikings have a total of 20 division titles and packers have 18.

  5. That’s a solid point to make, better than anything your buddy could ever come up with. But just like the Bears used to be the franchise with the most wins, that will fall as well. After Aaron is gone who knows, Lions should be better than you after that.

  6. Is their a reason why the outside lanes has most of the issues? Seems like from the shoulder 3 feet in is just filled with issues. Perfectly places where a cars tire would be.

  7. Putting harden in the same sentence as bridges is wild. The harden hate is crazy.

  8. I don’t think he is saying they are the same level, just pointing out the routes they went on.

  9. Wow, the number of people commenting on here who are ok with killing someone over a couple hundred dollars is pretty alarming.

  10. Supporting the life of people that enter other people’s property to steal, also alarming.

  11. Or just say it is ok to shoot trash that enters your property to steal things. Aim low, but whatever happens, happens.

  12. What do you currently do with your time outside of work each day? One of those things must disappear for a few months.

  13. Don’t forget JaMarr Chase had drop issues last year per the beat writers

  14. Yup, and gas prices suck/our roads are horrible/teachers don’t get paid enough…welcome to Michigan

  15. Snapchat is as far as I have, and will go, as far as social media.

  16. Anyone know where to get Place and Show odds for each horse in the Derby? Can only find win.

  17. As a Packers fan, I have already been fucked by Jimmy so I choose that due to familiarity…unless the dildo is included with the Bills fan…

  18. Is Jordan Love a Packer tomorrow? Haven't seen much about trading him lately.

  19. No, should probably check the rest of the “rules” white is throwing around.

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