1. Video games. I'm glad I got my time in back before every game was such a cash grab. Nowadays companies are getting commended for releasing a full game without it being incomplete and with no additional required money spending after you're done (see Elden Ring). Companies did that for years. But every since the Early Access model took hold it all went downhill. Also, lootbox gambling wasn't a thing back then. Neither was it necessary to be online. There wasn't an emphasis on e-sports or streaming so people just played for their own enjoyment.

  2. I was making out with a girl in my bed when we were wearing our underwear and I stopped because I didn't think she was interested. I was young and dumb but I had overheard her say to someone earlier that she doesn't do hook ups. So I didn't think to pursue it further.

  3. I regularly bake stuff for my friends and coworkers. On April 1 I brought in red velvet cake pops with cream cheese icing. Out of the 50 cake pops 10 were meatballs covered in icing.

  4. If there's one thing I've learned from Sopranos it's that you beat them with the nearest inanimate object while making other threats in a New Jersey accent.

  5. Every time you smoke a cigarette it takes 3 hours off your life and gives it to Keith Richards.

  6. I once had mushrooms and I felt like I was flying. The world seemed happier and more colorful. They weren't even psilocybin. They were just really good portobellos.

  7. Fawlty Towers was 70s. The last episode aired in 79. But still. Amazing show.

  8. yes, I was mass shooting cum at your sister

  9. it's really simple. Just delete system32 file on your home computer

  10. Nikita krushchev famously once said, even after the Russians lose the cold war, “we will bury you” as in russia will bury the west

  11. I think the literal translation of what Krushchev said was more along the lines of "We will be there when you are buried" meaning more like "We will outlast you".

  12. What the fuck is your interpretation about

  13. It's a pretty famous mistranslation. Don't put that on me. I didnt change his words.

  14. "His house looked like shit" might be one of the funniest lines ever on TV.

  15. You think that's bad you should see French numbers after 70. It goes sixty-nine, sixty-ten, sixty-eleven.... sixty-nineteen, four-twentys, four-twentys-one, four-twentys-two.... four-twentys-ten, four-twentys-eleven, four-twentys-twelve, and so on.

  16. Yeah I agree. CBT but cognitive behavioral therapy where you have to confront all of your issues.

  17. I saw an American flag waving and heard an eagle screech when I read this comment.

  18. Literally just watched that scene which brought this question to mind.

  19. I mean he helped Chris dig up and bury a body. I hope he makes at least 100k

  20. If you name a major release movie I can tell you what year it came out.

  21. If I give you the answer 2 hours later on a reddit thread then I could have just looked it up lol

  22. If you name any major movie I can probably name what year it came out ±1 year.

  23. The Lord of the Rings movie games. They came out alongside the movies. Return of the King was especially good, in my opinion.

  24. In Blackadder the Third the prince does call Blackadder "Bladders" multiple times.

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