1. how is he anti vaxx?. also whats wrong with Jordan Peterson he has helped a lot of people out of suicide do you have a problem with that?

  2. Its the year 1 batsuit. Make sense to have something cheap imo. The rest of the show was pretty good.

  3. Same energy! I won't sit back and let someone harassed with hate slurs. I'd have gladly taken the L to help the OP make a point to the Toxic teammate

  4. Sure, ignore the part where countries with gun control almost never have the problems we do. People love to pretend we can only handle one issue at a time. Mental health is a massive problem. So is gun control. And they BOTH need to be reevaluated.

  5. Yeah I have a hard time drawing realistic lookin noses

  6. It took you about six hours to finish the shading on his upper lip.

  7. Stop giving this idiot attention. I mean the person that posted this, not the person he drew, btw. Just another shit stirring dumbass with nothing better to do.

  8. Maybe if you have a vat of radioactive chemicals poured over you that blinds you and enhances all your other senses, but I wouldn't try this at home.

  9. Instructions unclear, My parents died and now I am batman.

  10. Very good.... except the one line which actors can't really choose their lines (we all know the one)

  11. I’m hoping he turns out to be Harvey Dent, maybe this version of Harvey was in college and dropped out of his last semester because he got into the wrong crowd. Then when he was about to beat that guy, batman shows up kicks that gangs ass, and young Harvey gets scared straight, goes back to college, and is able to get into law school. 5 years later he’s running for DA and in a speech he’s talking about his experiences as a youth and about that very night, and Bruce is in the crowd listening. And then thats were the can meet again, for Harvey this would be their first time, but for Bruce this would be their second time meeting.

  12. There is just one problem.... harvey has fair skin.

  13. The AI seems to be profoundly confused about what Daredevil looks like, too. These all look like Batman and the Flash got put in a blender.

  14. i think it was a perfect story circle for him. i criticize the mcu a lot but this is something they handled well imo

  15. Yep, minorities should just get sloppy seconds not cool original characters.

  16. This sounds racially motivated to be honest. If anything him becoming Captain America developed his character more than anything else in the timeline.

  17. Yes, it is racially motivated, in the show that was literally the whole thing was based on race. this isn't a gotcha man.

  18. Who the fuck was born into Hitler youth? That’s like saying you were born into Boy Scouts. Also, once upon a time, when someone thought of something completely brain dead to say. They would hold their younger. For fear of being called an absolute buffoon or moron. Man times change.

  19. Many people were born into hitler youth, which brainwashed them from a young age.

  20. Lol you Nazis always have some dipshit YouTube video at the ready. How much of the information in this video did you actually look into? My guess, you took it all at face value. Dummy.

  21. Bro don't just call people nazis, it cheapens what a nazi is. I looked into a lot of it, though it isn't really hard to figure out, actually just a couple google searches. also nazis would have called me I am apache idiot. so maybe stop being a terrible person.

  22. If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, and has chosen to represent itself online with the name of a prominent nazi then it’s probably a nazi duck

  23. I think you are taking a online name a little too serious

  24. He is objectively a bad person. but that doesn't make me not excited for the movie he is starring in.

  25. Why would you want a gamecube character to twerk on your body?

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