1. Selena Gomez- the scream clue fits and she’s a singer :)

  2. I am trying to manifest Selena as the curator once again

  3. Yes, the Farrah duo in "Bloom & Wildflower"

  4. I don't mind it being her or anything. She seems great. I guess I just don't know what to expect since she doesn't have a brand of her own.

  5. Oh wow. This is really ambitious and I can't believe they got Adele and lady gaga lined up

  6. Literally so beautiful. I can't get over how stunning that blush is

  7. Ok thank you for this information, I’ll be on the lookout for that ingredient as well. I have really sensitive eyes so was bummed to think they sent me a eye product that may cause me harm

  8. You should check all your palettes first. If you have any vegan/cruelty free reddish palettes then they all have the same ingredients as this one

  9. It’s scary to think of what does pass in the US that is banned in so many other countries so my thinking is, that if this is banned here then it must be especially bad.

  10. As someone explained above, it's not banned. It's a pressed pigment and it has not been approved for use around the eyes. Basically, when you use them they may leave a slight stain. That's it.

  11. I can't justify 3.50 for add-ons. They're small samples and I am always surprised by how little product some of them hold.

  12. So these things are normally planned years ahead. But how on earth did her pr and legal team not cancel this contract after they saw what happened to valkyrea?

  13. I guess that valkyrae even went as far as to drop off the rae from the name to not be associated with her?!?!

  14. I do think valky* might be joking. But yeah, bad call. I'm just surprised. Addison's team has to be incompetent to move forward with this. Not to take away Addison's agency in this, she should have also figured out it was a bad idea.

  15. I love Quinton reviews. I hope he makes a 30 hour video about this sub

  16. I love how pink your bag is. Fits with the theme of the month

  17. Love glam bag plus. Some people have bad taste and I might be one of them

  18. Lol I wonder if they're sending a third mascara. Your eyelashes will look amazing.

  19. I just received an email from them. You were right! Somehow, even after speaking with them, a third mascara is on the way. I give up.

  20. That's hilarious. I'm sorry and I hope it gets resolved. But that's funny

  21. I don't think her hair's thinning. Because she's done other movies since Soho and it doesn't look like it's thinning in those.

  22. Actresses and actors wear wigs, extensions and partial wigs in almost every movie

  23. I love my ipsy subscription. As someone who loves to try new things and loves to explore new products, Ipsy has been amazing. I am skipping this month because nothing has been of interest to me and I'm happy ipsy has that option.

  24. Any guesses on which product will be in every bag? I am guessing the nude item Beauty pallette that's in every ad

  25. Those masks better be edible too because I'm not throwing away $15 after I slap it on my face for a bit

  26. Thank you for your reviews. They're so thorough and thoughtful.

  27. Fingers crossed it arrives soon. I have no advice on I'd you should keep it. Ipsy just brings me joy so I keep it

  28. I love your formula z pallette. I got the more neutral one, which is also beautiful, but those colors are gorgeous

  29. you say many years of scientific research went into this, so i'm sure you have a readily available repository of links to peer-reviewed studies. could you provide those references please?

  30. Hmm perhaps I can interest you in more faux tea stained paper telling you to eat local vegetables and do hand stands to cure a genetic condition instead? :)

  31. Hey this may be automated text. I would reach out to CS at

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