1. I think it's more like deep drum and bass than techno, but still massive track! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cool setup! What happened to your audeze ear cup guard (no idea how is it called)?

  3. I powder coated the plates of the headphone, my Asgard amp, my modi, and my PC the same copper-brown color. Can’t recommend it enough for a setup you know you’ll keep.

  4. That's a very cool idea. Can you post all the powder coated things together in a picture? I'm sure they all look sick together :) I was thinking about powder coating my audeze LCD-2C plates but I want to keep the original ones so probably in the future I'll mockup new ones in CAD, send them to cut from steel and then powdercoat the new ones.

  5. Same. Explorer is laggy as hell. Good one second delay from click to opening a window.

  6. Installed it, rebooted. Trying to launch WSAClient.exe. Nothing happens.

  7. Pretty! Very nice tasteful decor.

  8. most voltages from your wall will be 120v

  9. Depends on where OP lives. The majority of voltages in the world are above 220V

  10. Woah that is so cool! Really amazing work!

  11. Then you can go with just a basic CD player remote. Something relatively small and cheap

  12. Please bro we need a full list of these parts this is so cool

  13. Thanks man! Here are the parts: 9700k, 3080 Strix, 64GB of Gskill Trident Z RGB 3600mhz CL16, ROG Maximus XI Code, Deepcool castle EX 360 cooler with lian li uni fans, Phanteks Neon strips, Custom cables made by me, All of this in a Phanteks Evolv X Case.

  14. It's connected to a splitter that goes to an DRGB header on my motherboard. I controll it through Asus AURA software.

  15. People screaming all the fucking time. There's always that one guy near you that screams or whistles to the rythm or melody. Some people just can't behave on the dancefloor. Screaming on massive drops or in exciting moments are cool. I do scream myself to those, but nothing gets me going like people screaming non stop.

  16. True,not the best place for it!I'm thinking of moveing it under the table😃.Thx

  17. The better place would be a place that you find for it through a subwoofer crawl. Just place the subwoofer when you sit at your head level and then crawl around the room to find a place when it sounds the best and least boomy. Then just switch places with the sub and boom! You have the best sounding bass for you room :D

  18. People with dark mode be like

  19. It'd look sooo much better with the light from led strip diffused. Look for led strip channel with diffuser.

  20. Shis subreddit slowly becoming

  21. Cool place! What's the grey chair with ottoman?

  22. There's at least 3 places you can go this weekend in Krakow.

  23. The Evolv X pairs so nicely with Kef LS50's. I habe the same combo on my desk

  24. That thing under your keybord is a mousepad. MOUSEpad... Get it? xD

  25. This board slowly becoming like

  26. Got a pretty similiar setup

  27. Well that's an ultrawide clock if I've ever seen one. Looks sick!

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