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  1. Astral destiny is straight elephant zoo shit smell and cheese

  2. Can second this. Smells like a bathroom someone recently used but then cleaned + cheese. Like poop, Windex, and cheese. Super odd. I usually buy Galenas but that strain is just weird weird weird. But whatever, different strokes.

  3. I was in Oklahoma City in March this year and their program is definitely a mixed bag still. Quality is all over the place and the cheapest herb I saw was not that much better than dirt weed we bought in the 90's.

  4. Yup. Blueberry Cookies is definitely unique. Never had anything with such a strong blueberry smell, almost seems like it can't be real lol. I like Snowball too but it's too heavy of an indica for me at least.

  5. If they dont let it through, they double the signatures and it goes to the voting public as a constitutional amendment. Nothing they can do about it then.

  6. None. I made this account before I knew any of this was going on.

  7. Really??? I got the same one and it’s great

  8. It was harvested in March and was not packaged until October so it's been sitting undisturbed in a controlled temperature room for an extended period of time which is the definition of curing so by default of some lacks in their process they managed to cure their flower for 7 months I don't believe it was intentional I think they'll do the same thing everyone else is doing but it is been cured for 7 months before it was packaged but I understand what you mean most of this flower is in the package 5 weeks off the plant

  9. But there's no point in curing that long. The only point of curing is to allow off gassing of CO2 and the final degradation of chlorophyll. It's not like aging wine or whiskey. Those 2 things happen in a few weeks. Not multiple months, let alone 7 months.

  10. The heaviest indica I've had was Snowball from Galenas. They have a few strains that test higher, but in terms of that true indica couchlock feeling, that one got me

  11. Originally 55 before tax got 2 for 90 so basically 105$ for 5.66 gs of popcorn is giving it props..lol

  12. Dangggggggg. I just bought whole flower Astral for $38/2.83. what dispo was this at???

  13. Yeah I got Astral for like 30 bucks the ither day, it was on sale tho lol and had nice big nugs with a fresh package date

  14. How much was it on sale? Are we really saying that the difference in markup on 2.83 gram bags is as much as $19 depending on Dispensary?

  15. So far I think all 510's are pretty similar. I like Galenas' ELXR label but probably because I try to buy organic most of the time. I do agree with the other comment tho that luster pods are definitely a better experience than 510's

  16. Yeah same, I've tried ELXR as well and definitely dig them. Just grabbed their Space Cake cart.

  17. I'm hovering over the panic button, but I haven't whacked it yet. Friday morning could be a different story. Let's see how Thursday goes.

  18. I'm there. We could easily go 1-3 in the next 4 weeks and be 4-7 going into December.

  19. What are these 19 and 20 day cure times wtf how much better would it be if it was 6 weeks give or take that shit is way to fast

  20. I asked them whether they had a specific cure time in mind for strains and they told me they have actually seen terp levels decrease with a longer cure which is why they only do about 3 weeks.

  21. Then they are not packaging and storing in properly in humidity controlled safes etc because 3 weeks is not an optimum cure I've cured herb for a few months before and the terps got better but I left it seal in a cool dark place the terps do not degrade after a couple weeks the best flower on the BM is cured a minimum of 1 month and most the time probably more like 6-8 weeks the longer the better up to about 4-5 months then the potency and terps diminish just research...I've been studying herb a long time and these people are new...I was probably researching about cannabis when these people knew nothing about it almost 20 years ago...you take away the dry time thats like a 2 week cure basically unacceptable period

  22. You got any data to back that claim up? Everything I know about monoterpenes is that they evaporate pretty quickly. Sesquiterpenes are a bit more stable but I don't see how you can get more terps as time goes on. I'm not arguing that curing doesn't serve a purpose but I think it's mostly to evacuate chlorophyll

  23. I just looked this representative up and he's from Lake County, which I believe is where Buckeye Relief is based. So maybe Buckeye will be at the press conference.

  24. Would love to Normalize cannabis businesses being professional, responding to emails, taking phone calls, running legit businesses, but we’re not there yet. Most likely due to government regulations and cannabis businesses hiring anyone that applies for a job and takes the lowest pay.

  25. Can't speak to this personally but a friend in the industry has said that they get targeted so much by marketing firms, SEO, web design, etc. that it's all white noise to him at this point.

  26. If this is distillate, I wouldn’t bother to be honest

  27. Don't all carts in Ohio include distillate? How do you stay under the THC limit otherwise?

  28. One of their people told me at a dispensary day that they were planning on bringing it back. But I agree, it was one of my favorites from them also

  29. I can tell you from personal experience that some of the absolute BEST growers in Massachusetts, which has the strictest testing standards in the country, will still fail a test or 2 here and there.

  30. I know every states testing is different but damn. What are they failing for? I've never failed testing? It's not that hard to keep your buds mold free

  31. Organic growers occasionally fail for heavy metals and everyone will once in awhile fail for for microbials.

  32. I love Galenas but they are 100% overpriced. Honestly I think Pure Ohio Wellness can’t be topped, the flower is also organic/pesticide free and much cheaper

  33. I like galenas for the organic thing and some of their strains are super unique, but they definitely aren't the only grower I buy from. Farkas has been really good especially lately. Have been wanting to try OCL but I never see them in the stores I shop at. Lately it seems like everything besides Buckeye and Grow Ohio is expensive.

  34. Buying their product is like when you make an expensive purchase that you eventually start to feel like it was a waste of money, then you lie to yourself to make yourself feel better about the outrageous amount of money you just spent on something that is totally worthless. Thats the only reason why people on here would say they actually like them. Either that or they are so blinded by the organic thing that the placebo effect is happing to them and they think they are actually stoned. They were never growers by profession before this. Not even the head grower. They also call their flower a "house strain" as if they actually bred the strain on site. I've always been underwhelmed by their products and I really dont like them as a company.

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