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  1. Fallout 1 and 2 had a strong BoS presence.Autonomy and perhaps they ar eon their best performance yet they couldn't beat the Master Army or even find where it is... Kinda..

  2. Nothing. They are probably just being nice. That's what I would guess.

  3. All the Brotherhood needs is to teach people and recruit them in the process and they can be superior...

  4. I agree it is a no x1000 but the internet doesn’t care, they got the idea and so r34 mandates that since it exists it must have porn made of it

  5. R34 implies about characters. Atomic drawings of ONE character.

  6. Shipping rules dictate they must be shipped together, I would classify it as a subsection of r34. And its origin…4chan. However one of the rules R42 says nothing is sacred

  7. she really appreciated the compliments and she’s really happy for all the support. btw she isn’t affected at all by the hate. thanks again for the support

  8. 20 years old and already passed 20 guys? ... I suppose it depends for how long...

  9. Cure for autism? Hold in am I sleeping under a rock? What's that?

  10. Looks like someone on the dev team forgot to update the route on the npc's

  11. XD καλό για αστείο και ταυτόχρονα τρομάζω στην ιδέα...

  12. Απλά πράγματα: όσοι έχουν κυβερνήσει, δεν τους ξαναψηφίζουμε. Είδαμε που μας έφεραν.

  13. Αχα Αχα.. Μάλιστα. Και για πες... Ποιον θα ψηφίσεις?

  14. Είναι πολύ απλό, βασικά. Δεν έχει σημασία: οποιονδήποτε άλλον, ίσα να ανακατευτεί η τράπουλα. Διάλεξε έναν εξωκοινοβουλευτικό και ψήφιστον. Δεν υπάρχει "χαμένη ψήφος", είναι απλή αναλογική. Πιο απλό δε γίνεται.

  15. Ρε τι λες φυσικά και έχει... Με τον Μητσοτάκη πάνω νομίζεις θα τηρηθεί η απλή αναλογική?

  16. I don't want any of those... Except the leather bag. Sounds cool...

  17. The Fallout 1 control Panel and the noodle Pentious really does the trick

  18. Considering Fallout though, more likely, we would find him in a pile of bandit victims not long after we interfere in his life.

  19. Not if we have it as an encounter we can interact and help Gob on it

  20. You remember the guy that won the lottery? He gets killed just outside of town unless we save him. As we just arrived at a new town with macabre scenery, most people dont think to follow him and protect him. Meaning... the next time we see him, he is already dead.

  21. That guy is a convict though... And he is dumb enough to go straight to the scorpions after we interact .. Not my problem. No need to save him. In fact I didn't knew anything about him. He sounded like a psychopath so I took the shot. Did him a favour.

  22. In Fallout New Vegas I would like Courier to have the following response when they comfort Benny

  23. There are a few mods for that and they make the game amazing, the mods are extremely well done.

  24. Δεδομένου όμως πως περνούν καθαρά πλήρως τον μισθό τους...

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