1. I put the GG dual adjustable curved trigger in every one of my P-classic pistols. I never bought the ELS because I didn’t want the flat or hybrid trigger. Since they just announced the curved ELS I bought one this morning to try it in a P226 Mk24 I just picked up.

  2. I ordered an M5 lower from Primary Arms last week during a sale. Went in to my local FFL to pick it up and they have a couple on the shelf. I had no idea or I would have just bought from them. I try to support my local shops so I felt bad about ordering online.

  3. If it was mounted backwards as well it would have been perfect.

  4. Okay other than aesthetics what is the point of taking a beer coozy and wrapping it around the end of your gun? Looks cool AF but practical purpose is for…?

  5. In addition to avoiding burns it helps alleviate heat mirage in a magnified optic looking over the suppressor.

  6. I had one of mine milled for an optic. If you don’t want to do that you can order a new slide that already has an optic cut, lightening cuts, etc… from places like Brownells, Glockstore, Zaffiri, True Precision. Doesn’t get much more unique and customized than that.

  7. The all black MCXs were originally LE guns with a product number starting with W. The “normal” MCXs were gray and a few released in FDE. With the later production I think they’ve abandoned those color schemes, but that’s what the previous commenter is referring to.

  8. I've owned MCXs since before the Virtus was available. The TACOPS didn't exist when the gray Virtus was released. The TACOPS would fall into the "later production" or more recent guns that have eschewed the original color schemes.

  9. Thanks! We have some family land in other states that we frequent and I didn’t want to ask every time we travel

  10. There is a solution to that as well. A 5320.20 can be filed a year at a time. If you plan to travel with an SBR to your family land numerous times a year, just submit the form once a year with that destination. Any travel to/from (and related stops) is perfectly fine.

  11. I don't think the difficulty, or lack there of, is what most people's hang up is

  12. There are certainly some that don't like the government oversight (but they filed a 5320 and paid for their stamp anyway), but most of the time it seems to be a complaint about how arduous it is to file a .20 "every time I want to go anywhere".

  13. I was watching that auction as it ended (as many of us probably were). The oddest thing is his other three buys were all in August. He’s literally bought all of these S2000s in the last 60 days.

  14. Does this give a longer length of pull then the minimalist stock? I'm guessing it's probably noticeably heavier than it

  15. I documented weights and lengths of all the Sig stocks (at least at that time)

  16. Similar effort. There’s a couple pics in the gallery with the tent open.

  17. Definitely. The Sig Kate Moss is absolutely perfect on the MPX.

  18. As someone with three YHM cans and five Rex cans…. I’m frugal as hell!

  19. I won’t be getting rid of any of my Virtus rifles for it and not really considering buying one to save 9oz. If they eventually release the upper I might get one to go on an existing SBR Virtus lower. I like the looks of the handguard but that’s about it.

  20. That’s the buffer adapter that comes with the MCX Virtus and Rattler upper kits.

  21. I actually have a Sig M400 Tread And was thinking bout putting that lower on this after SBRing it so I have full SIG products and selling the upper. I like the Tread but it’s one of my older guns I rarely shoot

  22. I managed to purchase a couple of stripped Sig lowers to finish out my Sig 516s. They come up for sale on occasion, but when I couldn’t find any for quite a while I bought a Sig M400 Tread and immediately sold the upper. I just wanted that lower for my last MCX build. It’s definitely not less expensive to do it this way but it does get you a complete Sig gun and that’s all I was going for.

  23. I’m going to expect that it would but if you have doubts I would ask B&T USA. Shoot them an email and get exact measurements and confirm that it matches your gun. Or reach out to JDI and ask them as they are pretty much the source of info on these guns (and likely where yours came from).

  24. It’s a 2-position regulator with normal and adverse settings. Not the best options for suppressed. I had mine drilled with two smaller ports for suppressed shooting. Definitely an improvement.

  25. That’s an incredible collection. What don’t you like about the telescopic stock?

  26. It’s great on the MCX. I have a second one that usually stays on my Rattler as well. I just like the super thin Kate Moss on the MPX-K since it stays in a bag as my travel/truck gun.

  27. Okay. Bare with me I’m still pretty new to the MPX platform in general. While I’ve read quite a bit, this is the first I’ve read this. Is there any issues getting a hand guard or barrel in 8”?

  28. Nope, none at all. The handguard and barrel are both usually available from Sig’s online store or a cheaper option would be an ILWT barrel and Midwest Industries handguard. OEM barrels come up on

  29. I have a 4.5” K. You mean a form 1 going from 16” down to 8”, correct?

  30. I may ask them and see what they say. I’m gonna be pissed if I spend $800+ dollars only to get a strike. Thanks for the input btw!

  31. As many cans as Rugged sells (the Obsidian is literally one of the most popular 9mm cans being produced right now) for every person that says they have a baffle strike there are probably hundreds of us, myself included, that have never had an issue with their Obsidian. Just make sure it’s tight and pay attention. You’ll be fine.

  32. is it weird to think about how I’m gonna use my Teflon tape and how I’m going to explain the fully after wrapping threads? 🙃🥵

  33. I think you accidentally the whole thing.

  34. Thanks for sharing I missed the boat on this one. Any idea how often they run these?

  35. No idea. They have a mailing list you can sign up for but a lot of times I just see stuff on their website. I happened to be browsing around on SilencerShop, Hansohn Brothers, and Rex Silentium websites when I spotted it.

  36. But whats your opinion on their cans? What others do you own? How do they compare?

  37. The MG7 is a good K can at a really amazing price. I've heard that Rex has a really good warranty, but I've never had to use it. I don't usually recommend them to new suppressor owners though. If you're looking for the absolute best db reduction, these aren't what you're looking for (and no K can is). They are for a more specific use case where you already have plenty of cans and want a K can to dedicate to a rifle. The MG7 .358 makes a great PCC can.

  38. Pretty sure that’s what the post is about.

  39. My wife and I were looking at a used Maxima. Couple years old, off-lease, at a Nissan dealer. Nothing special and not unique.

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