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Bitcoin mining is just as bad for the environment as drilling for oil. Each coin mined in 2021 caused $11,314 of climate damage, adding to the total global damages that exceeded $12 billion between 2016 and 2021.

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  1. If you read the article, the guy specifies he isn't playing single player. He's just an obsessed Red Dead Online guy not wanting to lose all his shit.

  2. This still escapes me. I put nearly 300 hours into Red Dead Online and had money I couldn't spend (literally bought everything in the game minus all the horses), and did every possible mission/quest many times over. I can't fathom how anyone could spend 6000 hours in it.

  3. Do yourself a favor. Get out. Just cut the cord, delete your accounts and never look back. Getting rid of Facebook and Instagram have been quality of life improvements that I regret not having done sooner.

  4. Leaving Facebook means severing the main form of contact with the clubs I belong to for my hobbies. All of our original/legacy forums have shuttered. It blows.

  5. Good suggestion I will check that out. We are weirdos who don’t use social media but that app sounds like a good way to find local groups.

  6. Don't forget the resale market. I've gotten most of my DVDs on a steep discount because they were used.

  7. I've got a binder with over 400 DVDs in it. I haven't paid more than $4 for any of them.

  8. Where do you get the 400 dvd binders? I have a huge one and it only holds about 100.

  9. I bought it forever ago at an FYE back in college. Probably in the 2007 time frame. It's like 7" thick. Capacity of something like 480 discs.

  10. Does it shoot every bit as good as it looks? How is the DA & SA trigger pull? I have a 19 Carry Comp and want a 19-9 as a result.

  11. It most certainly does! DA is nice and smooth, and SA is very light (based on everything I've shot). I love it. It handles 357 mag very nicely as well.

  12. People are speculating about a judge, but what about the steward?

  13. You are all thinking too hard about this. He's probably a judge.

  14. How long ago was this? Because at some point in the past 10 or so years they did start making "Big" Swedish Fish and maybe one "accidentally" got mixed in on the assembly line lol.

  15. I'm wondering if they put these in random bags to try and generate hype, because I can't think of a normal process that would result in such an oversized funyun. Normal quality control should probably catch this kind of thing so you don't end up with a small bag containing a single giant funyun, which might be fun for the novelty, but really isn't the product the customers are looking for.

  16. I think Swedish fish tried this back in the day. I was at a gathering once back in high school and this girl pulled a fish out that was like 6 inches long. It was huge and perfectly scaled to the smaller brethren in the bag. It had to be intentional.

  17. Is the paint some sort of bed liner? Kinda has that flat look to it.

  18. I'm not sure. I was wondering that myself. I was thinking a plastidip or something maybe.

  19. I'm not ready to accuse anyone yet, but it's not exactly like a nuclear submarine is the only way to get underwater.

  20. [Serious] Could you put a small charge in the pipeline and just send it on its way?

  21. Hopefully he keeps an axe in the attic. After Katrina I’ll never not have one up there.

  22. I take issue with the implications that an 89 Corolla is somehow less interesting than a 70 GTO Judge.

  23. Smith and Wesson 617. S&W is still manufacturing them. Bought mine at Buds gun shop online 2 months ago. The very best .22 revolver I have ever put my hands on and rated as one of the best .22 revolvers ever made. I’m not really a fan of Ruger. They use alot of stamped parts which is why their revolvers are more bulky and have a reputation of being overbuilt. The trade off is that the function isn’t as smooth as a S&W or Colt.

  24. Why is celebratory gunfire a thing, and how do we continue to exist when so many of us are this stupid?

  25. This seems like a popular thing in some cultures. You'd think someone would capitalize on selling thousands of blanks at a time to wedding parties.

  26. No. Deep Six is the reason for the maximum weapon weight rule. Turns out that showing up with a 110 lb weapon and breaching the floor with every fight results in the producers changing the rules to stop that.

  27. This thing looks siiiiick. I'm getting really effing excited about some of these newcomers.

  28. Thank you for the detailed writeup. You confirmed all my suspicions. As a LEGO fan, I'm pretty bummed out by these sets. I'd love to have them, but all around they're just kind of "meh" to me. They seem like an after thought, especially when compared to some of the other monsters LEGO has released in the last two years.

  29. The glock fanboy thinks its ugly! In the right hands its faster than a machine gun

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