1. Correct, you cannot use it for an achievement. You can still get the physical card (assuming it’s not a digital base card) and if it’s something you could combine for a foil, you can still use it for that.

  2. This confused me recently. I ended up with a redeemed digital base card but it still let me redeem it for a silver foil. What else would a digital base card have been redeemed for?

  3. I think there is like an avatar achievement or something like that for base cards

  4. Ah, so more useless digital bullshit? Like the purple parallels?

  5. I don’t believe the intention is for people to get nothing. If that was the case, upper deck would send you 2 autos when you report the box not giving anything

  6. If you think upper deck is bad you should see the other sports.

  7. I think the hit numbers are “on average” and not guaranteed.

  8. They do state that it’s “on average” but they will make sure you get what was advertised if you contact them.

  9. I don’t think Joe does this. It wouldn’t look good for the locker room, and EJ has a modified no trade clause.

  10. No trade does not mean no movement. Check out the McDonough situation.

  11. Yeah, you are kind of missing the point. It’s not an ultimatum, but if my kid is receiving different treatment than the others, it’s a problem and I am reconsidering why I am with someone who will treat them as such. My kids will always come before a man.

  12. What about the child they have together? Is it worth breaking up that child’s home just to stand ground for another child?

  13. Hey I just found this thread. I’m looking at upgrading my 80k’s but the 100k’s are double what the 80k’s are going for RN. Is it twice the skate, or no? Also the 80k’s are two piece I think. How much less flex do you feel?

  14. 80k’s are the old top of the line Ribcor skate, so any you’re seeing right now are on clearance as the 100k’s have been out for about a year now. So going directly across top of the line for top of the line pricing for the Ribcor skates the 80k’s were $799 and the 100k’s are $999, so a $200 jump to get into the one piece boot on the new ones. That being said, they are a bit stiffer than the 80k’s were, but not as stiff as other top of the line CCM skates. I’ve skated in both the Tacks AS3 Pro and the JetSpeed FT4 Pro skates and definitely liked the fit, flex, and performance of the 100k’s way more. The 100k’s are slightly pitched forward, unlike the 80k’s were. I do like that about them. I think they are worth the price. Definitely feel more on par with the other top of the line skates from CCM unlike past models.

  15. Just let the dog in the back yard to go and let it back in. If they don’t like it, they can handle it themselves.

  16. Bookshelves, dvd shelves, comic book boxes, trading cards - yes

  17. She was fine with that. She didn’t argue it. So she knew it’s kind of my day too. Wouldn’t you want to talk to and get to know the man who might be marrying your daughter?

  18. He’s just using her so he can have pictures of himself with someone of a different ethnicity on social media so that people won’t think he’s racist.

  19. She has her moments where she remembers certain things about their marriage and divorce, but mostly she doesn’t remember. Nor is she aware of my father’s new wife, which is one of the conditions he and I agreed on when he started dating his now wife. No woman he was involved with was allowed in my mother’s home.

  20. So he agreed to it, then decided he wasn’t going to respect the agreement.

  21. sure but is his male friend gonna suck his D after a drunken night?

  22. Remember, you’re essentially asking somebody to buy a stud fee from you. Bullies are expensive and everyone breeding a female will want to do it to a specific male. Then they will pay the owner of the stud or if the person that owns the stud likes the female they can agree on a pup back deal. So somebody has to really want your dog specifically. You might find people but it’s a business promoting a stud dog. You might have more luck on Instagram or maybe TikTok possibly. Craigslist idk it’s really hard to say with the one picture of your pup honestly.

  23. I’m just wanting to stud him out for a pup back, not trying to make a continuous thing out of it.

  24. Is it called aba? Never heard of it. There is abr, abkc, Usbr,ukc, ebr. Those are the ones that I can think of off the top of my head. However you don’t necessarily have to have papers from one to get them from another. Would be worth contacting maybe abr which is American bully registry. I know a lot of breeders and never heard of aba but I’m sure there are more dogs out there registered this way if you don’t wanna deal with the hassle of registering him somewhere else but I think most of the really nice dogs are ukc and abkc for standard and pockets

  25. How would I get him registered with somewhere else? I thought it had to be whoever the parents were registered to.

  26. I will never forget when I saw someone post “if you get hired on the spot and they say ‘welcome to the family’, you are about to encounter numerous human rights violations.”

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