1. Yes by being fat af. Which is the complete opposite of what u want

  2. They still have muscle. Just because they have a higher body fat percentage doesn't mean they have no muscle, they just aren't trying to get leaner.

  3. Bro if u want to be a powerlifter go and do it tf. you really want to be one go train like them. I am just giving you advice

  4. I was just telling you what I meant by aesthetic. I know you have to be strong to be aesthetic, you're just stronger as a powerlifter. But all I was saying was that isn't what I asked

  5. There's too little information to tell, but in general focusing on a single exercise like you are doing will either impact your overall volume, or for it not to do so you'd have to do very heavy sets which could lead to injuries and the sort... So I'd go ahead and say I don't think it's optimal

  6. What if I added different variations of the lift to the workout, for example on squat day, I would do different squat variations

  7. Unless you're goal is to get better at these specific movements, that is not the optimal way to set your routine

  8. I wear them because my gym has no heating and I start at 5.30am when the average temperature most mornings is around 1c. Hasn't affected my lifting at all, just allows me to live without frostbite.

  9. It's not really bc they're cold but because of the calluses but I don't think that changes your answer though so thank you

  10. It just bitter water with fizz, and sometimes barely noticeable flavor

  11. They probably talking about your nose bc that's usually what ppl refer to when comparing someone to squidward but idk what you look like so idk

  12. Xxx by kendrick lamar not punk or anything but it's one of my favorite songs

  13. It's not wrong, you just look like an asshole, also 141 isn't even that great

  14. You're right but even if it was it's not even worth to brag about it, just makes you look like an idiot that believes everything he sees online.

  15. Why do u get offended when someone asks what your original sex was? I just feel like it's a reasonable question to ask but correct me if I'm wrong

  16. Personally I don't. But I get where people come from. Trans people kinda just want to be treated like the gender we live as, and questions of what it was like before that are a bit frustrating. Also random questions about are genitals can feel a little uncomfortable, think of it like strangers asking for your dick size or somethin

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