1. You’re blaming and owl with a candle on the fact that you’re an asshole to my kids!

  2. I didn't know there existed people that found those two hot.

  3. Yeah. I agree. I hate Colt. He sucks. He’s a giant man baby. The point is this post is praising Larissa and I’m pointing out that she was also abusive?

  4. True! Just said it in case you didn't know. There's so much extra info in this sub that didn't get out in the show. Colt got a better edit than Larissa for some reason. I feel sorry for all three of them, though... 90 D hasn't been good for any of them. Yes, they would all be fucked anyway, but I think it all got worse with the fame.

  5. Lol! What about Omar? He seems like a decent guy with good intentions

  6. Avery's Omar or Mursel's friend Omar at the airport? x'D Yeah, he seems decent! They look happy today.

  7. Avery's Omar! I don't remember that other Omar lol was he relevant?

  8. Not at all! But the one scene he was in, at the airport when Anna picked up Mursel, was hilarious.

  9. This is beyond sad. The girls can't even drink liquor or vote. But fix their faces? Yep. They're beautiful just the way they are, like their mom was. This has to stop. Not just Darcey, but THE WORLD.

  10. Finally, a funny resemblance post. And perfect for the jolly Christmas holidays.

  11. I mentally imagine them sitting at home, eating popcorn, and watching 90DF like, "We always knew that half would end up on reality TV. I thought it would be Cops though."

  12. Tarzel should go looking for their significant third. The Michael Jessen suggestion is also a good one! Are Roos and Pao finally over? I'd pay to see Pao's wrath if Roos met someone else.

  13. Yea his fucking chin is WEAK. Very not masculine

  14. How can someone not masculine (Jamal) resemble someone masculine (Kimbaaaly) so much? mehehe...

  15. Have you seen the photo going around that’s mixed with his momma and him.

  16. Interesting. Apparently sells feet pictures too?

  17. And pics of her snatch, videos of her and Charlie having sex... List is long.

  18. She just had her stomach sewn so she loses weight but honestly a good diet and increased cardio like jogging or any fitness program, she'd lose the weight. I remember an episode where she and Georgi and the girls went swimming on a chartered boat and she would. not swim, dove in but then screamed to get her out because her extensions and eyelashes were going to fall off...

  19. Omg, do surgeons really sew stomachs on people that aren't morbidly obese? That's insane!

  20. They are getting a divorce. Announced divorce recently.

  21. No. If you read it they were just "separated by countries". Clickbait title...

  22. He thought all that controversy he was trying to start would secure a spin off. It may have worked if they were on an earlier season. They already have one wanna be rapper on the show.

  23. They're in foster care now. At least they have a chance in addition to Drascilla. My heart bleeds for her.

  24. No, Ethan and Pierre are. That's what I meant by them having a chance.

  25. I hated him during their season. I read terrible things about Olga's childhood later on, but his wasn't good either. I guess some of his behaviour can be explained with that. And people CAN grow and learn. They were barely 20 when all this happened. So... I guess I hope they're better off today than they were. How about you?

  26. Stephen (Olga) was here and wrote a few answers, trying to tell Reddit that he was stupid in his season, but that he had grown.

  27. If I remember right he was some dude who sold crap on ebay for a living in Flordida married to a woman from Brazil. It was like season 2 maybe 3. One big fight of there's was that she found an old playboy in the garage which he claimed was part of their online selling.

  28. Leida's killings, The ever continuing Story of Pole, Geoffrey's sentence, that Larissa has three kids, Tania made out with her sister on OF and that Jason's dead because he didn't believe in Covid vaccines.

  29. That his style is unique and he doesn't care what people say.

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